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January 6th, 2002


Aliens, what you never really wanted to know!

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This treatise was prepared especially for the ( web site. Nothing in this document is to be taken personally. In my opinion, this is the history of our planet, not what you may have been taught for your entire life. This document gets an update every few weeks.



I assume that if you have this paper that you have more than a passing interest in UFOs, Aliens, Flying Saucers, Extraterrestrial life forms, Atlantis, Press blackouts and Government cover-ups/conspiracies. This paper in no way covers the entire subject, it is just a small sampling of information I have gathered from books, videos, friends, private sources and observations of the past fifty years. New information comes to me every week or so and when I think it has merit, I include it in this work, so check the date at the top of the page and see if you have a current copy. Now I know that this information is not 100% correct, nothing is, but itís a hundred times better than the information you were taught in the Government Schools! So get yourself a beer, open up your mind, hang on to your "keisters" and get ready to go on a real life adventure that is in my opinion the most earth shaking news since the Human race started keeping records about 6000 years ago in Sumar.

I would like to start by saying that after you have read this paper, some of you will never be the same. However some of you will think Iím a stark raving maniac, I could care less! Remember that Iím only sharing with you some of what I have learned about UFOís, Aliens and Flying Saucers. After an intensive ten year plus study, reading over hundred plus books (the number grows each week) and fifty years of realizing the Federal Government has been lying through itís teeth to the American people and the world, this is my conclusion. The hard evidence is the ancient stone monuments found around the world. UFOís thatís the subject, but you cannot explain them as a separate entity, they are only a small part of the really big picture.


Two Big Secrets

In my humble opinion, there are only two basic secrets in the universes (there are over a thousand universes, according to the Aliens) hidden from mankind, Immortality and Star Travel. Star Travel requires that you have the capability to manipulate time, space and matter. By immortality, I mean the ability to live for thousands of years, not forever, as in the Supreme Creator/God, which ever is best for you. The Aliens have mastered both of these sciences. I personally believe that the two secrets are tied together, knowing about one is automatically having knowledge about the other! We humans are quite a few years, thousands, could be millions, behind the Aliens in this department. When you have attained these two abilities, nothing else matters, except your Soul, for everything is at your disposal and your only problem is the other beings with the same abilities! But the universes are a very big places and there should be plenty of "worlds" to go around, but Iím sure there are some confrontations from time to time over special places like our earth. Considering all this, at the present time, there are many races of Aliens visiting "our" planet Earth. At the Disclosure Project a retired Sargent from the US Air Force, testified that he worked on a "Crashed UFO Retrieval Team". He had cataloged over 57 Alien species! No one knows how many races have visited Earth during the last 100 million plus years, but you can bet itís quite a few! Retired Sgt. Dean was the UFO investigator for NATO for thirty years and he says that NATO was aware of about seven species visiting earth during that time frame. NATO thought the Aliens meant no harm to the human race because they had not attacked earth during the thirty-year investigation. Why should they, we donít attack our cows, horses or pigs!


The Proof

Human footprints, complete with modern shoes have been found fossilized in the strata in California, side by side with dinosaur footprints. These fossilized prints predate upright Apes/Hominids over 65 million years! This proves that intelligent human being (from where?) were on this planet doing something when the dinosaurs "roamed"(not ruled) the earth. A rock hunterís chipping hammer was found in Texas in the stone strata, millions of years old, complete with the wooden handle partially coalified. This is the type of hammer that would be used by modern people rock hunting. This hammer has to be millions of years old, someone needs to explain this to me for Iím a little dense. If we humans have only been here for several thousand years and intelligent only ten thousand, how do we account for the modern chipping hammer? Whole books have been written about these types of abnormalities that can only be explained by Alien visitors to this planet since it came into being. There are some very old and intelligent civilizations out there. The average person, only reads the sports pages or the comic section, real books are boring. We are not alone in the Universe, and Iím sorry if that bothers you, but facts are facts.



Much has been written about the legendary Atlantis, but did it really exist or was it just the ramblings of Plato? Colin Wilson and Rand Flem-Ath in their new book, "The Atlantis Blueprint" purposes it was for real. This was an advanced civilization that dealt with metallurgy, ships sailing the world's oceans and mines scattered all over the planet. Atlantis was in their opinion, what is now Antarctica, two miles under the ice! Antarctica is a continent larger than the United States. Of course when the North Pole was in the Hudson Bay, (9600 years ago) Antarctica was warm, positioned in the South Indian Ocean. This would be a perfect climate for an industrialized civilization. The United States has, as this is written, an expedition to the South Pole doing some secret exploratory work. Also, we know that there is a warm lake under the ice at the South Pole, which creates a 2000-foot high dome under the ice! At one end of this lake is a large metal object, deposit or something that cannot be explained? If it were proved that this ancient civilization existed, and I believe it did, this would explain a lot of the strange artifacts found all over the planet. When the poles started to shift, about 12,000 years ago, Atlantis was destroyed, a large number of Atlantians survived, they escaped to other continents. How else could the Mayas have known about the existence of the planets Uranus and Neptune without telescopes? This was thousands of years before Western Astronomers discovered them! The Mayas has information about the Solar system that would not shame a modern Astronomer Royal. I think that Atlantis was an Alien colony hundreds of thousands of years ago. I could go on and on but let it suffice, you need to read "The Atlantis Blueprint".


