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Inventor Claims Cars Can Run on Tap water

September 29, 2000

If OPEC, fuel taxes and who's doing what to whom is making your head spin, take heart. An American inventor has come up with a power generator that can run on ordinary tap water. In tests, the generator operated for forty hours running on nothing except tap water. The inventor, Dan Maarsman, believes his invention will allow automobiles to get about two hundred miles per tankfull -- of water! He says his kit 'can convert a lawnmower or an airplane' from gasoline to water power. The kit is expected to cost about $1500.00 and works by separating hydrogen from the oxygen in water. The kit may run into some snags from government regulators around the planet, however. They're still working on ways to tax water, but we can expect them to develop a system soon. If they can't come up with a workable plan, well, Maarston won't be the first inventor of alternative fuel sources who met with a nasty accident.