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By Forres McGraw



 Seven year old Precious Thomas, by most standards, is like any other bright, happy seven year old. Precious' most incredible attribute is that she used to have AIDS. No, that is not a typo. During March, 1998, Precious was included in studies and clinical trials at the National Institutes for Health, one of the leading research centers for AIDS. On March 23, 1998 in a viral-load test administered by NIH, Precious' viral-load was 186,119. It went to  ZERO. What NIH did not know at the time was Precious had stopped taking the drugs it prescribed her under its protocol. What has the NIH discovered since, that it hasn't disclosed?

Precious' mother, Rocky Thomas will admit, though her daughter is an exceptional child, she has not performed any miracles. The "miraculous cure" comes from the brilliance and perseverance of Dr. Gary R. Davis, M.D. of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Davis developed his treatment three years ago. Two years ago, Dr. Davis applied for FDA approval to administer a clinical trial using his treatment. The application for clinical trial was approved initially, only to be revoked hours prior to its beginning.

While comforting her daughter, who was in the hospital and not being helped by the protocol being administered by NIH, Rocky recalled a news story she had seen about Dr. Davis, a General Practitioner who has created a goat serum based treatment he is forbidden by law to administer. Like any mother, Rocky vowed to do anything to ease her child’s suffering. Rocky took Precious to Tulsa to see Dr. Davis. However, the FDA had not and has not to date approved Dr. Davis' treatment. As much as he would have loved to help her, he was barred from doing so. Though he could not treat her, he spent much of his afternoon with Rocky and Precious. Sharing his knowledge of the disease and answering questions regarding his treatment proposed to the FDA in his application for approval of clinical trial. In the end there was still nothing he could do for Precious.

Fortunately for Precious, the mother was willing to do anything for her child, and did just that. Rocky now admits, she stole a vial of Dr. Davis' serum that day from his office, and administered it to Precious. In five doses, consisting of less than 2cc's each, over a forty-four day period beginning March 26, 1998, Rocky administered the stolen serum to her daughter recalling all she could about her conversation with Dr. Davis.

Precious is still being monitored by her doctors at NIH, Dr. Predita Taylor and Dr. Anthony Falchia. In fact NIH has run viral load tests on her twelve times since March 23, 1998. The last six tests have shown undetectable levels of the virus in Precious. Surprisingly, or not, depending upon your view, these doctors, charged with the care of many AIDS infected patients and knowing now that Precious has been cured, have yet to call Dr. Davis to find out more about his treatment.

The reality is the National Institute of Health felt vilified by the usurpation of their protocol by Mrs. Thomas. Prior to learning the girl was treated with Dr. Davis' serum, Dr. Perdita Taylor had just taken credit for the cure of Precious Thomas. When told the truth she shriveled into a "no comment" posture.

The FDA, instead of offering to help expedite Dr. Davis’ application, has continually stalled the process. As many questions as this may raise, one demands our immediate attention. Why is the brilliant work of an African American General Practitioner being suppressed? This may be the answer to saving millions of lives! Is it simply because Dr. Davis does not belong to the Official Aid Research Community? That seems to be what is happening here.

There are many other terminally ill patients choosing to live who are barred by the FDA from availing themselves of the opportunity to be cured, if indeed this serum proves to be a universal cure.

Every taxpayer should be demand some answers from his or her congressional representative, senator, and the FDA.

©1998 Forres McGraw/Greenwich Village Gazette


By Forres McGraw

The Greenwich Village Gazette featured the story above nearly two years ago. At the time it told a most incredulous tale--a supposed cure by a back country Doctor for the worst illness of mankind, made from a Goat Serum. A little girl named Precious Thomas was free from all viral count, according to the National Institute of Health. The NIH had been treating the child with their protocol. Unknown to them, the girl's mother, Rocky, had taken the new, unrecognized treatment from the offices of Dr. Gary Davis. That first article was featured on an obscure CBS affiliate program out of Houston, Texas. Mr. McGraw brought it to our attention. After the Gazette published it here in New York, it was picked up by Fox, ABC and PBS. In fact, Little Precious was a guest at the White House and was a guest at the National Convention Of the NAACP in November 1999.

 SINCE THE ARTICLE ABOVE, I have joined forces with Dr. Gary Davis and we are still fighting a losing war with the United States Food & Drug Administration, although we are now, at long last, working under a memorandum of understanding with National Institute of Health to replicate the antibody used so successfully with Precious Thomas. 

Currently we have had to take Dr. Davis treatment out of our own country, north to Canada where the medication can be used without governmental approvals. This is based on the Canadian personal use law, which allows Canadian citizens to purchase, for their own personal use, a three month supply of any non-approved drugs or biologics. Due to this wonderful access law of our civilized Canadian neighbors, Dr. Davis was able to treat a 12 year old boy in Canada three weeks ago. The boy's family asked that he go unnamed.

Like little Precious Thomas, this boy was also born with the virus, and by both  his doctor's and father's account has been subjected to every viable treatment available worldwide. They avoided putting him on the toxic drugs until June, when he was hospitalized,  his lungs filling with fluid. Fortunately, the father and doctor had finally agreed to give him any drugs, to stabilize his viral load, which resulted in his recovery and release from the hospital. The drugs were so strong that the one time he missed the sequence of his daily medication regimen, the boy was left bed ridden for twenty-four hours. That is where Dr. Davis came in. 

During the examination prior to administering our treatment the boy was asked how he felt, having recovered from the nasty bout he had. He told us that he  rated his current status of well being as an "eight on a ten-point" scale. 

Then Dr. Davis gave him the medication that had been given to Precious Thomas. In the next six hours as we observed the twelve year old, color came back to his face. The marked increase in his energy level was obvious. After just six hours, when asked again how he felt, he rated it a "30 on a 10-point" scale, relative to how he felt immediately before receiving Davis's treatment. 

No side effects have been observed so far in the three weeks since his treatment and he has taken no other medication since. We are currently waiting on lab results, which we will publish as soon as they become available..

Dr. Davis and I have all but  given up on the FDA

, and we are seeking more and expanded international venues for treatment.

Precious Thomas was the keynote speaker at the national NAACP meeting in DC on November 20th.

Being a US citizen, Precious is not allowed to continue the medication that had brought her Viral Count Load down to ZERO and kept it there for three months. She cannot take it because there is no money in this for the large Drug Companies. Precious does have a viral load back again, though small.

But we can not treat her here,
or any other American Citizen.

Dr. Davis's calculations show she got less than half of the medicine required to maintain a viral load of zero. She only got that because her mother, Rocky Thomas took it from Davis without his knowledge. 

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