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Big Brother

"You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence."

Charles A. Beard

The USA PATRIOT Act has markedly loosened the standards for government electronic surveillance—of our computers, e-mail, Internet searches, and telephones. This means all kinds of telephones, including, for example, not only the pay phones that the suspect may be using, but any pay phones in the area of his or her travels. This vast expansion of eavesdropping is due to the law's extension of roving wiretaps, and to the one-stop national warrant that will cover a suspect anywhere he or she goes. Giving the FBI a 'Blank Warrant' External Link


In the last fifty years Big Brother has been able to slowly erode the basic freedoms of all American citizens by hiding behind such cliché's as " national security risk " to throw innocent people in prison with the most flimsy, if not fabricated evidence. When the government claims that a case involves a national security threat, it's power increases tremendously. Government investigators have the power to:

1. Order wire taps or a search without a warrant.
2. Restrict the discovery of evidence to who may see it.
3. Impede the accessed defense lawyers access to their client or require that an entire jury have security clearance.
4. In short, they can throw you in jail for as long as they wish too with any false or fabricated accusation against you.


Most Televisions from early '90s to present are equipped with 2 way communication capabilities. The cable TV connection in the wall is a standard coax computer networking cable and provides a way for others to see into your home even though you are unaware of it. COVERT ACTIVITIES AND COVER-UPS MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT AWARE OF 


One of the fastest growing mobile phone providers is indefinitely storing information that allows its customers' movements over the last two years to be mapped to within a few hundred meters. Liberties fear over mobile phone details

In rare cases police can now secretly search a person's house without telling the homeowner for up to three months. During one of these so-called ``sneak and peek'' searches, authorities would secretly implant a hidden ``key-logger'' device. The FBI acknowledged making five such secret searches before it installed its snooping device in a recent gambling investigation. The key-logger, hidden inside a computer, secretly records everything a suspect types on it. The device lets authorities capture passwords to unscramble data files in otherwise-unbreakable codes. Anti-Terror Tools Include High-Tech

Whenever you turn on your computer, you are leaving a trail of your data information. This trail links you to documents, your tastes and web surfing habits, plus where you live and other information. Intel unveiled it's Pentium III chip which employees a Processor Serial Number ( PSN ). The encoded 96 bit number hard-wired chip traces any online communications to it's mother computer. The dreaded COOKIES on many web sights are embedded into your PC without your knowledge that can find out your password, name and web sights you have visited. Microsoft admitted that Windows 98 generates a fingerprint unique to identify you known as GUID. This GUID is generally hidden in Office 97 Word, Excel, and Power Point programs. What makes this most disturbing is every time you visit, this program scans your PC automatically and gathers information without your knowledge. Intel & Microsoft Are Tracking You Online As Well As Your ISP


The computer system called the B.E.A.S.T.S. in Brussels, Belgium records ATM and debit card transactions within 57 seconds. It is known what you bought and where you bought it. B.E.A.S.T.S. stands for Brussels Electronic Accounting Surveillance Terminal Systems. It is a Cray Super Computer. The Beast of the Apocalypse: 666 B.E.A.S.T. Battle Engagement And Simulated Tracking

Anything greater than a $5 dollar bill with a date of 1992 or above has a metallic strip running through it. You can see this strip if you hold it up to the light. The technology is in place for someone with the correct equipment to drive by your home with a special scanner and know approximately how much money you have in your home. It was placed there under a partial truth as a way to track drug money, but in reality serves other purposes, since all nations of the world have the same strip in them. (The computers don't care what country or what picture is on the money, they still register the same numbers) COVERT ACTIVITIES AND COVER-UPS MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT AWARE OF | Latest Privacy Nightmare: Money That Tracks You

This may seem a bit sublime, but true never the less. In 1984 the United States Congress passed a bill where law enforcement agencies could literally take your money because it may be drug contaminated. Why? Because 75% of all US currency is contaminated with cocaine residue & the courts have ruled that this enough to warrant the forfeiture of your cash or assets. Does it sound ridiculous? Of course it does but it's the plain truth. Police & other government agencies have over 2 billion in confiscated assets which goes into their pockets to purchase new patrol cars, surveillance equipment, even fund police parties or functions. In New York City the mayor Rudy Giuliani in 1999 imposed his vintage tough guy image by using a city rule that was originally designed for drug traffickers. Mayor Giuliani imposed random check points where the police can stop you if they suspect your a drunk driver. If a person is stopped and found to be driving under the influence then the police can take their car away. Even if the driver is found NOT GUILTY in criminal court the city can still keep the person's car! Big Brother Can Come Knocking On Your Door & Take It

The Constitution for the united States of America makes no provision for a "national police" or "Gestapo" nor does it grant any authority to anyone or any agency of government to create such an organization. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is not an agency of the United States government. It was not created by Congress. The FBI was created by a United States Attorney General as an investigative office of the Justice Department for the purpose of internal investigations. The FBI has no lawful authority or jurisdiction over State Citizens or within the several States of the union. MAJESTYTWELVE





Echelon is a network of super computers and satellites run by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and located in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Set up during the Cold War, Echelon now reportedly focuses on fighting terrorism, money laundering and drug trafficking. The system is capable of eavesdropping  on all forms of electronic communications. 