What about God?

I would like at this time to state for the record, that I believe in the Supreme Creator/God and His manifestation on Earth in the human form as Jesus Christ. Our Lord Jesus came to earth to teach the Human race how to live in peace with each other and become a civilized, loving species. I do not think the current modern Bible has the story completely correct. This is do to the hundreds of different translations, interpretations and CHANGES made through out the ages by the Kings (Constantine I) and the "Church". Whole "Books" have been removed from the original texts by "men", who did they think they were, God? No, these books were removed because they would have explained this story a little better, and the leadership did not want the masses to know the truth. Charles Darwin was full of crap with his evolution theory, as all species on this planet have suddenly appeared, sexually complete and with a DNA blueprint. Then in about a million years generally go extinct. This proves creation but by who? We just donít know where or when it all started, no more than we could understand how God came into being in the Beginning. There may not even be a beginning, as we humans would understand it. Just as we canít understand how, if we could travel in any direction, in a straight line forever and never come to the end of the Universe. Even if we did come to the end, what would be on the other side of the end? This is "heavy" stuff for our "little finite" minds.


The Devil, Hell and the Church

As for the devil or hell, this is a very controversial subject. I donít understand the devil-hell theory. Why would any all-powerful God allow something like the devil to even exist. Even stupid humans donít allow mistakes to continue to exist in the breeding of dogs, horses, cows, etc, so why would the Supreme Creator/God? I think the "Church", in order to force people to support and promote its doctrine, invented religion and the devil. To this end the church has done an excellent job. If you are an evil person, when you die, so does your consciousness. Remember the Biblical quote, "The wages of sin are death"? I take this literally, however if you are a believer and a good person, you will join the Supreme Creator/God upon death. Your loved ones will be there to greet you on arrival. You wonít find Bundy in Heaven, even though he "Confessed" his sins before God just before he was executed. You need to think about all this logically, donít let other people think for you, personally I prefer to think for myself. If you watch TV constantly, it is impossible to think, and all you will know is what the Government and the people who run this planet want you to know, which is very little. Stupid people are easy to rule. That is why it was against the law to teach the black slaves to read and write before the Civil War! However ignorance is bliss, and what you donít know wonít hurt you!


My Personal Sightings

I saw my first UFO in 1944, I didnít know at the time that is was an Alien Craft, I was only twelve years old and as a child thought it was some kind of a secret flying machine for Army Air Corps. It appeared high in the sky over North Tampa, above some P-38"s dog fighting. The UFO was in a stationary position, with no wings, engines or rocket blast. After fifty-six years of observation of our skies, nothing like this has ever shown up as a Military Aircraft, so it must have been an Alien spacecraft. In recent years I have seen private videos of the same type of craft, that I observed in 1944, now thought to be an Alien spacecraft.

My next sighting came in 1969 as Tom Lemons and I was traveling west on I-70 in northern Ohio. We were near the infamous Wright-Patterson Air Base and the time was late afternoon, about 4 PM. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, appeared a silver disk, rolling along the tree tops about two miles north of us, the disk appeared to be traveling about two to three hundred miles per hour. The disk had no marking to identify it. It just looked like a silver pie plate. I called it to Tommyís attention and neither of us had ever seen such an aircraft. The disk then suddenly turned on its side, taking on the appearance of two saucers put together. Then the disk sped out of sight going into deep space, in a matter of moments. We both commented on the aerodynamic shape of the craft. Also itís maneuverability, and the speed at which it was able to attain in such a short time. We both thought at the time it was some kind of new advanced design fighter plane from the Wright-Patterson base. We searched the newspapers the next day for the story but thirty years later, nothing like this has ever been disclosed to the public. From what I remember from 1969, the craft looked exactly like the one that Bob Lazar worked on in area 51, during 1988, of which he later had a poster drawn, more on Bob Lazar later.

The third sighting occurred in 1997, around 10 AM. My wife and I were traveling South on I-75 in South Georgia, returning from a Super Chevy Show in Memphis TN. I was driving the 1996 Dodge Dually truck and I happened to notice to my left at about ten o-clock some kind of aircraft traveling through the atmosphere, not only leaving a short vapor trail, but also causing a disturbance in front of the craft. To the naked eye it looked like a giant comet, only very close to earth. I called it to my wifeís attention and she was very impressed. Then the craft appeared to stop, as the vapor trail behind it dissipated, it looked like a glowing ball with a vaporous ring around it. But now it got smaller and smaller real quick! It was headed into deep space at tremendous speed. This was the same way the craft in Ohio disappeared in 1969.

My last sighting occurred May 17th 2001 aboard a TWA flight to St Louis. I was looking out the window of the right side of the aircraft when suddenly appeared a very bright light about 2000 feet above us and it was traveling about the same speed. All of a sudden it disappeared and then reappeared about a hundred or so miles away and then it appeared to be moving very fast. Of course to get to the second position as quick as it did it would have had to attain a speed of at least 1500-MPH! During this encounter a conventional aircraft passed us in the opposite direction below our aircraft, so I know I was not confusing the bright light for a conventional aircraft. The UFO sped away and I did not see it again.

