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"It's God's plan"

Ever have a conversation with a Christian concerning world events?   They totally disregard the causal link between the automaton mentality and POWER by saying, "God has a plan for each of our lives."   And that everything happening on earth is according to that plan.

Those who have power by definition have the ability to act or produce an effect:

pow·er  - 1a (1) : ability to act or produce an effect (2) : ability to get extra-base hits (3) : capacity for being acted upon or undergoing an effect b : legal or official authority, capacity, or right

The automaton mentality reacts without thinking.   The only plan seen in this world is the plan those who have power have for our lives.    It's called, "Causality".

FATE is a life predetermined by those you are dependent on.    The masses depend on stores, stores depend on distributors, distributors depend of manufactures and the government regulates the entire system.    If you regulate a water spout, you control the volume of water that flows through it.

DEPENDENT - 1 : hanging down 2 a : determined or conditioned by another : contingent <plans that are dependent on the weather> b (1) : relying on another for support <dependent children> (2) : affected with a drug dependence c : subject to another's jurisdiction <a dependent territory> d : subordinate 3a <dependent clauses>
3 a : not mathematically or statistically independent <a dependent set of vectors> <dependent events>

So, what we have here on earth are those who have POWER have CONTROL of our lives and are playing GOD.