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The Real Millenium

Did the Millenium really start January 1st, 2000?    Actually, no.  While 2000 is generally considered the Millennium year, the new Millennium, according to the United States Naval Observatory (the nation's official time keeper), doesn't technically start until January 1, 2001.  And you thought Millennium madness was over?

Check a world almanac and you will see what I mean. Even the Jewish calendar has a religious and a civil calendar. As you will be shown this event will happen in 1998. This article was put out 8 months before this comet cult came up. The one that they all committed suicide. At the point when The holy Spirit showed me this I knew the government knew it too so I had to act on this first before they twisted it. They did a really good job. But as you can see and will later see in the following files who is really running the show you will understand what I am talking about. What you are about to be shown is a number graph and it will show you some uncanny numbers. 

I will use an asterisk for the division sign of math like so * 
I will use a small x for the multiplication sign.
This is being done because graphic displays are easier to understand.

illuminati_logo2.jpg (19726 bytes)At the bottom of the Illuminati pyramid (left) you can see the Roman numerals, "MDCCLXXVI".  The symbol to the left by the way, is the exact same one on the reverse of the One Dollar Bill. 

These Roman numerals all add up to 1776 as the table below illustrates.





M = 1000 D =   500 CC = 200  L = 50  XX = 20  V = 5 I = + 1

All the above numbers sum up to 1776.

M=1000 / D=500 / CC=200 / L=50 / XX=20 / V=5 / I=1 =1776

M * D x CC * L x XX * V + 1 = 33 

The earth's orbital speed around the sun is 66,600 miles per hour
666 x 3 = 1998 (the year) 
Jesus died at 33.3 

66,600 divided by 1998    =    33.3

[Earth] [Year] [Jesus]
66,600 1998 33.3

therevsmall.jpg (1693 bytes)