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The Great White Brotherhood

(Illuminati Front Group) (aka Initiates of the Flame, The Purified Ones)

Few realize that, even at the present stage of civilization in this world, there are souls who, like the priests of the ancient temples, walk the earth and watch and guard the sacred fires that burn upon the altar of humanity. They call themselves "purified ones". They are who have renounced the life of this sphere in order to guard and protect the flame, that spiritual principle in man now hidden beneath the ruins of his fallen temple. And all this symbolic mumbo-jumbo means is secular humanism: the concept that man, himself, is God.

You see, they not only lie to you; they not only deceive you; they not only manipulate you; but they lie to themselves; they deceive themselves; and they manipulate those below them. And as we think of the nations that are past, of Greece, and Rome, and the grandeur that was surely Egypt's, we sigh as we recall the story of their fall.  And we watch the nations of today, not knowing which will be the next to draw its shroud around itself and join that great ghostly file of peoples that are dead. But everywhere, even in the rise and fall of nations, we see through the haze of materiality, justice.  Everywhere we see reward, not of man but of the invincible one, the eternal flame.

The eternal flame that burns in mockery upon the grave of our fallen President, John F. Kennedy. The eternal flame that stands atop the obelisk in Dealey Plaza. The fire that burns on the sacred altar of Cosmos, that great fire which is called "the never-dying spirit of god, the Sun". Spelled S-U-N --lest there be any fools listening.