Global Security IKONOS

IKONOS Satellite




Smart Cards




High-Tech Microchips

If you haven't heard the latest about the 666 system, let me touch a bit upon it now in order to satisfy you that the time is at hand. I got hold of a cassette tape in May, 1995, upon which the speaker was a Christian engineer. Along with some scientists, he had been involved extensively in the creation of a high-tech microchip so minute that it could pass through a hypodermic needle. The chip was being developed for transplantation into the skin of animals, but has an ultimate application in the skin of humans. After much research and experimentation, a team discovered how the microchip could be powered without a battery, by using the electricity formed as a bi-product of a process called temperature exchange, so long as the chip was placed in a medium that continually lost and/or drew sufficient heat. According to this Christian engineer, the investigators he worked with sought for the best temperature-exchange location on the body, and they found that the two most efficient places were on the forehead and on the back of the hand! Need I say more? THE SKINCODE

Mondex has changed the picture to a star. I saved their old page. You can see it here.



Above Masonic handshake From Mondex Same Page






Mobile Computer Network

Laptop network in cruisers makes dramatic difference. A Washington State Patrol trooper (Above) accesses data from the laptop in his car. Washington State Patrol troopers using networked laptop computers in their cars identified and arrested nearly twice as many fugitives as fellow troopers operating without laptops. The experimental telecommunications system includes a laptop docking station in the patrol car that allows troopers to quickly plug their computers into the vehicle as they begin each shift. THAT WAS just one of the dramatic findings of an analysis of a communications experiment in which hundreds of state patrol cruisers were equipped with a mobile computer network to supplement traditional radio based police communications systems. Conducted by the auditing firm KPMG Peat Marwick LLP, the Washington State Patrol Mobile Computer Network Productivity Study was completed in May. But the computer is only reliable as the person entering the data. Let's say a crooked cop or a hacker accessed it's main frame and put YOUR name, address, car tag in it's file saying you are wanted for rape, murder, etc. and are considered armed and dangerous. Just by pulling over and reaching for your vehicle registration might make a officer think you are reaching for a weapon and the next thing you know you will have six bullets in your head. As part of a Mobile Computer Network Project  launched in 1991, the state patrol has “wired” about 350 of  its vehicles with networked IBM Think Pad computers and printers. The original purpose of the networked laptop concept was to enable patrolling troopers to more quickly access various databases of crime and vehicular information.



TeleType's GPS CDPD Vehicle Tracker

The future applications of vehicle GPS tracking would point to mandatory installations of the device on ALL vehicles in the near future, ( once the price drops .) The tracking of all vehicles would be a law enforcement's dream, from tracking stolen cars to monitoring a vehicle's speed. As in many highway toll locations, a hidden camera is present and is automatically programmed to take a vehicle's photo when it passes a toll booth without paying. The photograph is then sent to the local authorities, and once the license plate is revealed in the photograph, a ticket is automatically sent to that tag owner's address. The same method of tracking will be used in detecting speeding vehicles, registered vehicles whose tag has expired, and numerous other vehicle ticket violations possibilities. The revenue generated from such monitoring will easily cover the cost of it's inception. The future of vehicle GPS monitoring is already here, and the future tracking of all humans, animals, vehicles and other traceable items Big Brother deems necessary is near. TeleType's GPS CDPD Tracker

Post mid - '80 automobiles are designed with a computer chip which can be controlled remotely via satellite. If desired, individual as well as massive automobile shutdown in a city could be accomplished. (Your vin # is recorded and connected with your name) COVERT ACTIVITIES AND COVER-UPS MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT AWARE OF



Camera Surveillance

Now local authorities through out the world have installed tiny camera's on lampposts, rooftops, telephone poles, and street signs to survey citizens movements, traffic violations, moving left to right observing every thing in sight. These cameras report their public observations directly to the police and government spy agencies. The cameras report to these agencies, where security officers and government  agents scan for infractions against public order, or perhaps against a established way of free thought and speech which they deem harmful to society or national security. Camera Surveillance By Big Brother


Pictured is the 1.18 inch long camera pill developed by Israel based Given Imaging. The pill may be ingested by a patient and will transmit the patients internal organ images to a physicians computer. 

These camera's may be small in size, but even smaller cameras with a lens the size of a pin hole are in regular use by Big Brother's law enforcement and intelligence agencies. 

The United States current 12 GPS satellites which circle our globe can virtually now hear a whisper, and who is whispering and from any location on the planet.



