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U.S. V.P. Nominee Jack Kemp

33rd Degree Mason


Our warm thanks to Dan Druck <> for forwarding this revealing message on the new Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Jack Kemp from Jackie Patru - Council on Domestic Relations <>

For those who wish further information on the Masons, consult the three or four invaluable books listed on the Book and Video list on THE NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE Web site.

At the 33rd Degree level, initiates are fully apprised of the Luciferic theology taught and believed by top, "inner-court" Masons.

Interested readers who wish to reflect on whether the awful self-maledictory Masonic oaths are meant to be taken seriously might obtain and read a copy of THE CALVI AFFAIR, by Larry Gurwin, as well as the book mentioned below, IN GOD'S NAME, by David Yallop. Calvi was an Italian Masonic banker whose death, under Masonically-symbolic circumstances under Blackfriars Bridge in London, was ruled "a suicide" by New Scotland Yard the most Masonically-influenced police force in Great Britain. After a public outcry, the case was reassigned to a neighbouring, non-Masonic police force which promptly declared it "a murder." Calvi's killers have never been caught, though the cash payoff to them has been partially traced. Calvi, as many readers may recall, had lost a considerable amount of the P2 Lodge's [known as the "shadow government of Italy"] funds prior to his unexpected demise.

If you're curious to know the nature of the oaths Jack Kemp would have sworn as a 33rd Degree Mason, consult THE DEADLY DECEPTION and MASONIC RITES AND WRONGS [see our book list].

We would draw the attention of our readers to the fact that the "New World Religion" which is coming will be a strange New Age amalgamation of Luciferic and Gaia [Earth Goddess or pantheistic] worship. Politicians as prominent as Al Gore and Bruce Babbitt have made statements which appear to strongly support this religious emphasis and which decry the Judeo-Christian worldview which dignified man and built Western civilization.

33rd Degree Masonry appears to be indisputably interconnected at the highest levels and in varying forms with the coming New World Order and its governing elite.


Forwarded message:

From the 'BUFFALO NEWS', Buffalo, New York, Thursday, October 16, 1986....


"Rep. Jack F. Kemp, R-Hamburg; the Rev. Don C. Markham and Howard D. Butler have been elected to receive the Scottish Rite 33rd Degree and become honorary members of the Supreme Council of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.

Kemp, a member of Fraternal Lodge, F&AM, in Hamburg, is a member of Palmoni Lodge of Perfection, 14th Degree; Palmoni Council, Princes of Jerusalem, 16th Degree; Buffalo Chapter of Rose Croix, 18th Degree, and Buffalo Consistory, 32nd Degree.

[the next 2 paragraphs referred to the other two Masons, then...]

The degree is to be conferred at the next annual session of the Supreme Council in September 1987, in Boston."

For those who believe that Freemasonry is a harmless, benevolent organization, it's homework time. The lower degree Masons have no idea of the power at the top. My father was one of the most honest, respectable and admirable men I've know in my life. He became a "Mason" late in his life at the invitation of other gullible men who held their meetings in the restaurant Dad and Mom owned.

It's those tens of thousands of naive men (and women who join the Eastern Star) who are an unwitting cover for the powerful and evil machinations of those at the 33rd degree and beyond. The benevolent facade of the Masons hides the real truth of the Luciferian designs of the secretive order.

The following demonstrates the extent to which their power reaches ... right into the Vatican and even to the death of a pope.

In David Yallop's book, In God's Name, which exposes the murder of the Pope who was in power for only 33 days, Freemasonry was a major issue. According to Yallop, Pope John Paul I, Albino Luciani, was murdered because he was going to take drastic measures and make drastic changes within the Vatican.

Excerpts from the prologue and back cover of the book, In God's Name...

"On September 28, 1978, he had been pope for thirty-three days. In little more than a month he had initiated various courses of action that, had they been completed, would have had a direct and dynamic effect on us all. The majority in this world would have applauded his decisions, a minority would have been appalled. The man who had quickly been labeled "the smiling pope" intended to remove the smiles from a number of faces on the following day."

"The Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Jean Villot... studied the list of appointments, resignations to be asked for and transfers the pope had handed him. He had advised, argued, and remonstrated, but to no avail. Luciani had been adamant."

"It was by any standards a dramatic reshuffle. It would set the Church in new directions - directions that Villot, and the others on the list who were about to be replaced, considered highly dangerous...."

"There was one common denominator, one fact that linked each of the men about to be replaced. Villot was aware of it. More important, so was the pope. It had been one of the factors that had caused him to act, to strip these men of real was Freemasonry."

"The evidence the pope had acquired indicated that within the Vatican City State there were over one hundred Masons, ranging from cardinals to priests."

"Luciani was further preoccupied with an illegal Masonic lodge that had penetrated far beyond Italy in its search for wealth and power. It called itself P2. The fact that it had penetrated the Vatican walls and formed links with priests, bishops, and even cardinals made P2 anathema to Albino Luciani."

"That evening, September 28, 1978, thirty-three days after his election, Pope John Paul 1, "the smiling pope", was declared dead. No official death certificate has ever been issued. No autopsy ever performed. His body was hastily embalmed. Cause of death: Unknown. And Vatican business continues..."

"The facts are here in meticulous detail, documenting widespread corruption within the Vatican and presenting a compelling case that six powerful men, to protect their vast financial and political operations, decided on a shocking course of action -- Pope John Paul I must die."

That's pretty powerful and pretty frightening.

So, we have a 33rd degree Mason selected as a Vice Presidential candidate by 33rd degree Mason, Dole, Republican Presidential candidate. On the other side we have the evil Democratic incumbent and his VP who apparently wants us to worship Gaia - mother earth.

The Knight of Malta (SMOM?) Buchanan has finally exposed his hand and shown himself to be the biggest phony of all because he pretended to believe in our cause of freedom. In the Reform party the has-been wanna-be, Perot, is begging for the nomination.

The Libertarians' platform sounds fairly decent - except it is adamently FOR open borders for immigrants and free trade in the truest sense of the word. Both of those issues spell further destruction of our economic and social stability.

SO...WHAT DO WE DO WITH THIS INFORMATION? WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO US TO "KNOW" ALL THIS STUFF? MAYBE...JUST MAYBE...we admit that the presidential race is a bunch of skat. Dole's wonderful speech at the convention will suck in many people who were naive enough to support Buchanan and the sheople will all be happy again. Until Clinton gives us his NEW WORLD ORDER speech at the Democratic Convention.

Maybe we stop wasting our time and energy debating the presidential race, because WHOMEVER the world policy makers decide is going to be IT, WILL BE IT. Maybe we tell them to take their orchestrated production and go to hell with it.

Maybe we give our attention and time and money to supporting local and state candidates who deserve (and we need) to be elected or re-elected. Maybe we take this time to set personal meetings with state legislators and county supervisors and sheriffs and take documented evidence to them.