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Halloween Deaths: Satanic Ritual Murders
or Natural Causes?

By Robert Howard

This is one of the most important dates on the Satanic calendar.

According to the Satanic Calendar Halloween, October 31st is a night for Human sacrifice. (31  All hallow's Eve (Halloween):  One of the two most important nights of the year.  Attempts are made to break the bond which is keeping the doors to the underworld closed.  Blood and sexual rituals.  Sexual association with demons. Animal and human sacrifice -  male or female.)

 More about Halloween. 
Jack-O-Lantern has its origins with pagan practices. The candle lit pumpkin or skull served as a sign to mark homes sympathetic to the Satanists/Setanists and thus deserving of mercy. The older edition of World Book Encyclopedia defines Jack-O-Lantern as an ancient symbol of a damned soul.
Costumes also originated with these Druid death rites. As people and animals were screeching in agony while being burned to death, the observers would dress in costumes made of animal skins and heads. There is no question that, in the words of anthropologist Sir James Frazer, Halloween has a "purely pagan origin." He notes that under "a thin Christian cloak," the Feast of All Souls "conceals an ancient pagan festival of the dead." This festival can be traced through thousands of years and be seen in nearly every culture since Babel.

The origin of Halloween is the Celtic festival (Fountainheads of wicca) of Samhain, (Halloween) lord of death and evil spirits. The druids worshipped nature and celebrated the new year on October 31st. Druid priests led the people in diabolical worship ceremonies in which horses, cats, black sheep, oxen, human beings and other offerings were rounded up, stuffed into wicker cages and burned to death. ( Janet & Stewart Farrar, Eight Sabbats For Witches, 1981, p. 122) ( Lewis Spence , The History and origins of Druidism, 1976 p. 104)

Halloween Deaths

Harry Potter Character

Nearly Headless Nick (Sir Nicholas De Mimsy-Porpington) is the ghost of the Gryffindor Tower and appears in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. The nickname Nearly Headless Nick came about when someone tried to behead him, by hitting him 45 times in the neck, but didn't quite get it right. When he died he still had a half-inch of skin and sinew attaching his head to his body, which disqualified him from joining the Headless Hunt. Nick died on Halloween, October 31, 1492.

Anton LaVey, who founded the Church of Satan in 1966 and played the devil in the movie Rosemary's Baby,'' has died at the age 67. Relatives said LaVey died of pulmonary edema on Oct. 29 at St. Mary's Hospital. Mysteriously, the death certificate states that LaVey died on Halloween morning October 31,'' said family spokesman Lee Housekeeper.


Bob Atcher: 1993 (was 79)/b. May 11, 1914 (911) Country Singer

Bob was a country western entertainer, and one of the stars of the WGN Barn Dance program. Bob entertained us with his music, but he also related the no-nonsense approach that Schaumburg had taken with developers and builders in this rapidly growing community. "Mayor Atcher" of Schaumburg, IL. In 1939, Atcher got his first big break and when he got a regular spot on WGBM in Chicago, a daily program that was picked up nationally by the CBS radio network. He quickly built a major national following with his mix of country and novelty songs. He joined the American Record Company that same year, just in time for the label to be purchased by CBS (which re-christened it Columbia Records), and passed through the label's OKeh imprint before going onto Columbia.

Died Halloween 10/31/1993  / Bob Atcher / Bob Atcher as Mayor


Carl Robert Belew: b. 21 April 1931, Salina, Oklahoma, USA, d. November 1990. Belew left school at 15 and became a plumber, but he was set on being a musician. Marvin Rainwater arranged a recording session for Four Star Records in 1955 and then, in 1958, he wrote Johnnie And Jack's hit single, Stop The World (And Let Me Off). He also recorded rockabilly (Cool Gator Shoes and Folding Money) He died from cancer on Halloween 10/31/1990. (911) Inducted to the Hall of fame. Carl Belew

"Chu" Berry: (Leon Brown Berry) "Chu" Berry was born in Wheeling on Sept. 13, 1908, the son of Brown Berry and Maggie Glasgow Berry.  He was 33 at the time of his death. He died on Halloween 10/ 31/1941, near Conneaut Lake, Ohio, as the result of injuries he received in an accident three days earlier while a passenger in an auto taking members of the Cab Calloway Band to Canada for a job. He was prominently featured in Spike Hughes 1933 recording sessions, was a star with the bands of Teddy Hill (1933-35) and Fletcher Henderson (1936) (to whom he contributed his song "Christopher Columbus") and then found a permanent home with Cab Calloway in 1937. Inducted to the Hall of fame.

Joseph Spurin Calleia: (was 78)/b. Aug 14, 1897 (Actor, Jungle Book, Gilda, Touch Of Evil) Died October 31, 1975

Joseph Spurin Calleia / Nestle Stars of the Silver Screen


Joseph John Campbell: (was 83)/b. Mar 26, 1904 (Author, Scholar, Mythologist) Joseph Campbell died October 31, 1987 And Actor. 

Joseph Campbell | Joseph Campbell lll

Marcel Albert Carne: (was 87)/b. Aug 18, 1909 (Movie Director, French) Died October 31, 1996

Marcel Carne Home Page

Click on picture for larger view Rosalind Cash: b. Dec 31, 1938 (TV/Movie/Stage/Soap Actress, General Hospital's Mary Mae Ward) Died October 31, 1995. Cancer

< Rosalind Cash with Charlton Heston in the Movie Omega Man.

Inducted into the Black Filmmaker Hall Of Fame in 1993.