These sighting have caused me to pursue the Alien phenomenon for the last decade. As far as I know, neither my wife nor I have ever seen an Alien being or been abducted. However we canít be certain as several races of Alien look exactly like humans, only much smarter! You know what Iím talking about, Bill Clinton and Alan Greenspan comes to mind!


The Big Picture

This is my opinion as I see it from my studies and observations. Remember Iím only going to hit the high spots, as it would take weeks to cover the issue completely. I know this scenario is not 100% accurate, it canít be. However itís a lot closer than you have been taught in the Government Schools about the history of this planet and the origin of the human race. "Everything You Know Is Wrong"(This is a very good book by Lloyd Pye, 800-444-2524)


Zechari Sitchin and the Anunnaki

Zechari says in his book "The Twelfth Planet" that we have to start by going back 432 thousand years. According to the ancient Sumerian records, a party of "humanoid" explorers touched down on planet earth somewhere in the Middle East in the area of the Sini Desert. They were a very old and intelligent race of being from a planet supposedly in our solar system! Their planet has an elliptical orbit of 3600 years. One orbit is called a "Shar" and the planet only stays in our vicinity about 20 years. During this time of close proximity, great geophysical damage is done to the earth due to the gravitational pull of this larger than earth planet. The name of this planet is "Nibiru" and its humanoid beings call themselves "Anunnaki". The last time Nibiru passed through was about 200 BC, or about the time of Christ. It should return about 3000 AD, hang on! Not to worry, we wonít be here. Their leader is called "Anu" and has been for over 500 thousand years! These beings have very long life spans to say the least. A one hundred thousand-year-old Anunnaki is considered a young man. More on this long life span theory later. Zechari thinks they look like us except they are light skinned and either blond or redhead, taller perhaps. Other researchers think these Aliens are reptiles! Sounds crazy, doesnít it? But stay with me, thereís a lot more to come. All that I have told you so far flies right in the face of science, conventional history, and of course all modern religions. But there is proof, beyond any shadow of a doubt, read on.






This group probably colonized Mars millions of years earlier. Then when Mars became too dry for normal habitation they proceeded to earth, which by now had become inhabitable. Iím convinced something along these lines occurred. Modern science and our Government call these records "myths". So much data has been returned from our Martian probes that it is ludicrous to think otherwise. The Russian probe, before it went silent, sent back some of the most convincing photos of what appeared to be a city on the planetís surface. I saw these pictures with my own eyes while in Canada, but they have never seen the light of day in the United States! August 21st 2001, the two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, have disappeared! These two moons are very small, five miles and ten miles in diameter, so they are hard to see, but they have been visible for hundreds of years and on primitive equipment. So what has happened to them? I have always believed that due to the fact that these moons have unusual orbits and are very reflective, that they are artificial! Now they are gone, could they be spaceships? Only time will bring us the truth. If we look up in the sky in the not so distant future, and see a couple of extra moons, the cat, (Aliens) will definitely be out of the bag.


The Moon

This is one of the most interesting bodies in our solar system, let me explain. When the astronauts landed on the Moon they tried to do core drillings. They were only able to drill down about twelve inches and they hit solid titanium! This is impossible for a naturally formed planet/moon. The Moon is an artificial satellite, built by intelligent beings. I know this sounds bazaar but what is the alternative? We have further proof, when the astronauts blasted off the Moon, they separated the first stage and let it fall back to the Moon surface. The seismographic instruments that they had put in place while on the Moon surface recorded a loud gong and the Moon reverberated for five hours after the expended rocket had hit the surface! The Moon is obviously hollow, a titanium sphere, built by someone or something and for what? I have a dozen theories, but you think about it for a while. What is inside?

To further complicate the matter, why havenít we built the Moon colony up there like we planned? I will answer that question. Neil Armstrong attended a scientific conference in London England a few years ago and the press knew what hotel he was to stay in and the precise room. They set up listening devises in the room next door to spy on Armstrongís private conversations. Neil had a professor visit him one evening. The first question out of the professorís mouth was "What happened to all the Moon projects, colonies, telescopes, low gravity factories. Neil said, "They warned us off, their ships were so much larger and much higher tech, we didn't have a chance". They told us, "scoop up a few rocks and go home, the Moon is off limits!" We are quarantined to the Earth. Have you paid attention? All the Mars probes have failed, plus Mars has two artificial satellites (which are now gone!). They, the Aliens donít want us snooping around the solar system. There is too much information out there that establishes the truth about the human race and itís origins. We are an engineered species, bred to do a specific job for somebody. Some say we never went to the Moon, but I donít buy it. It would have been a little much to cover up.


The Sirius Mystery

How could the ancient and secret traditions of the Dogon African tribe, contain highly precise astrophysical information about invisible stars in the Sirius star system? Modern scientists using the latest scientific equipment have just recently discovered some of this information! The Dogon have always said that there was a third star in the Sirius system. The French astronomers, Daniel Benest and J.L. Duvent confirmed this in 1995. This star is a small red dwarf and has been named Sirius C. The Dogon claim that they were visited by beings from Sirius thousands of years age and gave them much information about civilization. There is a lot of evidence, both in Egyptian and Greek history to indicate that this true. The earth must have had visitors from the Sirius system thousands of years ago and by all indications, they are amphibious beings! This why so much of the ancient art shows tail fins on the "god" creatures, and this would explain the mermaids. Who is to say that all intelligent life has to be land based?


