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Everyone should KNOW about this resource! Many web sites that SOMEONE considers 'controversial' are being taken off the internet. Make sure to bookmark this one!

Getting Around www Censorship!

Censorship has been dealt a huge blow. has been backing up the entire Internet month by month since 1996; and it is all available by just typing in the URL of the given web page. They have 100+ terabytes of information, from 10 billion web pages. That's five times as much as the Library of Congress' 20 million books minus the

In this age of censorship and websites disappearing, this service moves beyond just being an amazing luxury; it becomes an indispensable tool for finding back-ups for valuable information.

Try it out.  Type in the URL of your favorite website, and view some of the archive copies on file there.

Here's a website that for one reason or other has been taken down (I found it through a search at  (National Militia Index)

If you try that address in your browser, nothing comes up. But now go to and enter in the box, and the following page comes up

And then there is that website in Florida that was exposing corruption in the judicial system, which a judge ordered shut down.  See story at:

Their website was Type that into your browser, and nothing comes up, because the court ruled it be taken down.

Now go to
and type in the above URL, and viola, 25 different copies backed up since 1998, the most recent being May 17:

There it is.  "The Committee to Expose Dishonest and Incompetent Attorneys and Judges."

There you will find a list of the top ten dishonest and incompetent lawyers:

Free legal advice

Visiting Judges Filing Fraudulent Expense Claims

No wonder they shut it down. Just too darn bright.

Go have some fun.

Sincerely, Sterling D. Allan