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On the first of January 1999, Al Gore, Vice President of the United States, officially declared that he is going to run for Presidency the year 2000. Lord, have mercy on us!

As I wrote on the Bill Clinton page, the next President will be just another puppet for the Illuminati. So is the case with Al Gore, too, unfortunately. He is a 33 degree Freemason and his background is well in Clinton's league. His past is filled with corruption and criminality. People have even seen him in blood rituals.

The following article is taken from the SPOTLIGHT MAGAZINE.


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 Al Gore: International Pariah

A number of foreign governments prefer Bill Clinton, warts and all, to Al Gore.


By Warren Hough

American voters, who regard Vice President Al Gore as a somewhat stiff, plodding, but basically predictable figure, might be surprised by the nicknames this seemingly bland politician has attracted among U.S. allies around the world. Foreign diplomats who spoke to The SPOTLIGHT, most on the promise of anonymity, point out he is notorious for his involvement in some of the Clinton administration's worst lies and most nefarious policies.

Among financial and political insiders in Moscow, for instance, Gore is known as "The Knuckle", a 19th century term for the strong-arm attendant who used to accompany crooked Russian gamblers. They were known to serve tea with rum to card players who were oblivious of being cheated, and then protected the shyster's getaway in case of trouble. Well-informed Middle Easterners often refer to the vice president as "The Needle". They, apparently, are alluding to trusted courtiers of the once-powerful Ottoman empire, who were assigned to "terminate" suspected rivals or critics of the sultan. The method of choice: by surreptitiously injecting poison into their food from hollow silver needles.


"Gore is despised in Russia for good reason," says Dr. Ruslan Volkov, a Russian sociologist on a year's research sabbatical at the State University of New York. "Remember that ever since the Democrats took over the White House, the vice president was the point man for the Clinton administration's drive to reform the remnants of the once-feared evil empire.  What Gore did was to strike a back-room alliance with some of the most rapacious and cunning self-promoters in Moscow. Among them was Viktor Chernomyrdin, a long-time Soviet bureaucrat who had managed to turn Russia's huge gas reserves into a corrupt personal fiefdom after the communist regime's collapse. With Gore's support, Chernomyrdin soon became prime minister of the Russian Federation, the heartland of the former Soviet Union. Chernomyrdin and his retinue, a clique of Zionist financiers backed by gangs of killer thugs, stole whatever they could, and what they did not steal, they corrupted," recounted Volkov.

With senior officials appointed by  Chernomyrdin as willing accomplices, Russia's priceless natural resources such as oil, gold, timber and diamonds were hawked on the black market, for the most part abroad. The proceeds were then stashed in bulging numbered bank accounts all over Western Europe, regional experts say. Following the lead of billionaire currency trader George Soros, another favored Gore associate, international speculators trashed the ruble, Russia's national currency, and looted the country's hard-money reserves.


 During these years, when he held frequent meetings with Russian leaders and attended the monthly meetings of a joint committee on "democratization" he co-chaired with Prime Minister Chernomyrdin, Gore never uttered a word of caution or restraint about the brutal plunder of Russia's national wealth, these sources noted. "Just the contrary, Gore kept pushing for more and more financial aid for  the gangster regime in Moscow, including billions from American taxpayer's the vice president must have known would simply be stolen," asserted Derek Powell, a British broadcast correspondent who was stationed in Moscow during the mid & 90's.

 Last month, with Russia's economy in ruins and millions of its people facing a winter of misery and famine, Russian President Boris Yeltsin made another attempt to put his crony, Chernomyrdin, who quit earlier this year, in charge again as prime minister. The Russian parliament rejected the nomination with a blaze of furious oratory. Had he been present in Moscow, Gore could have heard himself denounced by name as "Mr. Big", the corrupt political wire-puller of innumerable American gangster movies, and as "accomplice to the criminals who had stripped Russia to the bone," recounted Powell.


"This may present the long-delayed opportunity for the U.S. Congress to take a closer look at the role played by Gore and the Clinton administration in the plundering and pauperizing of Russia's national economy," commented Dr. Paul Adler, the noted international economic consultant. But Washington insiders doubt Gore will face a legislative probe anytime soon.

"The vice president has built an intimate alliance with the most aggressive leaders of the Israel lobby on Capitol Hill," said a former counsel to the House Commerce Committee, who on second thought, asked not to be quoted by name. "Gore makes sure AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and its cohorts get what they want from the White House, whether Bill Clinton himself wants it or not," this well-placed source related. These enormously powerful alien pressure groups protect Gore in turn, making sure he stays "clean", gets good press and stays in the running as a leading contender for the presidency.

"At least, that's what they've done till now, explained Dr. Pierre Oweiss, the respected Middle Eastern political scientist. "Islamic leaders don't call Gore "The Needle" for nothing. When Clinton tried to keep Israel from wrecking the so-called 'peace process' in Palestine, Gore subtly poisoned every U.S. policy designed to put pressure on the Zionists.  At the AIPAC annual conference this year, Gore openly encouraged the ministate's hard-line government to ignore any cautionary note sounded by Clinton about their illegal occupation of neighboring Arab lands," this scholarly observer recounted.

"In fact, Gore masterminded the appointment of Stephen Grossman, president of AIPAC and one of Israel's most militant partisans, as chairman of the DNC (the Democratic National Committee)," recalled this scholarly observer.

"That maneuver pulled the rug out from under Clinton and [Secretary of State Madeleine] Albright, who were trying last spring to push the Israelis into completing the peace process. Will Gore be able to hold on as the 'Teflon vice-president?' Will he ever be called to account for his intrigues and wrongdoing, ready to take over the Oval Office now that Clinton has been exposed and disgraced? That is the really big question behind the current White House scandals," asserted Powell.