Sitchin states, that when this small party of Anunnaki explores arrived, they were looking for gold. There were no Homo Sapiens on the planet at this time, only an upright Ape/Hominid. A Hominid is a very large Ape like creature that mates for life and raise their offspring, perhaps these apes are more civilized than some of our so-called humans, you know what Iím talking about? They also make crude tools and there are about 200 thousand on the planet at the present time, hidden in the big forests and jungles. It is a Federal crime to hunt them, capture them or in any way molest them. Why has Congress passed this Federal law? They are referred to as "Big Foot" or Abominable Snow Man.


The Gold

The Anunnaki use gold to manufacture a very fine gold dust, which they somehow put into their planetís upper atmosphere. This retains the heat of the planet while it is in deep space. The gold then shields it from the burning rays of the sun while in our solar system. Nibiru may not have an Ozone layer either, and this gold dust would help to deflect the Sunís radiation. At first gold was plentiful, the Anunnaki just placer mined it from the rivers and streams. Over the course of time, several hundred thousand years, above ground gold became scarce. They then proceeded to South Africa for underground mining operations. Believe it or not some of these abandoned mines still exist in South Africa with the mining equipment carbon dating back over 100 thousand years! You wonít read that in your local newspaper or "Scientific American". The powers to be donít think the ignorant masses are smart enough to "handle it".


Copper Mines

Ancient copper mines were discovered in Michigan when the miners of modern copper mines broke through into the old mines. The owners were surprised to find these mines, for there were no records of such mines. The equipment in the abandoned mines was carbon dated and found to be at least 25 thousand years old! Who did this mining? Read "The Twelfth Planet" by Zechari Sitchin, it will open your eyes.


More Proof, The really Big Structures

During the last one half million years or so, the Anunnaki/Aliens have had a tremendous impact on planet Earth. They built many structures that remain to this day, the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the huge temple in Peru that is 10,000 feet above the quarry below where the big stones were obtained. However my favorite is the platform at Baalbek. This huge structure, made from stone, was no doubt a rocket launch pad. It is constructed from stone quarried from a pit 2000 feet below the platform and miles away! The huge rectangular stones that form the pad weigh over two million pounds each. They were somehow cut so precision that you can not insert a razor blade between them, then incredibly lifted, transported and put in place to fit the other stones of the platform! We high tech humans are unable to move one of these stones today with any of our mammoth earth moving equipment. Baalbek is located in Lebanon, just outside of Beirut. The government of Lebanon realizes that it is impossible for humans to build this structure, so they have made it a religious shrine. The Lebanese people think the gods built it and so they did. (What do you think a primitive race would think we were, if we arrived on a young planet with the high-tech equipment that we have today and began to build structures?) One stone lies in the quarry below, partially removed, beckoning to the Human race to finish the job and put it in place. When we do we can ring the Anunnaki up on the phone, because we will have arrived. This ancient Alien race used rockets back then to power their freighters carrying the gold up to the enormous orbiting space ship, which in turn carried it to the home planet Nibiru. There are many more such structure around the world and you can read about them in the book "The Atlantis Blueprint".


Creating the Slave/Human

Now this is the part that you will definitely not like! After about 100 thousand years of under ground mining the Anunnaki worker revolted, they didnít like the dirty job of mining, they wanted a slave to do the work, can you dig it, no pun intended. These workers were here for thousands of years, at least one "Shar" which is 3600 years. The leadership needed an intelligent slave to the work, and that is where we humans come into the picture. Their scientists mixed the male Anunnaki sperm with the eggs of a Hominid, native to South Africa at the time. The scientists placed these eggs into the wombs of some female Anunnaki and Homo Sapiens were born. The Anunnaki scientists worked with these hybrids for over 35 thousand years before they were perfected to what you see today. The early men were Cro-Magnon and many of the Anunnaki bred with these hybrids for lack of a better mate and even more Anunnaki blood was injected into the human race. This all started over 200 thousand years ago, they called us the "Black Headed People", probably black skin too. No other animal has so much brains that they do not use. How did this happen? This completely blows the Darwin evolution theory. We were designed to have only about 10% use of our brain so we would never be able to challenge our masters. Is it all starting to make sense? An interesting side note is that the Hebrew word in the Bible that was translated to worship, should have been translated to "WORK"! We are supposed to be "working" for God, not worshiping Him! Think how smart you would be if you only lived 500 years, much less 500 thousand years, and on top of that you were youthful most of the time! The same theory works for humans. During the second half of the 1980s the study of "mitochondrial" DNAí (DNA inherited only from females) science traced modern humans to a female Ape, Eve, in South Africa. I think we are starting to figure it out. Maybe in another thousand years the human race will be brave enough to accept the facts and realize that we are just a very small cog in a very large wheel. When I say this I think of how small our sun is in comparison to our Milky Way Galaxy.

When you and your spouse realize we have to work till around July 11th before any of our hard earnings are for our own use, then maybe you will understand we are still slaves and just arenít smart enough to comprehend it.


