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Reposted from Weekly World News

WASHINGTON -- Fearing national and world panic, the federal government is working around the clock to suppress Bible prophecies that prove the world is coming to an end on or before December 22, 2001.

And far from apologizing for the cover-up, CIA and FBI sources insist that the measures, though drastic, "are absolutely necessary to maintain control over citizens who are sure to quit their jobs, abandon their families and run wild in the streets once they realize we are, in fact, living in the End Times."

That reasoning doesn't sit well with Bible scholars and clergymen, many of whom are calling on President bill Clinton to put a stop to what some are calling "a conspiracy calculated to rob Americans of their spiritual free will."

"The world is coming to an end and if the federal government gets its way, nobody will know until it is too late to do anything about it," declared Dr. Robert Calke, author of the gripping new book. Paradise Waiting -- What You Must Do to Live Forever.

"I don't mean to imply that you can outwit God and survive the End Times," he continued. "But if you know what is happening and you have the courage to give your life to God, then you can ensure that He reserves a place for you in Heaven.

"Christians -- true Christians -- are aware of the desperate times we live in and are already secure in the knowledge that they have done what is required to get right with God.

"But millions of people in America, and billions of people around the world, are lost sheep. Bible prophecy could open their eyes and give them the motivation to save themselves. By suppressing these prophecies, the government of the United States is in effect doing the Devil's work. It is more than an outrage, more than criminal -- it is pure evil in action."

Nobody in Washington is talking, least of all the White House, FBI and CIA. According to Dr. Calke and other sources in the religious community, those two agencies are orchestrating the so-called "End Times Cover-up," which reportedly began in earnest last February.

Those same sources say the initiative is being spearheaded by CIA and FBI operatives who are contacting high-profile scholars and clergymen nationwide, urging them to avoid discussing End Times prophecies until the government can come up with a plan to keep the country from collapsing "under the weight of the panic and hysteria" that is bound to prevail w hen people realize they have no future.

Here, according to Dr. Calke, are the prophecies that he federal government had decided "are too hot for the public to handle."

They are based on Bible passages and interpretations from some of the world's leading Bible experts, he said.

  • FACT. The evil anti-Christ mentioned so prominently in the bible's Book of Revelation is not only alive, he's living in the United States. His name remains a close-guarded , "eyes-only" secret in the intelligence community, but sources confirm that he is an extremely wealthy businessman who is amassing a private army of thought-control experts and Satanic "missionaries" to begin his assault on mankind any day now.
  • FACT. China will become the most hated nation on Earth in 2001 when millions of heavily armed troops invade and then occupy countries throughout Southeast Asia and as far east as India and Pakistan. The threat of world domination becomes real, and cold war tensions rise to levels not seen since the Soviet Union and the United States were at odds in the early 1960s.
  • FACT. As prophesied in the Bible, the moon will turn red -- blood red. Astronomers confirm that a cloud of red space dust entered our solar system in 1998. This dust reportedly will pass between Earth and the moon, causing the moon to appear red, beginning on Easter Sunday, 2001.
  • FACT. The Battle of Armageddon will start with China and Iraq attacking Israel on December 12, 2001. All-out nuclear war will follow, and all nations with military capability will be involved in the conflict. The 10-day battle will result in "the end of all things" on December 22.
  • FACT. The only way to protect yourself and your family from the Apocalypse is to give your life to God before the end comes. This will require what scholars call "a total immersion" in spiritual life -- an immersion that, clearly, only a "chosen few" have the courage and will to attempt.
  • FACT. In keeping with the prophecy requiring "spiritual immersion" as the Bible points out so clearly and abundantly, there are five words people must say to survive the end of the world and find their place in eternity. They are: "My life belongs to God."

    Dr. Calke points out that even without hearing the prophecies above, modern man has seen at least six signs that prove the world is coming to an end -- soon. Extremes of heat and cold experienced throughout the world over the past decade, the sudden rise in volcanic activity and cataclysmic earthquakes, unprecedented drought in Africa and other parts of the Third World, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the return of Jews to Israel following World War II, and the spread of the lethal AIDS virus strongly indicate that we are living in the End Times, he said.