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Government urged to investigate
 Freemasons and devil worship

Africa News

August 5, 1999 The Nation


Kenya, Nairobi - The activities of the Freemasons should be investigated, a presidential commission on the cult of devil worship has recommended. The Freemasons have their temples (lodges) in Nairobi along Nyerere road, in Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Kitale, Nyeri and in Mombasa. "Many members of the Freemasons society are rich, successful businessman and top leaders including members from all religions. They go to the temples to seek powers from their master - Satan - for the protection of their positions an ill- gotten wealth," the commissioners were told.

The report, which came to the public domain on Tuesday, said that in every country, members of the Freemasons were people who wielded great influence in society and governments and also hold responsible positions in international organisations.

The commissioners said they were unable to conclusively confirm that Freemasonry was a cult of devil worshippers due to the fact that the impenetrable society's activities were shrouded in deep mystery.

But the report said some of the symbols and items the commissioners saw at the Freemasons lodge on Nyerere Road were similar to those associated with devil worship.

The report noted that after taking the commission on a tour of the lodge, Freemason members denied that they were devil worshippers. But the commissioners state that some of the literature they examined confirmed allegations that Freemasons were devil worshippers.

"In view of the conflicting information regarding the activities of Freemasonry, and given the secrecy of the society both to its members and the general public, the commission strongly recommends that the government institutes further investigations on its activities," the report said.

The report further recommended that Freemasons come out openly and explain their activities.

Allegations against Freemasons included claims that they conduct their prayers at night in the dark while nude; drinking human blood; eating human flesh; stripping naked during rituals; walking backwards when entering the temple; and scouting for members through rigorous screening to avoid potential defaulters.

The commission summoned top leaders of the Freemasons society who vehemently denied accusations that they were devil worshippers.

The Freemason leaders said their organisation was not a religion but had a religious basis in that they believed in a Supreme Being. Freemasons are involved in many charitable activities.

During the tour of the Freemasons lodge on Nyerere Road, the commissioners noted symbols and signs such as working tools of a mason; a compass; pantagram; star of David; an underground room with 12 pillers representing the 12 tribes of Israel and certain holy books like the Bible the Koran and the Gita.

Among arguments the report adduces to associate Freemasonry with devil-worship were writings of one Albert Pike, the sovereign pontiff of universal Freemasonry who purportedly claimed that Lucifer (Satan) is God.