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(This is a secret document being circulated among Top Government And UN people)

An Aggressive Program to Counter The Disrupters Movement

Recent efforts by The Disrupters Movement to gain political influence are beginning to seriously and adversely affect public perceptions and understanding of ongoing programs aimed at smoothing the transfer of sovereignty and power from national governments to super-national statist organizations unless such efforts are countered and discredited, the task of creating a unified global government under UN control will be far more difficult. The most dangerous element of The Disrupters Movement are those that are part of the Christian Fundamentalist majority. The following memorandum offers a set of policy prescriptions designed to counter-act their, efforts,


Although there has always been opposition from groups and individuals with a conservative, isolationist attitude, the recent growth of such opposition, and the ability and organizational success of these groups has raised serious concern in recent years. Unless steps are taken to meet the challenge posed by The Disrupters Movement, it is possible that these groups could make serious inroads into the public complacence which has been so carefully nurtured over the past fifty Years, The threat is two-fold. First, there is the traditional conservative political threat, one which can be traced back to pre-W.W.II isolationism and political conservatism. These groups are not of particular concern as their organizing ability and numbers do not suggest the capability for amassing significant political power. It is the second category, the "Christian Fundamentalists," that pose the greatest threat. These people are representative of a massive population of Americans and if allowed to propagandize and organize that base could present serious obstacles to further progress,

I. Overt Programs;

Overt programs to counter growing influence of Christian and other groups should take various forms:

A. An active effort aimed at promoting the benefits of global organizations and institutions. Media stories, books, conferences, and other means should be utilized to get the story out in appropriate fashion.


B. Appearances by political figures, well-known celebrities and other influential figures at events connected to international and super- national organizations and institutions. Of particular use are events which involve "feel-good" operations such as UNICEF, Feed the Children, Americare, etc.

C. Promotion of peaceful uses of atomic energy, disarmament as a necessary condition to peace and security, and tolerance and acceptance of non-Christian faiths should be promoted consistently but with enough subtlety so as not to turn off the targeted populations.

1. Under no circumstances, however. should such efforts be allowed to raise fears regarding those goals, nor should they provide substantive evidence of the true objectives of U.S.G. policy.

2. An important means of developing support for disarmament and the reliance on the United Nations to impose global order is through raising fears of nuclear weapons. By playing up the danger of nuclear war, It should be possible to generate considerable public support for further movement towards the disarmament of national states. This diverts attention from the real nature of disarmament effort by portraying it as necessary to world peace, rather than a step on the road to world government.

D. A massive attack on The Disrupters Movement, and especially Christian religion groups. This assault would challenge them as intolerant, hateful, exclusionist, and potentially dangerous. Such a program would include the following:

1. Efforts should be made to falsely portray their objectives as the creation of a religious theocracy and the imposition of strict religious interpretation of the Bible as the basis for political participation in "The New Christian America." This can best be accomplished by focusing on the most outrageous and extremist statements and members, while down playing the more moderate membership.

2. " Christian " groups should whenever possible be portrayed as fringe elements of the country's religious population, not especially numerous and certainly not representative of "most" Christians. 3. At every opportunity these "Christian" groups should be presented as vicious, intolerant, and especially as anti-Semitic. The selective use of quotes, and if necessary, the use of invented statements, can be most effective means of accomplishing this task.


4. Arrest either on criminal charges or on mental Inquest warrants certain members of The Disrupters Movement who by their fanatical religious life-styles and/or their EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS would be psychologically and physically prepared to survive outside of the government control.

5. Harassment on criminal charges or mental inquest warrants of those who listen to and/or sympathize with The Disrupters Movement.

II. Covert Programs: Covert programs may be equally as important, if not more so, to countering the increasing effectiveness of The Disrupters Movement.

A. Infiltration of The Disrupters Movement by sympathetic agents is an extremely useful tool in combating their efforts.

1. By carrying out extreme acts, and especially acts of violence, such individuals can bring discredit and public condemnation against The Disruption Movement.

2. By raising confusion , and care fully encouraging splits and controversy within The Disrupters Movement, such agents will be able to reduce the effectiveness and coherency of those groups.

B. Individuals who have been groomed to operate outside the usual channels of political activity should be activated and placed in positions in which they appear to be in opposition to USG policy.

1. These persons would speak out publicly in opposition to our policies, but would be in fact be sympathetic to our long term objectives. By carefully and selectively providing false or misleading information, and information of a seemingly scandalous or dramatic nature, they would seem to be supporting the agenda of The Disrupters Movement. But when the information the promulgated was shown to be patently false, It would further damage the credibility of the opposition.

2. The use of certain talk radio personalities along the lines suggested in paragraph 1 has already proven quite effective and further ventures along these lines could be beneficial.

3. In extreme situations, it may become useful or even necessary for these undercover assets to carry out certain operations against members of The Disrupters Movement who are interfering with CABLESPLICE. In some cases, termination's with extreme prejudice may be called for.


