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Ark Of The Covenant


This is the most fascinating real life "Indiana Jones " tale of all and combined with today's electron microscope technology; provides the absolute final ounce of proof of not only Jesus' existence but that he  WAS born of a virgin  and WAS the son of God the Father conceived with the help of the Holy Spirit.  A video of this discovery  can also be found at Ron Wyatt's site   but I have some information here you won't find on Ron's site obtained from those close to him.  There are some things entrusted to me I will not disclose here also but for all you fencesitters; this means there should no longer be ANY doubt.

Here's the low down.  One day when Ron  Wyatt was in Jerusalem he was walking with  a gentleman from the antiquities dept and all of a sudden Ron stopped, pointed ahead, and said," That's Jeremiah's Grotto and that is where the Ark of the Covenant is".   The Ark of the Covenant is the box that contained the stone tablets with the ten commandments written on them God made for Moses at Mt. Sinai; the second set. They broke the first ones.   He had no reason to say that; he had never before considered looking for the Ark of the Covenant; he was at a loss for why that came out of his mouth; but it did.  He did not even know if there  was reason to believe it might be there; but the antiquities man gave him permission to snoop so Ron went back to the states and started studying.  He discovered that when the temple was still standing (which was where the Ark was kept) about 600 years before the crucifixion of Christ that Jerusalem came under siege.  The Levites had a system of tunnels under the city and using an elevator system, they  whisked the ark away underground. The tunnel (actually more like a catacomb system - and waterway to the water supply) went to a location that was outside of the city walls but still well underground. Ironically the final cavern where they placed the Ark turned out to lie immediately underneath the place where Jesus was to be crucified 600 years hence. Why that is important, later. They placed the ark there under a number of animal skins, filled the cave nearly to the top with rocks and sealed the entrance. While going back to the temple, they also made a number of other seals and wrong directions to throw off anyone who might have discovered the tunnel system. They did a good job. In 2600 years, no one has found it until now.

This is better explained in a two video set that  by Michael Rood and Richard Rives made available at , as well as in Ron Wyatt's video  "Ark of the Covenant Update" available at

After almost ten years of making trips to Jerusalem digging in the tunnels , Ron was almost ready to give up, when an angel appeared outside the entrance topside and told Ron what he was doing was very important and not to give up. Another gentleman who was with Ron also heard and saw the angel.  Shortly thereafter  Ron found the entrance to the cavern as well as what looked like dried blood along a crackline that entered the cave from the top.  Upon closer inspection it was determined that the crack went up 20-25' and aligned almost perfectly with the crucifixion hole (it's still there today) where Jesus was crucified. But the crack was almost sealed. Relevance? Here goes. When Jesus was crucified, His cross was on a hill outside the old city's walls. 

There is a garden there now but you can still make out the skull and the holes where the Romans placed the boards that told the reason for the execution. Anyway, the hole for the cross is still there today. Interestingly, there is a crack next to the base. Remember that the crucifixion story tells of an earthquake occurring just before the soldier shoved a spear into Jesus. Here's what happened. When the blood and water poured out of Jesus, it ran down this crack opened up by the earthquake, through the earth, and landed....ooh this is good.....on the right side of the Mercy Seat of the Ark! The Mercy Seat is very important; it is the  lid of the Ark  itself.  In Leviticus, the Levites were told to sprinkle the blood offering on the left side of the Mercy Seat for the covering of the sins. The significance being that the blood of Jesus was the final offering for our sins! Cool, huh? But there's more. 

When Jesus was resurrected and the angel came down from heaven to roll the huge stone away from the entrance, there was another earthquake. This earthquake for most part resealed the crack so rainwater over the years would not go down the crack and dilute the blood that God had intentionally placed there for someone to find when it was time for such to be revealed.  After taking samples of what appeared to be dried blood outside the cave Ron then made his way into the cavern and actually witnessed for the first time the Ark of the Covenant itself; even though the cave was still full of rocks at that time and only the top could be seen. It's hard to describe it this way but it's about three feet wide and 2 1/2 feet deep and tall. There is an angel (cherubim) on each end with one wing forming a back and the other forming a side (armrest). Each angel has on a little beanie sort of thing and each has a staff in their backside hand. The staffs are at an angle so as to form an 'x' across the back.  

