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The Billy Graham Deception

Is Billy Graham a 33 Degree Freemason?

The Illuminati have since time past conspired to establish a New World Order. To achieve this goal, 3 main areas are to be infiltrated and thoroughly subverted.

  1. One World Government
  2. One World Religion
  3. One World Economy

It is by placing key 33rd degree Freemasons at the apex of political, religious and economic institutions that their satanic goals can succeed. Billy Graham has been selected and used by the Illuminati to work to bring about a One World Global Church based at the Vatican.

This exposure of Billy Graham's Masonic links will include

Most of the above evidence will be posted soon with evidence and documentation.

The Cutting Edge Website has been deceived by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. They now say the Graham is not a Freemason when I have placed heaps of evidence that show he really is. Please come in here for the latest information.

UPDATE : Cutting Edge Replies


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Please pray for Billy Graham. God died on the cross for all mankind for 'all have sinned'. Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will turn him away from the Masonic Lodge and into the everlasting life that only Jesus can give. Also pray for the Masonic/Satanic leaders of today that God's grace will reach out to them. Remember that 'where sin abounded, grace did much more abound' Romans 5:20 ...May God have mercy on him.  this page shows many of Graham's antichrist activities. This report on the site is true as I have most of this information myself. In time I will scan it all on this page.

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