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Mind Control and Brainwashing of Children


 There are a number of ways children can be brainwashed.  It is often accomplished by a parent or other trusted caregiver.  Simplified, the process follows these steps:
1.  The mind controller is a trusted, loved, and important person to the child.
2.  The mind controller hates the person/concept/item who/which the child  is being brainwashed to hate.  (for example:  The mind controller hates dad. or  The mind controller hates religion. or The mind controller hates kittens.)
3.  The child must agree with the mind controller because the child believes that to not do so might lose the support, love or acceptance of the mind controller. (The child hates dad because to not do so would mean losing mom's love.  or The child hates religion because to not do so might cause mom to not love the child anymore.)

In the above example, the term Mind Controller may be replaced by the words mom, dad, grandmother, the elder, the teacher, or any other significant individual in the life of the child.

Parental alienation is one example.  In this case, the child is turned against a parent (or grandparent) for no particularly significant reason.  In most cases, the psychopathology of the alienating parent is so severe as to turn the child against a parent with whom they had a heretofore good relationship.  It must be pointed out that there is connected with this, the belief that it is for the best interest of the child.  Often a state similar to folie a deux is entered into by others, such as relatives, to further alienate the child from the "evil" parent.  In most cases this is a irrational belief on the part of the alienating persons.

False allegations of sexual abuse is another particularly devastating type of abuse.  In this way some parents manipulate the child and the "system" by making allegations of sexual abuse.  Since child sexual abuse must be reported according to law, the reporting parent is just doing his or her "parental duty".  In some cases the parent truely believes that such abuse is going on.  In other cases, it may just be a suspicion.  In still others, it is a blatant lie, and the reporting parent knows it to be false.  In some cases, children will take the side of the parent as described in the 1,2,3 steps of mind control above, to accuse the other person.  After a time, a complex process of cognitive dissonance and other defenses take over, and the child and parent both believe the lie.  Finally, in some cases, a severe mental condition exists in the part of the reporting parent, which accounts for the fabrication.