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The privately run Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Trilateral Commission (TC), through their memberships, have been able to wield extraordinary influence over U.S. government decision-making for decades. As this (incomplete) list shows, the Clinton Administration is no exception. If the CFR and TC memberships numbered in the millions, perhaps the dominance of these members would not be so notable. But the CFR's total membership is only about 3,000 and the TC list approximately 100 members from North America.

('*' = Nominations pending as of January 20, 1994)

White House Staff -----------------

William J. Clinton President of the United States CFR/TC George Stephanopoulos Senior Policy Advisor CFR David R. Gergen Assistant to the President CFR/TC for Communications W. Anthony Lake Assistant to the President CFR for National Security Affairs Samuel R. Berger Deputy Assistant to the President CFR for National Security Affairs W. Bowman Cutter Deputy Assistant to the President for Economic Policy CFR Adm. William Crowe Jr. Chairman, Foreign Intelligence CFR Advisory Board Laura D'Andrea Tyson Chairman, Council of Econ. Advisors CFR John H. Gibbons Director, Office of Science & Technology Policy CFR

Office of Management and Budget -------------------------------

Alice M. Rivlin Deputy Director CFR/TC Gordon M. Adams Associate Director for National Security & International Affairs CFR Nancy-Ann Min Associate Director for Health CFR Christopher Edley, Jr. Associate Director for Economics CFR and Government

Department of Commerce ----------------------

Ronald H. Brown Secretary of Commerce CFR Charles F. Meissner * Assistant Secretary for CFR International Economic Policy Jeffrey E. Garten Undersecretary of Commerce CFR for International Trade Barry E. Carter Deputy Undersecretary for CFR Export Administration

Department of Defense ---------------------

Les Aspin Secretary of Defense CFR [Aspin replaced by Willam Perry] Larry K. Smith Counselor to the Secretary & CFR Deputy Secretary of Defense John M. Deutch Undersecretary of Defense CFR/TC for Acquisition and Technology Frank G. Wisner II Undersecretary of Defense for CFR Policy Walter B. Slocombe Deputy Undersecretary of Defense CFR for Policy Graham T. Allison, Jr. Assistant Secretary of Defense CFR/TC for Plans and Policy Ashton B. Carter Assistant Secretary for Program CFR Analysis and Evaluation Edward L. Warner III Assistant Secretary for Production CFR and Logistics John B. Goodman Special Adviser for Defense CFR Conversion and Technology Mitchel B. Wallerstein Deputy Assistant Secretary for CFR Counter-proliferation Policy H. Allen Holmes Assistant Secretary for Special CFR Operations/Low Intensity Conflict Patricia L. Irvin Deputy Assistant Secretary for CFR Human Assistance & Refugee Affairs Edward L. Warner III Assistant Secretary of Defense CFR for Strategy and Resources Stanley Owen Roth Deputy Assistant Secretary for CFR East Asian & Pacific Affairs Gloria Charmian Duffy Deputy Assistant Secretary & CFR Secretary of Defense Special Coordinator for Threat Reduction Sarah Sewell Deputy Assistant for Peacekeeping/ CFR Peacemaking Policy

Joint Chiefs of Staff ---------------------

Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan Chief of Staff, Army CFR Gen. Merrill A. MacPeak Chief of Staff, Air Force CFR Gen. Carl E. Mundy, Jr. Commandant, Marine Corps CFR

Department of the Air Force ---------------------------

Edwin A. Deagle, Jr. * Undersecretary of the Air Force CFR

Department of the Navy ----------------------

Vice Adm. L.W. Smith, Jr. Deputy Chief, Plans, Policy & CFR Operations

Vice Adm. W.A. Owens Deputy Chief, Resources, Warfare CFR Requirements, and Assessments