Our Slaves

The dogs, cats, cows, pigs, and horses, our slaves, can never challenge us, they are not smart enough, in fact we eat the "fat ones", donít we? The smarter, high tech species with the longevity always wins in the long run, where are the American Indians today. This species of human being lived in the Americas for over 10,000 years and never did any environmental damage, but they were not advanced technologically. High-tech always causes environmental damage that is why Algore wanted our society to revert back to the 15th century life style because he understood the high-tech problem. Read Alís book, "Earth in the Balance" The human race uses this principle to get all the dirty work done, who do you think cleans the sewers, picks up the garbage, mines the coal, builds the towers and on and on. We call them the uneducated (we should call them slaves), probably these poor people canít be educated any further, they have reached their limit. This is what the Aliens did to the human race in general. Interbreeding by Aliens and humans have given us a little more brainpower over the years. Edison, Ford, Einstein and Bill Gates come to mind right off the top of my head. Why were these men so different from us normal humans?

The Other Races

It is very likely that other races of Aliens colonized other parts of the planet during its early days this would account for all the different varieties of the human species, especially the Yellow races. Sometime around the time of Christ, the pure Anunnaki packed up, left earth and the human race to our own devises with the Anunnaki Hybrid Humans running things. We were then and are now a very aggressive species and love war!


Atomic Bombs

Now that you are certain that I should be institutionalized, lets fast forward to 1945, we humans detonated three nuclear devices, one was a test in New Mexico and two against simple human beings living in fishing villages in Japan. We did not explode the bombs over Tokyo where the war machine existed, why? Iíll answer that question, we wanted the war machine and could have cared less about the people in the villages. War is hell and the human race loves it, enough said. These explosions sent Gamma rays and Electro-magnetic pulses throughout the universe at the speed of light. The Aliens came running, but it wasnít the Anunnaki, it was the Greyís. Of the many different species of Alien visiting our planet at the present time, the Greyís are the ones in charge of earth and its operations. They work for the Reptilians.

The human race had, with the explosion of the "bomb" become part of the galactic community whether the Aliens liked it or not. We had bombs and rockets now and could do all kinds of damage if we werenít careful. It was as though you found your children playing with dynamite in the back yard.




Several small craft, probably from a large "mother ship" in orbit, came to investigate the Atomic bomb problem. A couple crashed in Roswell New Mexico July 2, 1947. Over 300 people have testified to this fact. Some of those testifying are high-ranking military personal, government officials, who have actually seen the Aliens, the Alien Craft and the Alien hardware. The government covered up this incident, "big time", for fear of panic among the ignorant masses. But there have been leaks, so they just pass it off, as the ravings of kooks and maniacs, like this paper you are reading. The evidence that has accumulated over the years would stand up in any court in the world, if there was an honest court, which of course there isnít.


High-Tech Space-Craft

What the US Government found in these crashed interplanetary vehicles was truly mind-boggling. There were no wires, only horse tail hair (fiber optics), no vacuum tubes, but transistors, night vision optical equipment, composite materials that would conduct electricity. Our top scientists did not understand how the equipment even functioned, much less how it was manufactured. Many more crashes and sightings followed the Roswell incident. The United States Government became the repository for these crashed interplanetary vehicles for the entire free world!







The Mantell Incident

My favorite UFO incident is the Mantell crash over northern Kentucky, event occurred a short time after Roswell. This sighting and loss of one of our World War II heroes and military aircraft took place near the Godman AFB, which is very close to Wright Field, now renamed Wright-Patterson AFB. A blip was detected on the Godman Field radar screen that was unidentified by the radar operators. Captain Thomas F. Mantell, a pilot with the Kentucky Air National Guard, had been a combat veteran and World War II Ace. On January 7th 1948 he was on a training mission from Marietta Air Force Base (AFB) in Georgia, to Standiford AFB in Kentucky. Mantell and his F-51, which is a modernized P-51, was accompanied by three other pilots in F-51ís. They were, 1st Lieutenant R.K Hendricks, 1st Lieutenant A.W. Clements and 2nd Lieutenant B.A. Mammond. The aircraft were not equipped with oxygen as the three pilots were not going to exceed 15,000 feet. Captain Mantell had been in the Normandy invasion, and had won the Distinguished Flying Cross among other decorations. He was an experienced airman unlikely to be deceived by natural phenomena. Earlier that day the Kentucky Highway Patrol called the Godman AFB tower to find out if they had anything strange flying in the area. The residents of Mansville Kentucky had been reporting unidentified flying objects 250 to 300 feet in diameter in the sky. The tower said no, then a few minutes later sighted an object on the radar screen that was not a familiar aircraft! At the same time the tower sighted Mantell and the three other F-51s. The operations officer, Captain Carter, who observed the object visually said it resembled a parachute, surrounded by a red glow! The object was so bright that it could be observed through the clouds! The F-51s were sent to investigate. Mantell broke through the clouds at 15,000 feet and there it was, a huge craft, unlike anything Captain Mantell had ever seen before. Mantell, no doubt, went to "hot guns" and radioed back to Godman Field, "Iíve sighted the thing, it looks metallic, and itís tremendous in size, now itís starting to climb, Iím going to 20,000 feet and if Iím no closer then Iíll abandon chase". These were Mantellís last words. Hendricks had flown on to Standiford while Hammond and Clements had joined Mantell. But at 22,000 feet Hammond and Clements broke off the chase due to lack of oxygen. Witnesses said they saw Mantellís F-51 explode in midair, no one could figure out why the F-51 would explode, unless the UFO had caused it. If Mantell lost consciousness, then when the F-51 went into a dive it would have reached a speed that would have torn off the wings. At any rate, his F-51 was scattered over the countryside about 90 miles from the Godman AFB. Some say Mantellís body was never found. It was a closed casket funeral, normal in an air crash like this one. One thing for sure, Captain Mantell was not chasing the planet Venus, as reported by the Air Force, he was a better pilot than that, he had seen something very strange. The Government or the Air Force doesnít care who they discredit, so long as they keep the "gullible ignorant masses" in the dark. This was no doubt an Alien craft looking for the Roswell spacecraft and its Alien occupants/astronauts. No doubt the Aliens had every piece of hardware and the beings themselves tagged with some kind of a homing devise.



