The Ancient Egyptian Light bulb

Many researchers in history have brought evidences forward that challenge or even destroy orthodox beliefs. Erich Von Daniken is one of those researchers bringing revelations such as the Ancient Egyptian Light bulb into the light challenging the orthodox belief that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and Direct Current.

In September 1996 the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) aired a documentary based on Erich’s book, “Chariots of the Gods?” entitled, “Chariots of the Gods? The mystery continues”.

Within the documentary dramatic video footage was shown that revealed hieroglyphs in central Egypt that resembled a transparent glass tube with a form within it that had the likings of a serpent, obviously representing some kind of light source.

Erich was curious if it worked so he took extensive notes of these hieroglyphs and had the light bulb built to “ancient Egyptian” specifications. When powered up, it emitted light. It was indeed a light bulb and it worked. The ancient Egyptians also had a Direct Current (DC) battery.


Since 1867 the Department of Education has made policy with regards to what is taught in schools. How does this relate? Beliefs come from teachings and when they do not coincide with the facts, someone is living a lie and is teaching that lie to future generations.

If people were misled, it is their own fault for being naive enough to expect the truth from Government and Politicians that have steadily increased their ability to lie to the people since 1861.

Erich Von Daniken poured acidic liquid into the battery and now he is making electrical connections.... electricity which registers on a volt meter.

Do your own research and you will find that history is a lot different then what you have been led to believe.

How do you think the following sentence relates to this article? It is dangerous to sail the seas rudderless because you are forced to go where ever the wind blows you.


THE VIDEO FOOTAGE WAS RECORDED OFF THE TV WITH A STANDARD 4 HEAD VCR. The MPG movie was taken with my DAZZLE DVCII (video scanning system)