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Groom Lake Nevada

Located in a remote area 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada, Area 51 is by far the most  secret airbase the U.S. government maintains. It is so secret the U.S. government has yet to acknowledge its existence.

Area 51 was selected for the development and testing of many secret aircraft including the U-2 spy plane, F22, the F117 stealth bomber and the SR-71 Black Bird because of its seclusion.  Knowledge of most black projects were/are not even known to congress (or so they say).


The security of the base is extremely tight.  Every employees life is monitored and goes through security background checks.  The land around the base is littered with motion and thermal detectors.   If someone is detected approaching the base it doesn't take long for security to get out there to watch.

In the past, the average citizen could go up near the base and look down upon it from freedom ridge.  Some people have reported seeing flying objects that have unconventional flight characteristics.  Craft that make sharp angled turns, shining as bright as planet Jupiter on a clear night, changing from one color to another.

Some people who work at Area 51 commute to the base aboard Boeing 737 jets.  The jets are known on aviation frequencies by the company name, "Janet".   Each jet is a 737-200 (or CT-43, the military equivalent) with a single red stripe along the side and no company name or insignia.  Smaller Beechcraft Kingair prop-driven planes make special trips to Edwards AFB and other destinations.

The U2 spy plane and your lying Masonic government

A U2 pilot by the name of Francis Gary Powers was shot down over the Soviet Union on May 1, 1960.  President Eisenhower first denied it was a spy plane.  But as the facts of the matter emerged it was clear that this was something the American people had been kept in the dark about for years.  It was not only important in the history of the cold war because it scuttled an important summit conference that was about to begin, but it was one of the first instances where the American people knew they had been lied to by their own government.  Lies go with Freemasonry like peanut butter goes with jelly, Eisenhower was a Freemason.

People like to think that the Roswell incident was covered up by the U.S. government and the wreckage of the alleged recovered alien craft was taken to Area 51.  There they initiated a backward engineering project to figure out how the craft worked.  You can believe what you want, as for me?  I think the Roswell story is propaganda.  They do not need to back engineer anything, only to control peoples minds and to keep them busy with fanciful stories.

To some there is a lot of mystery surrounding Area 51 but to me, like the entire UFO enigma,  it is nothing more than a medium used to control peoples minds and keep them preoccupied with things that are not not important.  UFOs should not be the main focus of ones research.   As a researcher your mind should be fixated on the global elite.

The remaining land around the base was bought up by the U.S. government in an attempt to ward off prying eyes.  If you go any where near the base you will see signs like the ones below warning people to stay away.

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On July 5th, 2002 a show called, "History's Mysteries: Area 51" aired on The History Channel.  The first 30 minutes of the show was about UFOs and their connection to Area 51.  The second half of the program was about the burning of toxic waste at Area 51 by our own government that lead to human rights violations.

In 1989 Robert Frost was a sheet metal worker at Area 51.   He was just one of the hundreds of nameless workers who commuted to Area 51 via Janet airlines.  These workers were sworn to secrecy and couldn't talk about base operations.

London Fog

In using chemicals extensively in the manufacture of aircraft they had the problem of disposal.  Because of the base being secluded and top secret, the only way for waste material to be moved was by aircraft which wasn't an alternative so they dug huge football sized trenches near the base and filled them with 55 gallon drums full of hazardous waste.  They then doused them with jet fuel and lit them on fire.

The trenches were dug on the windward side of the base so when the fires were burning the base got hit hard with the smoke.  The smoke was so thick the base workers nickname it "London Fog".

Hazardous waste is most dangerous when it is burning because it makes it easier to enter the body.  Workers at the base were coming down with classic symptoms of exposure to hazardous waste.

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Video capture of Robert Frost's
back showing his skin condition.

Robert's wife said, "His skin was starting to peel off his entire face. He developed blisters and sores all over his body. His skin kept peeling off to a point where it was every day.  You'd have to wash it off with a wash clothe bout every hour or so.  It was scaly, like a fish. He said, his face was on fire and his eyes were burning.  He just ran right through the house.  Ran to the bathroom pouring water all over his head.  He said he couldn't stand the pain."

Robert Frost ended up committing suicide.

When the workers went to their doctors, they are told they have a form of toxic poisoning that can only be treat if the specific poisons are known.  Supervisors at Area 51 refused to disclose what those poisons were, or to release information from Robert Frost's autopsy report.

Their skin had the appearance of fish-like scales and would be all over their bodies.  Their skin would also crack and bleed.  Robert Frost had this condition worse then the others.  When Robert died it sent a shock wave throughout the base.

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Jonathan Turley - Lawyer for Area 51 Workers

"It's a hell of a thing to lose a friend and have the government say, 'There's not a bloody thing you can do about it, because this place doesn't exist and frankly you do not exist.', well they [the workers] do exist, they're American citizens, and so they sued, and they proved that they existed."

"Private citizens have gone to jail for violations that are a fraction of what occurred at Area 51."

The workers contacted a lawyer by the name of Jonathan Turley.  It took three years for them to get their day in court.  While Turley debates with the U.S. Government on whether or not Area 51 existed or not, one of his clients, Walter Kasza aged 73 dies.  After Robert died Walter replaced him as foreman.

Eventually Turley does get the government to admit that there is a secret testing facility at Groom Lake, but to this day they deny that it is called, "Area 51" and the nineth U.S. circuit court of appeals rules that the workers or their widows are not entitled to learn what hazardous substances exist at the secret facility. The ruling is based in part on presidential determination #95-45 in which President Clinton exempts the airforce operating location near Groom Lake, Nevada from all federal environmental laws.  Bill Clinton is also a Freemason.

The United States government has violated numerous human rights laws and it continues to this day.  Often times those who are violated suffer horribly and go unnoticed.

"In some ways the government invited the alien obsession at Area 51.  It was a helpful distraction.  The irony at Area 51 is that the greatest danger at that facility didn't come from aliens and it didn't come from foreign powers.  The greatest danger to those workers came from the United States government." - Jonathon Turley

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