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  Due to a recent FBI report entitled "Project Megiddo" We would like to start off by stating that Wake Up America/Hard Truth in no way belongs to any end time, or hate groups, nor are we planning any acts of violence. We are not Racist. The purpose of this web site is to offer you a chance to view the same information that I have so you can come to your own conclusion as what is really going on in our world.

  Wake Up America/Hard Truth is not responsible for any information found within the web sites to which we link. W.U.A. is not responsible for the accuracy of any articles found within its site not written by this Author. All information provided within W.U.A. is for your convenience and to aid in your research. 

  The intentions of W.U.A. is to provide you with an extensive view of these topics. It is for you alone to decide whether the information found within is factual or fictional.

  These articles have been acquired through various mailing lists, newsgroups, search engines, and other on-line resources.

  NOTE: TO ALL AUTHORS, PUBLISHERS AND RESOURCES: I have collected many of these articles over the years before I had any inclination of developing a web site. Since they were initially intended for my own viewing pleasure, I did not always keep their headers or links intact.

  If you see an article of yours or your colleagues, and your name(s) does not appear as the credited author(s) or source(s), please email me ASAP. If you wish to have that article(s) removed, it will be deleted within 24 hours of notification and an email sent to you acknowledging this action. If you will kindly allow your article to remain on this site, proper credit will be given to you as the author and/or source within 24 hours of notification and an email will be sent to you acknowledging this action.


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