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Cyclops Skulls Found In Filipino Caves
 Linked To Giants Legend

[Original headline: ‘Cyclops skulls’ baffle tribal folk ]


Ancient skulls bearing a single eyeball socket found in limestone caves have baffled tribal folk in the hinterlands of Bohol, Bukidnon and Agusan, reports said.

The existence of the skulls, which resemble those of the cyclops, a race of giants in Greek mythology with a single eye in the middle of the forehead, has triggered speculations that one-eyed ancient settlers once roamed the country’s southern islands.

The strange skulls were reportedly found in limestone caves in the hinterlands of Bohol, at Mt. Palaupau in Sumilao, Bukidnon, and in some parts of Agusan.

Tribal folklore has it that giants once roamed the plains of Central and Northern Mindanao, the most popular of whom, according to Bukidnon legend, was "Agyo" who fought against the first Spanish conquistadores.

Bukidnon’s tribal folk are reportedly keeping skeletal remains which they believe to be Agyo’s as an object of worship in a sacred cave.

Reports about the strange skulls had prompted archeologists of the National Museum to launch an excavation in Bohol and they, indeed, found one such skull.

Archeologist Rey Santiago said intensive study on the skull showed it belonged to an ancient settler.

He, however, theorized that limestone in caves where the "cyclops skulls" were discovered could have triggered a chemical reaction in the skeletal part, creating a new eyeball socket.

"Human bones and limestone have similar (composition)," he said.

Despite Santiago’s explanation though, tribal folklore maintain there were two races of giants in ancient times — the kapre who were associated with evil, and the one-eyed giants whom early settlers regarded as their heroes.

• Story originally published by:
The Philippine Star / Manila | Perseus Echeminada - Feb 24.02

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