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Capital Shooting Conveniently Timed?
Government Agent, Patsy or Lone Nut?

Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998
Organization: POW Strike Force
Subject: Capitol Shooter:Govt agent or lone nut?

Once again the mountain of dead bodies around Clinton grows larger. Can all of them possibly be the ridiculous array of suicides and accidental deaths the mainstream media news-fakers and white house spin doctors claim? Let's look at some known facts and wander into some wild supposition. What is known:

1. Several times during the Clinton years, news stories appear at very
convenient times. Unabomber was arrested within two hours of the news of Ron
Brown plane crash. OKC bombing was 48 hours after a secret indictment of
Hillary had been handed down. It disappeared. Clinton gets a subpoena on the
Lewinsky oral office scandal and the capitol gets shot up. The OKC bombing
has been compared to the burning of the Reichstag. If the assassination of
De Lay had been successful, it would have been compared to the assassination
of Archduke Ferdinand. Coincidence? You tell me.
2. Always pay careful attention to the first 15 minutes of reportage while
the announcers are caught off guard and are preening for a pulitzer. They at
first said perimeter security for the capitol had completely broken down and
armed men were running amok in the halls. Why was sergeant giving press
conferences when Capitol police lts and capts with scrambled eggs on their
caps remained silent in the background? If this was a confirmed lone nut,
why then did we see a cop motioning children to leave while he was hunkered
down with pistol drawn behind a car?
3. Gun-grabbing U.S. Senator Carol Moseley-Braunn(D-IL) arrives in Chicago
shortly after the carnage and immediately calls for the confiscation of all
65 million guns in America. Do you remember the shooting of school children
in New Zealand and Scotland? Shortly afterwards all guns were banned. The
shooters conveniently died before trained psychotherapist could examine them
for mind control (MK ULTRA) drugs or level 5 zombie sonnambulist hypnotic
programming. Sirhan and Hinckley are in this category.
4. The rest of the country wouldn't have seen this, but here on our local
affiliates we captured live the arrival of DeLay at IAH under unprecedented
security for a member of the US Congress. There were 12 armed HPD at the
gate area in addition to IAH security. Another 50 in the gate area which was
closed to anyone without a ticket. ALL PRESS CREDENTIALS were called in for
verif- ication. Delay was jittery like a marine grunt point man running
through the A Shau valley.
On DeLay's return flight, all passengers were triple ID checked and run
through NCIC. All carry-on bags, purses and briefcases were hand searched.
All checked bags were x-rayed and hand searched and bomb sniffing dogs were
run through all areas of the plane. the yellow signs and lights were
activated denoting "Maximum FAA security levels in effect. NASA chase planes
with missile-jamming (Wild weasel) left Ellington AFB and escorted the plane
on climbout (Remember TWA 800) and out of Texas Airspace. Similar planes
from Andrews AFB escorted it in. De LAy and his family were removed at
Reagan airport onto the runway and left in a white US govt van under heavy
escort to an undisclosed location(Not his residence) Again if this was the
act of a lone nut, why the security measures 1600 miles away?
5. Questions people should be asking:
a. The shooter(Weston) eneterd De Lay's office through an un-marked
door. How did he know about it?
b. What did De Lay have in his office somebody would want that bad to do
all that killing? [some say it was evidence of both Bush and Clinton
giving Red China all our nuclear secrets] Do you suppose De Lay has been
sufficiently warned not to reveal whatever it was?
c. Weston used his dad's .38 revolver to commit all this carnage.
Witnesses heard 20 shots. What's wrong with this picture? Who were the
other shooters? Can mortally wounded men reload 3 times? If Weston
wanted to do the job right he would at least have had a silencer. Notice
no detailed maps of his route on TV.
d. US Govt is quoted as saying he was on the Secret Service watch list
for writing threatening letters to Clinton and Gore. Who do you know who
has done this that is not now currently in jail? He is not in the NCIC
data base as a convicted felon. Where are they getting this stuff?
Making it up? What's the real agenda? Who's pulling the strings? How can
Weston's bullets kill while the cops guns only wound? Dum-Dums?
Cop-Killers? Special loads supplied by the CIA or FBI. Remember, he was
after somebody who had to be dropped.
e. Now for the really good stuff.
i. My sources tell me that Weston was recruited by the FBI to go to
Montana and infiltrate Militia Groups [Um... hate to break it to all of
you with this "romanticized" idea of what is going on in Montana, but
there are no militia groups in Rimini Montana. 
Well, as far as I know...
hmmm If this shooter dude was trying to infiltrate militia groups in
Montana then he was about 200 miles off target. Isn't it interesting,
too, that his bio is so close to that of fellow Montanan Ted Kacynski? I
mean, a loner living in a cabin within an hour drive of the state
capitol Helena -- Come to think of it, whenever I go up Rimini I feel a
bit dizzy and addle-headed... ww] He was allegedly trained for this work
at a secret FBI facility at Crete, IL. The mainstream media reported
that Weston visited Washington DC and put in job applications at several
federal agencies including the CIA. [Again, so what if he WAS trying to
infiltrate the Militia of Montana or whatever ... if you are suggesting
that he was actually hired by THEM and then double-crossed ... well,
