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Freemasonry Watch Attacked by the Masons

The URL for Freemasonry Watch which you have a link for on your website is now:

The old URL is now dead as of this afternoon after a coordinated false complaint campaign alleging "harassment" and "hate" against Freemasonry by a group of em@sons who inhabit/infest the usenet group alt.freemasonry. 

We understand there are a number of sites which Masonry is trying to get shut down using similar tactics. We would like to thank you new web hosting service FreeStates which has assisted us above and beyond the call of duty to get our site back up and has clearly proven to us that they will support those of us who have decided to get up off the couch and go after this evil cult. 

We would urge any users of "Free" Web Hosting services with "Corporate" ownership that criticizes Freemasonry in even the slightest fashion to immediately make alternative arrangements, because the Brethren of the Rosie Cross are on the Warpath. 

Thank-you for your time. Regards, Webmaster Freemasonry Watch