The Greyís

These Aliens were not the Anunnaki, they were the "care takers" referred to earlier as the little "Greys". They have small bodies, large black wrap around eyes, no skeleton, just a semi-hard outer layer of skin, similar to an insect, The black eyes are only a lens covering the eye ball that allow them to see at night. This lens also shields their eyes from the bright rays of our sun during daytime. The Greys claim that they work for the owners of this planet, a Reptilian species from the Draco star system, who are over 100 light years from earth. The little Greys do the work and a large, tall species of Grey supervises, who really knows? I personally donít think itís the Anunnaki, perhaps they sold earth to someone else, why not, they owned it, and most of the gold was gone anyway. The Reptiles eat humans, the way we eat chickens, cows, sheep and pigs, so it would have been a good deal for both species. Can you dig it? We Humans in general have gotten a lot fatter in the last 50 years, maybe the Reptilians have bred us the same way we have bred the Black Angus cows. The Greys are very mercenary and completely devoid of compassion, like the people who work in "our" slaughterhouses. The "Bible" says we are in charge of the earth, and can do what we want with all of the less intelligent species, maybe the Aliens have a similar bible written by their god, you know what Iím talking about? You probably have heard the old saying, "sorry, nothing personal, itís just my job". The Greys come from the constellation Reticuli, you can see it from the Southern Hemisphere. The Greys star Zeta I & Zeta II, orbit each other and the Greys occupy the 4th planet in orbit around this binary star system. Zeta I & II are 32 light years from earth and the trip in one of their spacecraft takes about 60 earth hours, according to John Lear, whose Father designed the Lear Jet and former pilot for the CIA. John is very well informed about the Alien situation. Obviously these Aliens donít travel in a linear mode! The Greys control time, space and matter. Some of our scientists think the Greys are biological robots. The US Government refers to the Greys as EBEís, short for Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. Sees how far behind we humans are in technology?



Betty and Barney Hill

An interesting side note about this star system is, it was not confirmed by astronomers till 1969. However, on September 19, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill claimed to have been abducted by small Grey Aliens. While on board the Alien spacecraft, they displayed a star map showing Betty Hill their home star system. Later under hypnosis, Betty Hill drew the star map, of course no such star system existed at the time. This confirmed that Betty and Barney had just imagined the entire affair. Everyoneís head in the scientific community was spun around in 1969 when the star system was confirmed!



Harry S. Truman

In the early fifties, President Truman was preparing to inform the American people, and for that matter the entire world, just what was going on. Harry was a very, "down to earth person", no pun intended. He was from Missouri and that is the "Show Me" state. Harry intended to send a tractor-trailer around the United States with Alien bodies and hardware, so the American people could see the Aliens for themselves. This was disclosed on "The Learning Channel" a couple of years ago. This was no doubt "leaked" information by the Federal Government. Before the project was finished however, Dwight Eisenhower was elected President of the United States. Harry had been dragging his feet, so to speak. I guess he was a little nervous about the disclosure. Ike, being a military man, wasted no time putting the lid on the project, because he said, "we needed a military advantage over the Russians". Plus Ike didnít think the American people/ignorant masses could "handle" the truth, he was probably right. Ike also thought that our scientists would soon bridge the gap in technology between the human race and the Aliens. After all we had a couple of their spacecraft in our possession at the time with our top scientists going over each and every part, it wouldnít be long till we had our own space craft, was Ike ever wrong! Ike had been aware of the Aliens for quite some time because of his military position during World War II.


World War II

There were many sightings during World War II by our pilots, we thought that it was German technology and the Germans thought it was ours. All the time it was "Them", the Aliens were watching our war and the human race up close. The military called the phenomena, "Foo Fighters", how silly can you get?