okay, what about Ruby Ridge? Wasn't all the hub-bub about a shotgun that
was too short and then a missed court date? Wasn't the "actual" story
that he was NOT a "white separatist" necessarily but that he was
recruited by THEM to infiltrate the NeoNazi s in Idaho? A bunch of bells
are ringing here, but I need it all layed out for me please, because I
live so close to the mind control waves aimed at Rimini - ww]
ii. If let's say the CIA wanted a Lee Harvey Oswald style patsy who
would they choose. Perhaps a slightly retarded loser and malcontent who
could be easily duped into believing he was only participating in a
"Test of Security" at the capitol. Was he a manchurian candidate? When
he triggered the metal detector, could a microchip in his butt or neck
been coded to set him off? (and miles to go before I sleep)
iii. Was this a failed attempted coup d'etat of the Governmentt of the
United States? Wouldn't De Lay been one of a list of top ten govt
officials who would have to be killed or jailed. What did Admiral
Boorda, CIA Director Colby and the generals and NSA officials killed in
Alabama on a lear jet crash know about Clinton's deals with Red China?
Why is the media saying it is Russia leaking nuclear secrets and
equipment to India, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran when in fact it is from
Israeli NUclear Command at Dimona selling devices we gave them.
Like all the other deaths around Clinton, there are more questions than
answers. I encourage discourse on the matter. Prove to me why I am wandering
down too many blind alleys.
Joe L. Jordan
Executive Director
National Vietnam POW Strike Force
Forward via:
"Americans have an automatic responsibility to rebel against authority when
that authority is mindless." Newt Gingrich, 23 July 1998, at the Young
America Foundation Conference
"The most effective way of making people accept the validity of the values
they are to serve is to persuade them that they are really the same as those
which they...have always held, but which were not properly understood or
recognized before. And the most efficient technique to this end is to use
the old words but change their meaning. Few traits of totalitarian regimes
are at the same time so confusing to the superficial observer and yet so
characteristic of the whole intellectual climate as the complete perversion
of language, the change of meaning of the words by which the ideals of the
new regimes are expressed." -- F. A. Hayek
LETTER RE: Capital Shooting Coverage
On Saturday you ran two reports on the shooting in the Capital Building, one
by Maureen Sielaff, and one by Jordan Miranda. It is a little unusual to see
two reports on the same day on the same subject, but it was very
enlightening. Both your reporters were reporting from the same set of known
facts, and yet the two were miles apart.
For shear professionalism, Maureen Sielaff wins hands down. Her main purpose
was unquestionably to provide accurate information on what happened. Mr.
Miranda, on the other hand, was clearly more interested in taking advantage
of a tragic situation to push his desire for gun confiscation, which is so
typical of mainstream journalists anymore.
If he had taken the time to first get his facts straight, and Maureen did,
he might have been a little less transparent. Maureen reported one tourist
hit by stray bullets. Jordan reported several. The correct answer was one.
Technically, yes, the .38 revolver was an assault pistol, because any weapon
used for assault is an assault weapon. The smoothbore Brown Besses with an
effective range of less than 50 yards that the British used to assault the
patriot militia at Lexington were assault rifles, though they were not fully
automatic. The Kentucky Long Rifles the patriot militia used to effectively
kill the British from 200 yards back were not assault rifles, because the
were being used to DEFEND, not assault. So technically he was correct on
that one. But the use of emotionally hyped terms like that is not meant to
inform, but to propagandize, and it is becoming so painfully obvious that
one would thing they would be too embarrassed to do it.
From the quality of Maureen Sielaff's writing it is easy to see why her
article make your Top Stories more often. I particularly enjoyed her recent
series on the Nation of Islam, especially part 5, where she brought it all
together in a way I just had not considered before.
Maureen you should promote immediately. Jordan, who obviously hopes to make
the big time by impressing the "Fourth Estate" with his liberal credentials,
should spend a little more time serving as an apprentice to one such as her.
He's just not quite ready for prime time. Maybe her professionalism will rub
off on him.
Timothy Schwartz
Rockford, Illinois
[NOTE: There is an old admonition: "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of
the kitchen." Those who request their work be published in The Vigo Examiner
accept that there may be heat, and they cannot expect that their readers
will be censored to protect their feelings. ED]
If police officers cannot guarantee protection even to themselves in a
well-defended Capitol building, then they surely cannot guarantee protection
to ordinary citizens in ordinary homes. The police owe no legal duty to
protect individual citizens; their job is only to protect society in
general. If you face a threat of attack by a deranged and murderous
aggressor, then trading your gun for a telephone to dial "9-1-1" is to
surrender to the killer.
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Real-To: Norman Olson
Here's a question for anti-gun people:
"Would you be willing to put a sticker on your car window or the front door
of your house saying 'I am an anti-gun person--there are no guns in this
If they are so proud of being anti-gun, why not publicize it on their
Kind Regards,
Norm Olson