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The Copyright

In a capitalist system people scramble for ideas on how to make money.    Being first to implement an idea means massing more wealth then a competitor.

If you had a way to prevent any competition from copying your idea, you can eliminate it all together, thus maximizing profit.

Ideas, information or particular expressions are regulated through a set of exclusive rights collectively called a Copyright.  In most cases, those rights have a limited duration.

The Copyright is literally the right to copy an original creation.   The Copyright depends on someone’s ability to make or bring into existence something new.   As you are about to realize, something new can only be created from nothing because all we can do is discover that which someone had founded.

Deterministic rules and laws must be in place in order for a creation to become reality otherwise reality would never be.   There must be order.   Rules and laws are predetermined.   Something predetermined was designed.

Reality is based on Mathematics, a medium known to be predetermined.   Yet some will look at the program code of a Flight Simulator, noticing all the mathematical algorithms used to simulate reality and deny it.

A + B = C

A and B are adjustable variables to an argument where C is the predetermined outcome.


Pick a four digit number and write it down.  Pick another four digit number.   When you add the two numbers together, stop halfway through the calculation and ask yourself, "Is the rest of the answer already there?"  The answer is, "Yes."  It is “Yes” because the answer to the problem is predetermined.   If you continue with the computation you will discover the rest of the answer.   It doesn’t matter how complex the equation is, they all work the same.

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.” - Will Durant

In a physical experiment you will see those algorithms at work.  Before dropping a ten pound rock from the height of ten feet, would you discover that the outcome is already there?  Of course, drop the rock and witness the EFFECT of a CAUSE.

Another example; If you followed the same cookie recipe duplicating the measurements of ingredients each time precisely one hundred times, would every outcome taste the same as the others?  Of course they would.   Unless an element of an experiment is altered, the result will always be the same.

The Creative Mind 

After working on a creative work for three days an artist stops and asks himself, "Is the rest of my work already there?"    While the artist has the choice of determining the completion time of his work, it is the same as a mathematics problem, the result or effect is already there.

This is difficult for some to believe because most are conditioned to believe the creative process originates with them rather then with someone else.  It is important to base your beliefs on how the facts synchronize with the true means of words.

The act of creating is to make or bring into existence something new.  Something new did not exist before.    No one can create something from nothing because it has already been done.

The Genesis Torpedo hits its mark

A creative work is built upon the deterministic laws and rules of the foundation.

If you designed a weapon that when detonated, it created a planet complete with its own sun, would that make you a creator?   No, because the laws of physics were already in existence while you were developing and testing the weapon and you are not responsible for their foundation. 

The bible conquers; I Corinthians 8:6; "But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him."

This is important because it proves that all we can do is discover that which someone else had founded.

Those of you who “illegally” trade music over the Internet should have found this article interesting.    The copyright cannot be justified because all we can do is discover that which Christ had founded.  Christ doesn't hold any Copyrights, does He?   No.

Any judge that rules against these facts renders himself incompetent.  Such an individual should be removed from his duties.   So the judge has no choice but to rule AGAINST the Copyright. 

The Copyright symbol is usually comprised of a large “C” with a circle around it.   There are those that believe the circle symbolizes Satan's evil and corrupt power, supposedly containing and blocking the holiness of the Lord.   I’ll let you decide how it relates to what you just read concerning the Copyright.