Day of the

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"Day of the Dove"

Production Number: 66
Original air week: 11/8/68

Guest stars:

Michael Ansara as "Kang"
Majel Barrett as Computer voice
Susan Johnson as "Mara"



A landing party from the U.S.S. Enterprise (above) beams down to a human-colonized planet to answer a distress call.   A Klingon ship which had apparently been damaged is detected and a group of Klingons accuse Kirk (Captain of the Enterprise) of having damaged their ship.   Their leader claims the U.S.S. Enterprise as a prize and Kirk beams them on board, reluctantly.    However, Mr. Spock (Kirk's second officer) is warned by Kirk and quickly takes the Klingon's prisoner.   Both the Klingon ship and the Enterprise had received the same FALSE distress call!!

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Kang and Kirk fighting with swords

A malevolent entity has entered into the Enterprise and excites both sides to aggressive behavior. It forces the Enterprise out of control, rushing toward the galactic rim, while isolating a number of Klingon's and Enterprise crew, heightening their sense of paranoia and violence turning them against each other.   Phasers become swords and the battle begins.

After some time Spock finally realizes the entity and that it feeds off hatred and emotional excitation and has acted as a catalyst to provoke combat, keeping the numbers on both sides even.  If someone is injured in combat they are kept alive and healed quickly by the entity so they may fight again and again.  In the beginning Kirk, his crew and the Klingons are not aware of the entity.  However, in the end, Kirk convinces the Klingon's that a third party (the entity) is responsible for their fighting.  Kirk then makes a common-cause truce with the Klingon's and they drive the entity out of the ship with good spirits and laughter.

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The Entity

The above scenerio isn't to far from the reality of planet earth.   There has always been an evil entity on earth which has pitted us all against each other.    Its purpose is to keep control by keeping us disunited.   It orchestrates wars for us to fight then feeds off the negativity produced.

There are many methods the entity uses to create war.   This entity also draws power from symbology.    It also uses symbols for communication between themselves.     Themselves?  Yes, there is more then one entity and they are evil.    They will stop at nothing to keep themselves hidden from the world and in control.

At first both Kirk's crew and Kang's crew didn't know about the entity.   But they soon wised up and realized they both were being controlled by a third party.   If Mankind is to survive, he must also realize the truth just as the Klingon's and Kirks crew did.  He must realize that he has been living a lie, being dumbed down by the world system in which he lives not realizing knowledge but being deprived of it.   A world system which was designed by those who make up the entity.   We know them to be ELITE Freemasons.

The hidden war or spiritual war is something most do not see simply because they are not "tuned in".    They have to much mind on the matter, they have forgotten about their own spirituality.  Many are so close-minded they will not accept the obvious . . .

"Enemies can come from any where and they don't always come sporting guns
or mean faces, threatening us.  They sometimes come armed with happy smiles,
waving flags, bearing bibles and crosses

The spirit can inhabit any PHYSICAL body it wants to.   And because of this we do not always know who our friends are or who our enemies are, unless we try them.  By asking them questions, testing them and watching how they react and answer the questions we ask them we can tell whether or not they are of God or of Satan.

Satan's demons use virtually every tactic they have available to them to continue their control over the human race just as portrayed in the movie "The Matrix".  They ride on our backs and they get away with it because humans have been conditioned not to recognize the secret society behind it all.  This page explains some tactics they use to slowly take away our freedoms.

*The Brotherhood network is a secret society which has been controlling and manipulating the human race all through history through Freemasonry.  It is the heart of the control system that is installed on earth.