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Would you like to be informed of current events?   

 Would you like to discuss topics that are on the web site?

Then join our group!

We work in conjunction with other lists to help spread information concerning the end times and the New World Order.

 If it is news, you will read about it on either one of these lists.

There are two lists to choose from:

The Revelation

Type:  PLAIN TEXT only, information and discussion. 

Posting: Any member can post to this list.

Member Policy: The promotion of hatred agendas is prohibited.   Please check your email regularly to avoid bouncing!

Virus Protection:  Because it is an open list where any member can post we made it PLAIN TEXT format to eliminate the spread of viruses.   "Plain Text" means any email posted will be stripped of attachments and of any HTML formatting.


After your membership is approved you can post to this list via the following email address:

To UNSUBSCRIBE from this list all you have to do is send a BLANK email with a BLANK subject line to:

Membership to The Revelation list is by invitation only.
Send a request to join to

The Forbidden Knowledge

All new members have to wait for approval before their membership is activated.

Type: HTML rich, information/news only.   This list will have formatted text.  Pictures will also accompany the posting (if they exist with a story).

Posting: List Moderators will be the only ones allowed to post to this list.  Members cannot post to this list.


If you decide to leave the group simply send a BLANK email with a BLANK subject line to:

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therevsmall.jpg (1693 bytes)