C. Subversion and Elimination of the Second Amendment

1. One of the most critical efforts must be the removal of firearms from individual control. The on-going long-term program to accomplish this is to bear efforts along current lines are advised.

a. The use of "agent provocateurs," individuals who are seemingly insane (but who are never taken alive) who create highly publicized mass killings with automatic weapons has been particularly useful in molding public opinion. Similarly, the regular use of random killings in large urban areas as a way of creating a climate of fear and violence has resulted in significant gains for the gun-control point of view. Such programs are extremely useful and should be continued and possibly expanded.

b. On-going efforts to gain small footholds in gun-control are worthwhile as they open the door to further controls later on. The importance of eliminating the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms cannot be stressed too much.


These programs should be designed to carefully seed the media with false and misleading information about long-term goals and plans, as well as forged and deceptive details about The Disrupters Movement.

A. Careful and selective placement of spurious and potentially damaging news stories in the popular media is an excellent means of raising doubts and fears of the population. Our opponents have made good use of this technique, we should do likewise.

B. One of the most effective disinformation programs has been the selected use of "expose" books and stories, all reputedly written by former government and super-government officials, but in fact developed within the NSA and CIA.

1. Connections to actual government operations, and the bona fides of such expose authors are deliberately vague in order to make tracing and verifying their stories difficult.

2. Although the books and information "exposed" would seemingly be extremely critical of our long-term programs and objectives, the contradictions contained within, the difficulty of verifying either authors or details, and the wild-eyed style verging on the Irrational would all work to discredit and raise doubts.

The presentation

3. The presentation of fringe and extremist religious doctrine and beliefs, or the presentation of Christian religious beliefs in particularly dogmatic and intolerant fashion, would help to turn popular opinion against The Disrupter Movement.

IV. Other Propaganda Efforts

A. Print Media/Publications

1. Appropriate use of popular media intended to discredit and attack opponents is a fundamental tool of countering The Disrupters Movement.

2. While control of the major media outlets is crucial to such efforts, it is through "fringe" media publications that the most damage can be done to The Disrupters Movement. Continued use of assets within the counter media can be beneficial.

B. Electronic/Computer Systems: Electronic computer systems, bulletin boards, and information superhighway in general is an area of considerable importance to efforts to combat the activities of The Disrupter Movement. The ability of opponents to utilize computer bulletin boards to pass information and educate people must be met with an active program of disinformation and attack.

1. One means of countering the effectiveness of such opposition efforts is the simple expedient of overloading their bulletin boards. A single operator with one computer can set a program in motion that will send out thousands of messages. The sheer volume of such messages is more then the content. Most people will give up rather then read through hundreds and thousands of messages.

2. A second means of countering the opposition's use of computer technology is through the careful placing of disinformation agents. Such agents can take two forms:

a. Agents may be placed who will simply argue against the opposition, using delaying and confusing tactics such as constantly demanding references and "proof" of allegations, referring to obscure and difficult to find documents as evidence that the opposition is wrong, and generally forcing the opposition to waste tremendous amounts of time simply defending itself from spurious and irrelevant attacks.


b. Other agents have been placed with a more subtle purpose mind. Such agents would take on the persons WA attitudes of members of The Disrupters Movement, but would present the opposition case in ways that will ultimately discredit them. The necessary effort to correct. the messages posted by these agents, and the resulting appearance of disarray within their camp should present considerable opportunities for further assaults on The Disrupters Movement.

3. In cases of computer networks where it is highly imperative that the efforts of The Disrupters be neutralized, coordinated assaults can be arranged using aliases and multiple membership ID's to present a wide array of negative and meddlesome messages.

C. Diversionary efforts

1. Bread and Circuses

a. Celebrities: The use of celebrities is a proven means of diverting attention from serious political Issues. Moreover, the use of selected celebrity figures as political spokesperson can be a very effective means of getting our message across.

b. Sports: Sports are useful as a means of diverting attention from serious political issues and dulling the minds of the populace. By focusing all their energies on sporting events, we can prevent people from undertaking the intense and serious study necessary to take effective political action.

c. Gambling: The provision of numerous outlets for public gambling serves multiple purposes; it serves to keep the popular attention engaged on sporting events, as well as what has become known as "lottery fever. " Perhaps more important, widespread gambling not only keeps the general public poor, it provides needed income for our own uses-- especially when allowed in the form of state lotteries which purport to provide money for education, senior citizens, or other popular purposes. In fact, through the careful use of accounting manipulation, much of the funds raised are being diverted to support many of the other programs and efforts described in this memo.