Face Recognition Systems






The use of the SafetyScope as a screening tool will allow for other more costly procedures to be used for confirmation purposes. Preventive Technology The SafetyScope is a system which informs and protects in areas where safety is critical. Studies performed have proven that it is the most cost effective technology in today's increasing problem of substance abuse.
Eye movements, pupil constrictions and dilation are involuntary and results are impossible to fake so they claim. The SafetyScope system is very accurate in recording changes in the eye resulting from alcohol or drug use. Subjective evaluations are no longer necessary. The test is performed by one person, and the results are a simple PASS or FAIL.



Back Scatter X-Ray Scanner


American Science & Engineering of Billerica, MA which sells it's scanners to government agencies such as The US Customs Office has created technology such as the Back scatter X-Ray scanner. 

These devices can peer through vehicles and detect various items such as drugs and people. What concerns me is law enforcement agencies could invoke legislation in where they just drive up and down American neighborhoods using these scanners to peer into people's homes. If these scanners are able to pick up anything that may be considered illegal , it will be all they need to acquire a search warrant and come crashing into your house with the old probable cause cliché'. 

The technology  is whether a scanner can identify a bag of sugar from a bag of cocaine has not yet been determined, but law enforcement has had less evidence to invade your home, throw you in jail plus the costly expense of defending yourself  in court , even if your acquitted .The future technology coming will include scanners that not only identify objects and people, but will also have the capabilities to identify a human being's DNA in which you will never be able to hide from the world satellite system or Big Brother's watchful eye. Above Photo is the Model 101ZVAN which employs Back scatter technology in a mobile vehicle.

Rapiscan Secure 1000


One system, the Rapiscan Secure 1000, uses low-energy X-rays to search a person through clothing. When Rapiscan project manager Bryan Allman scanned himself, detected was a plastic knife hidden in his shirt pocket.

However, the outline of his body — every inch of it — also was clearly visible. Perhaps proving the machine's revealing nature, airport officials refused to put a woman in the scanner. New Security Devices at Fla. Airport


The Black helicopters which fly overhead are surveillance helicopters which use infra-red scanning and can see through your house. The are illegal helicopters according to US law, for legal helicopters MUST have positively marked identification on the bottom of them. These do not. COVERT ACTIVITIES AND COVER-UPS MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT AWARE OF



Fingerprint Scanners 


Recognition Systems, Inc. fingerprint scanners can be used for entry into classrooms, unlocking your front door, accessing your mail, ATM machines and other convenient commodities to numerous to mention. 

The days spent searching for your keys, remembering passwords will go the the way of the dinosaur. The trick here is Big Brother will have a 24 hour a day monitoring system on you that will record all of your activities during the day you use these upcoming devices. 

Another way will be the government's school safety plan that will force students to submit their finger prints, because many schools will have these devices installed to be sure the right people are entering their school, and to check on students who are not attending or ditching school. The tracking of humans from birth to death is here and a life long record will be kept on all citizens. 

Former president Bill Clinton has already approved a bill that would make such electronic signatures as binding and legal as ink and pen.






Carnivore, which was recently renamed DCS1000, has been at the center of privacy debates since the FBI first used it over two years ago. The system, which is installed on the networks of Internet service providers, captures data packets as they travel through networks. The program can monitor millions of emails and can identify messages sent by people under investigation.

There's a system that alerts an analyst any time a new page goes up on a Web site of interest. And smart new search engines use "natural-language processing" instead of key words to answer complex queries. 

Software called "Fluent" enables CIA personnel to perform "cross lingual" searches in English of Web sites in Chinese and 10 other languages, from Russian to Japanese. The software then translates the results almost instantaneously into English.

Another program, called "Oasis," uses "automated speech recognition" technology pioneered by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to turn audio feeds into formatted, searchable text. Making Sense of the Deluge of Data

JULY 2000: The FBI's new super fast system called CARNIVORE has been intact for over a year now. It's main purpose is to covertly scan millions of e-mail transmissions from suspected criminals and all public and corporate e-mail communications. The new systems has many ISP companies ranging from worried to frightened, and with good reason. The FBI needs to hook up a BLACK BOX directly to every Internet Service Provider thus giving them access to all Internet data in America. 

The Justice Department back peddled by saying under the Electronic Communications Act it may conduct such surveillance without telling the public nothing about it's monitoring their web activities or surfing habits and other electronic communications. CARNIVORE may be used by simply hooking up a lap top computer into the ISPs server to monitor the activity of it's members. A disclosure in September, 1999 by a North Carolina programmer noticed a notation "NSA KEY" which was hidden in Microsoft's software program which enabled The National Security Agency to monitor the computer owners activity. New Big Brother FBI E-Mail CARNIVORE  Scanner A Meat Eater

You may have heard about Carnivore, a controversial program developed by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to give the agency access to the online/e-mail activities of suspected criminals. For many, it is eerily reminiscent of George Orwell's book "1984."

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