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Before the United States can be fully merged into the New World Order by
our target date of the Year 2000, its citizens must be completely disarmed of
all its private weapons.
The American economy is on the verge of total collapse and absolute
bankruptcy, even though her citizens continue to foolishly "hope for the best,"
not suspecting for a moment the desolate economic realities we are planning to
shortly unleash; her once great industries have been gutted and/or moved
overseas; her educational systems have been thoroughly contaminated with false
doctrines and bankrupt theories of our own design and its youth has been
thoroughly corrupted; our program of engineered national divisiveness,
distraction and racial disharmony has been quite effective; her former moral and
legal foundations have been severely comprised and degraded; her media is
totally controlled and in our hands; her once great political, educational and
legal institutions have been substantially corrupted and undermined; and her
cultural, political and national identity is being swept away and deeply diluted
in a massive and relentless tidal wave of foreign nationals crossing her
On every level we are winning exceedingly in our objective to bring the
United States to an irreversible point of total chaos, confusion, destruction
and moral decimation. But there is one last obstacle to fully eliminate before
we can openly assume the power we have long held in secret and immune from
public scrutiny. Even though we can justifiably revel in the accomplished and
magnificent successes regarding our long sought-after objective of the New World
Order, there is one last objective that has yet to be achieved, and that is the
total disarming of all American citizens. It is not enough to simply disarm
those Americans we have already identified and targeted for special treatment,
even though their elimination as a threat to our plans would be achievable on a
tactically precise level of execution. No, we cannot leave any American armed
as even our best plans and projections are subject to reversal.
Amongst all the nations of the Earth, it is only the citizens of the
United States who have truly and fully tasted the sweet nectar of personal
freedom guaranteed under law, under their "Constitution." In fact, in all of
human history, there has been no nation or system of government like that which
the United States was founded upon and upon which its citizens have come to
enjoy and to expect as their birthright.
As such, it is well understood that the American populace will not freely
relinquish its personal weapons of self-defense. Thus, we have been employing
the principles established by Hegel towards this objective, which have been so
successful in our previous operations of national and international change.
To recap, the Hegelian Principle of Change is a three-step process:
Thesis/Anti-Thesis/Synthesis. The first step is to create a problem (thesis).
The second step (anti-thesis) is to generate opposition to the problem (fear,
panic, hysteria). The third step is to offer the solution to the problem
created in step one -- change which would have been impossible to impose on the
populace without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in steps one and
two. And it is worth noting how readily susceptible Americans are to such
subversive psychological conditioning and deception. For the most part, the
majority of Americans have long ago lost the ability to think and analyze, and
have thus been reduced to a level of merely reacting to external events
engineered by our change agents.
With respect to national disarmament, our agents have done quite well.
Their PDH operatives have received national attention in recent weeks in our
media. The American populace is thus being psychologically conditioned to
eventually demand universal disarmament. In fact, they will soon demand it as
the (synthesis) solution to Steps One and Two of this objective. Our agents
have located and targeted, through carefully compiled Psychological Profiles,
ideal candidates for the PDH treatment.
As you well know, PDH stands for the "Pain-Drug-Hypnosis" standard
discovered in the late 1950's. Simple hypnosis had long been proven ineffective
with respect to compelling acts from individuals that are in fundamental
opposition to their beliefs and morals. However, with the discovery of PDH, the
utilization of very powerful psychotropic drugs, combined with the infliction of
physical pain and hypnosis, results in easily controllable individuals, quite
effectively conditioned (on the subconscious level) to commit any conceivable
act of violence imaginable upon receipt of the proper auditory command trigger.
Along these lines, you have no doubt noted the numerous PDH candidates
recently surfacing in the national press media who have embarked on a killing
rampage, usually directed towards their former co-workers and supervisors, and
in each case, these individuals conveniently commit suicide as their final act
of violence. It should be noted, to our credit, that once the PDH candidate has
carried out his act and committed suicide at its conclusion, the necessity of a
trial, and the inevitable investigation and public scrutiny and inquiry that
would result, is entirely eliminated as a contingency, and all the public is left
with is yet "another example" of the "need for greater gun control." Thus,
these particular acts of violence serve our purpose to elevate public opposition
to guns and thus contribute to an increasing ground swell of public support for
further and increasingly more restrictive laws against private gun ownership,
until one day Americans will willingly and freely demand, in large enough
numbers, the total disarming of American citizens.