Supporting the validity of Cablesplice:

Outpost of Freedom
Gary Hunt
November 19, 1996

I have, recently, posted "Informants Amongst Us" and "C3CM" to demonstrate what means are used by government to create as much confusion, criticism and division in the Constitutionalist Community as possible. There are a few more pieces that I have become aware of in the past seven or eight years. Operation Cablesplice is one of those 'items' that, although subject to controversy, should be red for what is said, not, necessarily, for where it comes from. As you read the following 'document', consider that it may have been written by someone other than the government, perhaps as a detraction, perhaps as a spoof. In either event, the government surely has read the document, and if they have not adopted the policies presented therein, they are foolish enough to have relinquished power by now. I first received a copy of Cablesplice back in the earlier days of fax-networking. There were many (among them, myself) who felt that the concepts of Cablesplice were being applied even then. The Internet, however, has opened a whole new forum for the propagation of the time of methods outlined in Cablesplice.

As most are aware, now, Marshall Richards, of the West Virginia militia, was an informant. The means by which the government achieved 'control' over Richards may be as outlines in "Informants Amongst Us", and is definitely consistent with Cablesplice.

Nearly every recent 'bust' of patriots was achieved by an informant and an active agent, working together. We can usually see these situations, after the fact, but we know that they are there. Let's look a little further. Look at the proliferation of information/disinformation circulating, daily, on the Internet. Take, for example, a recent claim that last Friday's (November 22) 20/20 program was going to air some revealing interviews, with government agents, that would blow the cover off of the government's involvement in the OKC Bombing. After the program didn't air, excuses were made, and blames laid. The bottom line, however, is that this is exactly what saps the energy from the movement. Whether the issue be flying saucers, comets striking earth, indictments (how many, how many times now?) against Billary, or any other issue that is not directly relevant to the cause, it is a drain.

Had Mike Kemp or the Georgia Militia, and soon the Viper militia, the energy expended on them that is wasted on this irrelevant crud, perhaps we would begin seeing change.

Start wondering what the Founders did before the events of April 19, 1775, hurled them into war. Were they as ill prepared as we are today? The answer, quite frankly, is NO! They were prepared, and that preparation did not come from bantering about, acting as if the knowledge of all events was evil, and that each was an expert. They organized themselves into Committees of Protection, Correspondence and Safety, and they prepared themselves, mentally and physically, for what they perceived to lie in their future. It is no surprise, when the true history is read, that they were able to achieve what they did. And, more, surprisingly, the odds against them were far worse than they are against us, today.

Now, read "CODEWORD -- OPERATION CABLESPLICE, and begin to understand that the enemy uses his head. It is time that we start doing the same!

Gary Hunt

Contrary view:

Gary Hunt, government agent provocateur, is at it again. He was in Waco trying to sabotage efforts to save the Branch Davidians... he then went to Connecticut and called for Militias to march to combat the State when the State tried to collect cigarette tax from some people on private land they claimed was an Indian Reservation who claimed to be Native Americans. The land was NOT a reservation and the people were not Native Americans... one was Black and the other was White. When the scam was exposed Hunt moved on to more scams each attempting to get Militia members or Patriots involved in activities sure to get them discredited or arrested.

Hunt claims to be a penniless Florida surveyor who runs something called "The Outpost of Freedom", a do-nothing, fund less, front for his activities. Despite being broke Hunt travels all over the nation all the time turning up at every supposed crises and drumming up the Militia to march out and meet the enemy at every moment. Hunt has no visible means of support and has admitted being "broke", yet always has money and travel funds.

We are in possession of a video tape which shows Gary Hunt as a pall bearer at the funeral of an ATF agent some years ago... we are in the possession of a photograph which shows three ATF agents standing together... all wearing ATF "T" shirts... one of the three is Gary Hunt. We are also in possession of many witness affidavits that confirm by positive identification that Gary Hunt was a guest at the Grand Continental Hotel in Oklahoma City a full week before the bombing. We also have a video tape taken by a local TV station that clearly shows Gary Hunt and a companion, each carrying transmitters, walking swiftly away from the just bombed building... Whoooooopssssss! They are clearly surprised and upset that they are being filmed and show no surprise or concern for the dead and wounded behind them.

The so-called "Operation Cable Splice" document that Hunt has put out is an obvious FAKE... FRAUD... PHONY... etc. Operation Cable Splice was a CALIFORNIA NATIONAL GUARD exercise that took place over two decades ago. It was not then and is not now a national or federal operation. You can read about it in my book "Behold A Pale Horse".... as I am the one that exposed the REAL "Cable Splice". It is so easy to prove a fake that I am amazed at Hunt's sheer stupidity.

Gary Hunt is again doing what the government pays him to do... and once again the sheople are falling for it... hook, line, and sinker. Notice the obvious target of this fake document... just like the last fake document that Hunt put out the target appears to be me... and other effective radio talk hosts. But like all of Hunt's bullshit... and totally unlike Gary Hunt... it won't wash on me... I document and source everything on my broadcasts.

Don't get me wrong... there is some obvious honey in the fake document... but I exposed that honey many years ago... Hegel would love Gary Hunt.

Wake Up ! Hunt is ENEMY all the way.

William Cooper
Director, Intelligence Service
Second Continental Army of the Republic


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