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The Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt

The Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake (Big Brother) can be traced all through history, clear back to ancient Sumeria, where it got its start.  It has been with us all through history and has many different names or spin-offs.

Please remember,. this isn't just a case of alien visitation to EArth. This subject is INCREDIBLY diverse as is this web site.  We all are SPIRITUAL beings trapped here on EArth.  We are under the control of a group of evil doers.   All they want to do is keep us ENSLAVED.   Early on they dumbed down our DNA, cutting us off from God.  They have lied to us, and twisted the truth and they continue their agenda even to this day.  They have taken away our spiritual freedoms.

"WE are the cattle,.. THEY are the herders."

It's like building a business, letting others do your work for you.  But it goes much deeper than that!   There are many businesses (countries) and the workers(citizens) fight wars orchestrated by their corporate (government) leaders.  And most who live within this system aren't aware of the truth, so they don't see it!

The ones who overthrew Ea have been with us all through history, spreading war and hatred to mankind.   The very same things Prince Ea was against!  They are the ones who control the governments and the church.

They have lived many lives on this planet and in each, lived "high on the hog," while we "the slaves" support them.   They have also made us suffer horribly withholding vital medicines to cure cancer and other diseases which plague us.  The American Medical Association is Brotherhood run, you learned that from the Prince EArth page.

Symbols used by modern organizations can be traced back to ancient Egypt or Sumeria, to the Brotherhood.   The symbol of the American Medical Association is traceable clear back to ancient Sumeria as you've learned on the before mentioned Prince EArth page.  And you will learn MORE  . . .

The Brotherhood of the Serpent was known in ancient Egypt as "The Mystery Schools."

h_eye02.gif (25212 bytes) The eye of Horus (left), is a symbol found in ancient Egypt, the modern equivalent is the All-Seeing Eye of God we see on the reverse of the American one dollar bill.  The pyramid with the eye is a symbol for the Illuminati, a spin-off of the Brotherhood.   

The word "Illuminati" is Latin for "Illuminated (enlightened) ones."

godofwar.jpg (9968 bytes)Egypt's Custodial "gods" were said to of participated in the up-bringing of the pharaohs.  In the picture (right), the Pharaoh Thutmose III is being taught an archery lesson by one of his "gods."   Thutmose was famous for his military exploits.   The gods of ancient Egypt were portrayed with the heads of animals.

The Pharaohs and priests of ancient Egypt acted on behalf of the "gods" and were unpopular with the Egyptian people.    The Old Kingdom (ca. 2685-2180 B.C) was followed by a period of weakness and unrest.  Even the Great Pyramid of Cheops had been broken into by unhappy Egyptians.   According to historian Ahmed Fakhry:

The Egyptians so hated the builders of the pyramids that they threatened to enter these great tombs and destroy the mummies of the kings.

Today we share the same HATRED for our government leaders as the ancients did for their "gods."  There is NO difference between the ancient gods and certain modern leaders whether they be government, military or religious.  We have come to know them as the gods of war or the War Pigs.

The Mystery Schools supplied the pharaohs with and priests with most of their scientific, moral, and spiritual education.   This education was founded on LIES.   They twisted spiritual information and taught their version of the truth.   These teachings are what caused the pharaohs to start the practice of mummification and bury wooden boats.

These Mystery Schools restricted public access to any theological truths still surviving.  Only the pharaohs, priests, and a few others deemed worthy were accepted into the Schools.  It was required that the initiates take solemn vows never to reveal to any outsiders the "secret wisdom" they were taught.  Students were threatened with dire consequences if they broke the vow.

phoenix.jpg (14854 bytes)Many of their symbols you can trace back through history.   The Presidential Seal(below right) sports an eagle.  The eagle replaced the Phoenix (left; the original national bird) in 1841 as the national bird. The Phoenix has been a Brotherhood symbol since ancient Egypt. The Phoenix was adopted by the Founding Fathers(Freemasons) for use on the reverse of the first official seal of the United States after a design proposed by Charles Thompson, Secretary of the Continental Congress.pres-sea.jpg (10264 bytes)

Travelling  forward in time we see more of the Brotherhood...

flag1.jpg (9477 bytes)Two proposals for the new confederacy(American flag). . . they both reside in the national archives. Notice the All-Seeing Eye in both flags?  The confederate leaders adopted a more simple design, the Stars and Stripes design(the one we see today).

flag2.jpg (7739 bytes)On the reverse side of the American One Dollar Bill there are symbols which originate from the Brotherhood.  The Illuminati Pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye of God with the message; "New Order of The Ages" or "New World Order."    They had plans for us along time ago for a New World Order or order out of CHAOS.  The New World Order is here!

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Depiction of George Washington wearing his Masonic regalia.
Notice the "All-Seeing Eye" at the top of the picture?

George Washington was one of Britain's loyal military officers.  On November 4, 1752 he was initiated into Freemasonry.  He was 20 years old at the time.  He was a member of Masonry his entire life. 

The Inauguration of George Washington "Freemason and First President." April 30th, 1789 was timed to the alignment of Sirius at 19.5 degrees from the perspective of New York (where the ceremony was held).

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