The ark of the covenant was the representation of God on earth. It was the centerpoint of worship for the Hebrews. See: Numbers 10:33, 14:44; Deut. 10:8, 31:9, 31:25-26; Joshua chapter 3:1-4:18, 6:6-8, 8:33; Judges 20:27, 1 Sam. chapter 4, 2 Sam. 15:24; 1 Kings 3:15, 6:19, chapter 8; 1 Chron. 15:25-17:1, 22:19, 28:2-18; 2 Chron. chapter 5 & 6, Jeremiah 3:16, Hebrews 9:4 for starters. Ron also found dried blood on the Mercy Seat itself and took some samples of that.  Ron then resealed the cavern and left back for home from that trip.  Meantime four Levites tried to enter the cavern to steal from the Ark and God killed them.   Ron was called back to remove them as Ron was  the only one God was going to allow to touch the Ark without undergoing instant death.  Ron's next trip was to try to discover what was inside the Ark. When he got to the cavern and  unsealed the entrance again he found not only all the rocks and debris removed but  things that had been removed from the temple and taken to  the cavern 2600 years previously were laid out in order;  the sacrificial  table the temple priests used for sacrifices, a seven candle  candle holder, and the Ark of the Covenant itself.  

Inside the cavern Ron encountered four angels who told him they cleaned the cavern out, and to remove the stone tablets when they lifted the heavy Mercy Seat lid up.  He did so; and then handed them to one of the angels who set the tablets up on a ledge. The angel  told Ron God wanted them to be brought out and shown as soon as the beast has commanded that everyone receive the mark.  That's heavy; what does that tell you about where we're at regarding the end times.  Also inside the Ark Ron found a jar of manna, and Aaron's staff or rod; just as the bible said was in it. Ron resealed the cave entrance and went back home. Ron tired to take pictures of the cavern's contents but God didn't allow it.  He used a polaroid, a 35mm, and a video camera and all film turned out blank. 

No one dares to enter the cave. The Israeli government is OK with where it is now so they can pull it out when the time is right (maybe during the invasion, just before God destroys 5/6 of the invading army). 

The tablets are made out a red granite; just as the bible says Moses went up Mt. Sinai, the mountain of red granite.  Written in Hebrew, the way the letters on the tablets were written is very interesting. It's almost like one of us trying to write in butter. You know how at the end of a letter there would be a little ridge? It's the same way on the commandments. Imagine God's finger turning red granite as soft as butter!  Wowzers. The ark is still in perfect shape. God has preserved it just like He has with His word (KJV), no matter what people have tried to do to it.

One reason that there isn't much said about the Ark is that Ron has died. Another is that most of the rest of the info is being kept quiet until the Ark's unveiling  unveiling to help convince the Jews that Jesus is who He said He is. The ark cannot come out until God is ready for it (remember, everything in God's perfect timing).

But HERE'S the clincher folks. Remember Ron had samples of the blood from along the cracks in the rocks above the cavern and from the Mercy Seat itself below the crack in the cavern ceiling. What he found was amazing to say the least. This is very similar to the Shroud of Turin story.  The significance of the Shroud was not known until the age of photography and a negative of the Shroud revealed all the detail God had placed there for us.  Well in the 1990's  a man named Mason in France came up with an electron microscope that could make out detail in microns; a millionth of a meter, and he made a discovery that blood never dies.  No matter how old it is, how battered ,whatever it's condition - it never dies.   There are things called somatids in blood that are alive forever.  These are like 1/10 of a micron in size but looking at them under this extremely powerful microscope, you could definitely see the activity and the fact there was life there.   Well, in the US another gentleman picked up where Mr. Mason left off and made an even better micron microscope.  Somehow he got wind of Ron's  work and came to see him. Ron took some of this dried blood he had been saving  for several years in for testing using this gentleman's super microscope.  They reconstituted some of the blood and sure enough, the somatids appeared on screen and very active.   The microscope was so powerful it could also see the genetic structure of the chromosones on the DNA molecules.

Humans are made up of a certain number of chromosomes (46). You get 23 from each parent, right? Well, this blood was very unique. It was identified as human blood for sure but there was a difference. This blood only had 24 chromosomes!  What this means is that there was 23 from one parent (Mary) and one additional "y" chromosone gene to make Him a him! Sounds confusing but think about it and it should help you to understand. You can hear the story for yourself in a video from Ron's archeology group  called "Ark of the Covenant Update" ;  has it also.   This finding disproves all the non believers who claimed Mary was impregnated by the high priest Gabriel at the  Temple School before being handed over to Joseph in marriage.  This DOES prove the immaculate conception and that Jesus WAS fathered by the holy spirit.

Ron Wyatt has many such discoveries proving the historical authenticity of biblical times; such as the discovery of the land bridge under the Red Sea, the discovery of all the chariot parts of the right age at the bottom of the Red Sea. The discovery of the REAL Noah's Ark.  Visit his site at  and be prepared to spend some time there as history unfolds.