Department of State -------------------

Warren M. Christopher Secretary of State CFR/TC Strobe Talbott Deputy Secretary of State CFR/TC Peter Tarnoff Undersecretary for Political CFR/TC Affairs Joan Edelman Spero Undersecretary for Economic & CFR/TC Agricultural Affairs Lynn E. Davis Undersecretary for International CFR/TC Security Affairs J. Brian Atwood Undersecretary for Management CFR Jessica Tuchman Matthews Deputy Undersecretary for Global CFR Affairs Princeton N. Lyman Director, Refugee Programs CFR Dennis B. Ross Director, Policy Planing Staff CFR Conrad K. Harper Legal Advisor CFR George E. Moose Assistant Secretary for African CFR Affairs Bennett Freeman Deputy Assistant Secretary for CFR Public Affairs Winston Lord Assistant Secretary for East CFR/TC Asian & Pacific Affairs Alexander F. Watson Assistant Secretary for Inter- CFR American Affairs John H. Kelly Assistant Secretary for Near CFR Eastern & Southern Asian Affairs Douglas J. Bennett, Jr. Assistant Secretary for CFR International Organization Affairs Robert L. Gallucci Assistant Secretary, Bureau of CFR Politico-Military Affairs Stephen A. Oxman Assistant Secretary of State for CFR European & Canadian Affairs

United States Mission to the United Nations -------------------------------------------

Madeleine Albright Ambassador to the United Nations CFR Irvin Hicks Deputy Ambassador to the United CFR Nations Geraldine A. Ferraro * United Nations Human Rights CFR Commission Karl F. Inderfurth Alternative Representative to CFR the United Nations

U.S. Ambassadors ----------------

David L. Aaron OECD Representative CFR Reginald Bartholomew Former Yugoslavia CFR Walter C. Carrington Nigeria CFR Thomas A. Dine * Assistant Administrator for CFR Europe & Newly Independent States Edward P. Djerejian Israel CFR Stuart E. Eizenstat European Community CFR Richard N. Gardner Spain CFR/TC Pamela C. Harriman France CFR Richard C. Holbrooke Germany CFR/TC James R. Jones Mexico CFR/TC James T. Laney Korea CFR William Green Miller Ukraine CFR Walter F. Mondale Japan CFR/TC John D. Negroponte Philippines CFR Edward J. Perkins Australia CFR Thomas R. Pickering Russia CFR Nicolas A. Rey Poland CFR Sandra L. Vogelgesang * Nepal CFR E. Allan Wendt Slovenia CFR

Department of the Treasury --------------------------

Lloyd Bentsen Secretary of the Treasury (former CFR) Roger C. Altman Deputy Secretary of the Treasury CFR Lawrence H. Summers Undersecretary for International CFR Affairs Susan B. Levine Deputy Assistant Secretary for CFR International Development & Debt Policy John R. Howard Director, Office of Personnel Policy CFR

Central Intelligence Agency ---------------------------

R. James Woosley Director of Central Intelligence CFR Adm. William O. Studeman Deputy Director of Central CFR Intelligence Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Chairman, Natioanal Intelligence CFR/TC Council

Other Cabinet-Level Appointments --------------------------------

Bruce Babbit Secretary of the Interior CFR/TC Henry G. Cicernos Secretary of Housing & Urban CFR/TC Development Donna E. Shalala Secretary of Health & Human Services CFR/TC

Other Clinton Administration Appointments -----------------------------------------

Carol Bellamy * Director, U.S. Peace Corps CFR Joseph D. Duffey Director, U.S. Information Agency CFR Ellen L. Frost Counselor to U.S. Trade CFR Representative Ruth Bader Ginsburg Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court CFR Carol J. Lancaster * Deputy Administrator, U.S. Agency CFR for International Development Karin M. Lissakers U.S. Executive Director, CFR International Monetary Fund Ricki Rhodarmer Tigert * Chair, Federal Deposit CFR Insurance Corporation Thomas S. Williamson, Jr. Solicitor of Labor CFR