Eisenhower Meets the Aliens

Sometime during Eisenhowerís first term, the Aliens got a message to the White House, that they wanted a meeting with the President. This was arranged to take place at Muroc Dry Lakes, now called Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California. William Cooper in his book "Behold a Pale Horse" comments on the meeting. Ike feigned a toothache to the press, his security whisked Ike to Edwards for the meeting and Ike was out of touch with the press for 24 hours! The press speculated that the President had died! Now think about that for a minute, would the White House allow the press to run stories like that over a little toothache? As Cooperís story goes, a deal was cut and we would get Alien technological assistance and the Aliens would get what they wanted, which would be, violation of our air space and take human beings, for experimental purposes, zoos, slaves, food, or whatever. A lot of very important people were at that meeting, the head of the Hearst newspapers, the leader of the Catholic Church and several top scientists. When the Aliens demonstrated their ability to become invisible along with mental telepathy, everyone there was terrified. To these experts, their world had just disintegrated before their eyes, everything that they had ever been taught or believed, had suddenly evaporated. It was a mind-boggling experience to these gentlemen. The Aliens need slave labor, big time, still, now before you laugh, think about it, humans are the best biological machines going. We are easily controlled, reproduce rapidly, learn quickly and are self-repairing, perfect! On February 20th 1954 Eisenhower signed a treaty with the Aliens agreeing to most of the above. Pat Bieger and I had been married exactly one year!



Missing Children

Are you aware that in the United States alone, each year, hundreds of thousands of children disappear, without a trace! Sometimes the number is as high as 800 thousand. 1984 was the last year the FBI released the figures and in that year 400 thousand children disappeared! Why wonít the FBI continue to release the missing children figures? Who do you think does all the dirty work for these intelligent being? We donít like to do dirty work ourselves and we use the "uneducated". Do you know why lawyers are paid so much and donít do any dirty work? Iíll tell you, they are a lot smarter than most people. The Aliens are not any different, only they are thousands of years ahead of us. In defense of Eisenhower, he thought our scientists would soon bridge the technology gap, but the Aliens are very smart. They have not given us star travel and they havenít made us immortal, and theyíre not going to, anytime soon, it would be too dangerous.


Colonel Corso

Colonel Corso in his book "The Day after Roswell", says weíre a lot better off now than we were in 1947, I hope so. He was in charge of the Foreign Technology Department for the US Army for many years and had hands on experience with some of the retrieved artifacts from the flying saucers. The Colonel says that the Aliens donít have the free hand they had fifty years ago, but I wonder. His book is a must reading and it currently in print. This brings us to the present.

Robert "Bob" Lazar

My friend Bob Lazar, a Nuclear Physicist, who used to work at the infamous Los Alamos Labs in New Mexico, was a friend of Dr. Edward Teller. Dr. Teller was the Father of the Hydrogen Bomb, what a nice boy! Dr. Teller only liked things that exploded. Lazar was transferred to Area 51 in 1988 along with 22 other scientists to "back engineer" a flying saucer, or UFO. The craft was 52 feet in diameter and was capable of interstellar travel in excess of the speed of light! The craft came from the Reticuli star system, 32 light years from earth, home of the "little and the Big Greys". The craft breaks all laws of physics as we understand them, but remember just 500 years ago the Catholic church burned you at the stake for stating the earth was round and orbited the sun and was not the center of the Universe. Weíve come a long way baby! What could the Romans do with a late model Honda two thousand years ago? The 22 scientists working on the project for a year did determine how the craft operated and what made it travel through space. They were unable to duplicate the craft, the drive system or the navigational equipment, so much for our technology. But then what could the ancient Greeks have done with an F-16 fighter plane? The Federal Government has in its possession many UFOís, the United States is the earthís repository for Alien spacecraft. The one Lazar worked on was intact, not a crashed vehicle and Bob has no idea how the government came into itís possession. Lazar did attend government briefing and that is my source for much of the information on the Greys. Several scientists lost their lives trying to disassemble the power plant from one of the spacecraft. This occurred in one of the Nevada Atomic underground test sites. It was reported as a low yield nuclear test. They have us covered! For his disclosure, Bob Lazar has been totally discredited, both academically and as a person.



More on the Slaves

In my opinion, in our not so distant past, say 10,000 years ago we were all slaves, bred to do a job, just like the "Blacks" were 200 years ago. We still do this with our animals. The human race has advanced tremendously in the last couple hundred years. However humans are still sold as slaves in certain parts of the world not as civilized as us, such as China, Africa and the Middle East! You see no high tech society wants to do the dirty work, such as mining operations on a cold dark planet. Humans would be perfect for this job, especially trained from childhood, and when they couldnít do the job anymore, just put them to sleep! The same way we Humans do with the Greyhounds and Thoroughbred racehorses. There are some very intelligent "Humans" right here on earth, more Anunnaki than Ape, have you seen any lately? Most of these people are running things, while others are reaching for the stars. The Aliens know this and itís just a matter of time till we unlock the secret of star travel. Lazar is convinced this will happen in the not too distant future. The Aliens are trying to civilize us before we get into space with the Bomb!


