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The Common Barcode - Part II

        Everybody buys and sells merchandise.    Everybody goes to the store and buys food, and supplies for every day life not even REALIZING something very shocking about the products they purchase.

        All products have a Barcode or a "Proof of Purchase" seal on them.   Is this Proof of Purchase seal Satanic?  Why do products carry a barcode?  Some would say its to control stock for inventory purposes.   You will not be allowed to buy or sell a product without barcoding after the Year 2000.

        Being a member of "Joe public" you will have to wait and see what happens in the future.    You will/SHOULD want to know more!

The barcode is a group of lines which vary in width encoded on it.   This system is used by the Post Office all the time.    A letter can be tracked from the Sorting Office to the resipient via G.P.S. a system of sattelites in the sky that are used as MONITORS/TRACKERS for various groups and organisations, Military and Corporate.
In other words, Big Brother could know who, when, where, and what time you made a purchase. Far fetched? No, that IS just the kind of power the little old Barcode gives to Government Agencies.

While you can still use cash, that kind of problem doesn't exist.   If a world wide money crash were to happen then the barcode would show its true colours.

The current money system is on its way to crashing.    The world markets are very close to a cashless society.  And this is what Big Brother wants(Revelation 13).

Mondex MasterCard are major players in the supply of PLASTIC SMARTCARDS, in France it is estimated that over 1 billion cards are loaded and ready for use in the event of a Money Crash.

Eighteen towns worldwide are experimenting with VISA CASH. Is it really a test or are they just putting the final touches to a carefully laid plan? Only time will tell.

Mondex are the pioneers in cashless transactions, i feel that they are the likely candidates to advertise the fact for the need to move from cash to plastic just prior to the MONEY CRASH.....

After all, if you were warned in advance of an impending MONEY CRASH and the difficulties it would bring with BUYING and SELLING, i am sure joe public would accept the coming PLASTIC SMARTCARD with open arms. It is not the SMARTCARD that bothers me, it is the TECHNOLOGY that it incorporates. We would be literally monitered DAY and NIGHT. No body would be able to BUY or SELL without a SMARTCARD, if you went into any shop to make a purchase you are automatically zapped, after the cashier swipes your card, the details of your transaction would be sent to a central data collection point to be annalised. 6.6 megabytes of info held on ONE SMARTCARD





Medical Records

Voice records

Digital fingerprints

Eye scans

Hand geometry scans

A dynamic signature

2000 pages of text information.

The PLASTIC SMARTCARD has a number of problems, they can be LOST, STOLEN,WIPED,BENT, CARBON COPIES can be used illegally, or the they can be BROKEN or DUPLICATED.

The next stage of the "CASHLESS SOCIETY" is already here, IMPLANTABLE BIOS SMARTCHIPS, the size of a grain of rice, can be easily INJECTED UNDER THE SKIN.

Sorry to spoil the party folks, but THIS GENERATION may not be to faraway from the final scenario.

As technological science runs faster, the DEVIL rubs his hands..............................WILL YOU TAKE HIS MARK?