The Secret

I can read your mind, you are thinking, how in the hell has the government kept this big a secret for the last fifty years. This requires a two-part answer. First and foremost, they have not kept the secret. You are reading about it right here. Hundreds of credible people have told their story and thousands of books have been written about the subject, but the mass media has not printed it or shown it on TV, nor will they. This is because our media is totally controlled by the same powers that know all about the Alien agenda. The biggest reason the Alien secret has been so easily kept is the human race is in "denial", humans/ignorant masses donít want to know the truth, plus the Aliens donít want us to know the truth. We want to think we are the last word in the universe, top of the list, next to God, in His image, you know the drill! The fact of the matter is we are way down at the bottom, "Barely out of the trees" so to speak. The Aliens are near the top, very close to the Supreme Being, not God but as close as you can get and still be a physical being. Remember they have star travel and we have puny little rockets. We can hardly get off the earth and back safely. Then to top it off anyone who comes forward and tries to disclose information is branded a kook or a crazy. This is exactly what everyone wants to hear. Remember the old rule, never confess your infidelity to your spouse, and always deny, that is what they want to hear. It has worked for thousands of years and it is still working today.







This is the word that gets everyoneís attention, and I mean right now! In 1994 I ran for Congress of the United States and I mentioned conspiracy in a speech about the Federal reserve. The very next Sunday the New York Times ran a lead editorial talking about the wacko nut case down in Florida trying to win a seat in Congress and that we didnít need people who were "out in left field" making the laws of the land. Now I ask you, what did the New York Times care about a back woods 5th District down in Florida? The people who are in charge have got their eyes and ears open and they are not watching television every evening or going to sporting events. Harvey Oswald, a lone gunman, did not kill Jack Kennedy. I seriously doubt that Oswald even fired a shot at the President. There is so much proof to this that it makes you sick. The tape with sound for instance, the shots are so close together that no one was even able to reload the murder rifle that fast, much less aim and fire accurately. Then thereís Governor Connallyís story, he was riding in the parade car from the airport with the President. The Governor asked Kennedy what he was going to talk about and the President pulled out his 3x5 note cards and told the Governor that he was going to tell the World about the Aliens and how the Government had covered up the involvement with them for 20 years! A few minutes later Kennedy was dead, but the Governor had the foresight to remove the note cards from the dying Presidents coat pocket. He gave them to his aid in a sealed envelope and told him to give them to the press when he, the Governor, was dead. The aid called the New York Times and offered the information to them and they told him that kind of rubbish belonged in the National Inquire. So the aid sold the cards to the National Inquire for around 50K. The CIA knows all about the facts surrounding the Kennedy assassination. Then to top it off I read in our local paper, The Ocala Star Banner that Kennedy was not buried in Arlington Cemetery, he had been buried at sea at the request of the family! A pauper lies in the Kennedy grave below the perpetual flame. Why was the body of Kennedy buried at sea so that never could the body be re-examined by modern technology. James Earl Ray did not shoot Martin Luther King, another conspiracy. The CIA is not nice, they have a license to kill. The Federal Reserve is not a part of the Federal Government, itís private. In 1913 it was put together secretly down in Georgia by a group of bankers wanting to take over the banking system in America, and they did. We pay interest on all the printed money that is in circulation. Kennedy had Congress print US Treasury notes in 5 and 10-dollar denominations when he took office. This act was to save the American taxpayer over 30 billion dollars each year. I have some of the US notes, but as soon as Kennedy was killed, Johnson recalled notes as one of his initial acts as President. The mass media is completely controlled and this is a form of conspiracy. The US is the repository for all Alien spacecraft, all other governments cooperating, secretly would be a conspiracy. The list goes on and on, everyone of any importance cooperates or becomes a "kook", or is completely destroyed. The treatment given to the Disclosure Project in the next paragraph is another example of what Iím talking about.


The Disclosure Project

May 10th 2001, Washington DC, National Press Club, 9 AM. Dr. Steven Greer MD headed up this world shaking national press conference. The good Doctor produced 20 creditable government witness, testifying that they had had contact with Alien beings, alien vehicles or alien hardware. They also said that our government has had an on-going relationship with these beings for the last 50 years! The beings have had the right to violate our airspace in exchange for their technology. What the Aliens want from us is quite another question and none of the witnesses presented any answers to this perplexing question. (I have answered that question for you earlier) I attended the press conference and taped it word for word, it is quite an impressive tape and lasts for three hours. I sat through the entire proceedings completely spellbound. As I listening to these brave people, breaking National Security and coming clean to the American people, it brought tears to my eyes, what patriots! Anyone of these witnesses could have sent you or I to the gas chamber by testifying we were guilty of murder, but because they were talking about Aliens, their testimony was considered false by the mass media! I am now more convinced than ever before that the Aliens are in complete control of this planet and itís institutions. We humans have very little to say about how things are run. Considering the fact that the main stream media completely blacked out this world-shaking event even though all major networks were in attendance!


Iím sorry but "Everything you know is wrong"!

If you want to study this subject further, below is a list if tapes and books.


"Dark Object" by Don Ledger & Chris Styles, Dell Press

"Books of Charles Fort" Charles Fort

"Everything You Know is Wrong", by Lloyd Pye, order 800-444-2524

"Mass Control" by Jim Keith, IllumiNet Press, POB 2808, Lilburn, GA 30048

"The Twelfth Planet", by Zechari Sitchin

"Behold a Pale Horse", by William cooper

"The Atlantis Blueprint" by Colin Wilson, Delacorte Press

"The Threat", by David Jacobs

"The Day after Roswell", by Col. Philip J Coroso

"UFO Odyssey" by Brad Steiger

The Mammoth Book of "UFOs" Lynn Picknett

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