Henry Daniell: (was 69)/b. Mar 5, 1894 (Movie Actor, English, Sherlock Holmes' Professor Moriarity) Died October 31, 1963. Heart attack

Federico Fellini: 1993 (was 73)/b. Jan 20, 1920 (Movie Producer/Director, Screen/Scriptwriter, Cartoon Director, Italian, b. in Rimini; NN:Il maestro and Il mago (the master and magician); La Strada, Le Notti di Cabiria, La Dolce Vita, 8 1/2, Fellini Satyricon, I Clown, Roma, Amarcord, Casanova, La Citta delle Donne, Ginger e Fred, L'Intervista, La Voce della Luna, Giulietta Masina's hubby. Died October 31, 1993

Federico Fellini

Indira Gandhi: (was 66)/b. Nov 19, 1917 (Prime Minister, b. in Allahabad; RLN:Nehru; Indian Prime Minister (1966-77, 80-84) Died October 31, 1984

Assassinated by 2 of her Sikh bodyguards

Indira Gandhi

Harry Houdini: 1926 (was 52)/b.Mar 24, 1874? (Magician/Illusionist, Author, Hungarian, b. in Budepest; Escape Artist; RN:Ehrich Weiss; some say b. 1875; d. in Detroit of gangrene and peritonitis resulting from a ruptured appendix; some say b. Apr 6, 1874) Died October 31, 1926

Harry Houdini

John Houseman: (was 86)/b.Sep 22, 1902 (TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Producer, Director, Writer, Romanian; RN:Jacques Haussmann; Aspen, The Paper Chase's Prof. Charles W. Kingsfield Jr., Houseman was a producer of unit 891, the government theatre project funded by the WPA. He was producer of the legendary "Cradle Will Rock" which sent shock waves of paranoia from New York to Washington D.C. Houseman and Orson Welles were the founders of the Famous Mercury Theatre. Taught acting at Julliard School of Fine Arts for awhile. Died October 31, 1988

John Houseman

River Phoenix: 1993 (was 23)/b. Aug 23, 1970 (TV/Movie Actor, Singer, Vegetarian, b. in Madras, OR; MN:Jude; Leaf's brother, has sisters Rainbow, Liberty, & Summer; Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' Guthrie; some say Aug 24 or 1971) Died October 31, 1993  "Who Killed River Phoenix?"

River Phoenix

Charles Taze Russell: (founder of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society) Died October 31, 1916 Halloween Night.  Watchtower Secrets

And the list goes on:

Stephen Kearny: 1848 (was 54)/b. Aug 30, 1794 (General, U.S. Army officer who conquered New Mexico and helped win California during the Mexican War (1846-48).

James Logan: 1751 (was 77)/b. Oct 20, 1674 (Author, Statesman, Irish)

Ramon Novarro: 1968 (was 69)/b. Feb 6, 1899 (Movie Actor, Gay, Mexican, b. in Durango; RLN:Samaniegoes; some say b. Feb 5; Ben Hur, Mata Hari)

Joseph Papp: 1991 (was 70)/b. Jun 22, 1921 (Stage Producer/Director, founder of N.Y. Shakespeare Festival, A Chorus Line, Hair, Pirates of Penzance; RLN:Papirofsky

Max Reinhardt: 1943 (was 70)/b.Sep 9, 1873 (Stage Producer/Director, Austrian, RN:Maximilian Goldmann)

Edward Frederick Sorin: 1893 (was 79)/b.Feb 6, 1814 (Educator, Roman Catholic priest and educator, founder and first president of the University of Notre Dame.)


And on:

The Above one eyed gif came from the same site as the below names with links.
 Bragging rites by the Illuminati?

1448 Johannes VIII Palaeologus, Emperor of Byzantine, dies
1556 John Sleidanus, German humanist/historian (Commentary), dies at 50
1661 Mehmed K”prl, Albanian great vizier of Turkey, dies
1793 Pierre V Vergniaud, French politician/police leader, guillotined at 40
1851 Peter II Petrovic Njegos, bishop of Montenegro (1830-51), dies at 37
1865 William Parson, 3rd Earl of Rosse & maker of large telescopes, dies
1879 Big Snake, brother of Ponca chief Standing Bear, dies
1902 Corn‚lie Huygens, feminist, dies
1904 Dan Leno
(George Galvin) Actor
1913 Charles Colby Actor
1918 Egon Schiele, Austria painter/graphic artist, dies at 28
1918 Stephen Tisza, Hungarian PM assassinated by soldiers
1925 Max Linder (I) (Gabriel-Maximilien Leuvielle) Actor
1925 J.L. Frothingham
San Diego, California, USA. Film Producer
1925 Mikhail Frunze  (Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze) Actor
1929 Norman Trevor  Norwalk, California, USA. (brain malady) Actor
1932 Edgar Murray Jr. Hollywood, California, USA. Actor
1935 Gordon Westcott (Myrthus Hickman) Hollywood, California, USA. (horse polo accident). Actor
1937 Ralph Connor (Charles William Gordon) b. September 13,1860 Writer for films.
1938 Robert Woolsey Malibu, California, USA. (kidney failure). Actor
1939 Otto Rank, [Rosenfeld], Austria psychoanalyst (Trauma of Geburt), dies
1940 Margaret Watson Actress
1942 J.S. Stembridge Los Angeles, California, USA. Actor
1943 Constant Franke Los Angeles, California, USA. Actor
1944 Henrietta Crosman Pelham Manor, New York, USA. Actress
1945 Oreste Bilancia Rome, Italy. Actor
1945 Henry Ainley London, England, UK. Actor
1945 Sam Goldenberg Brooklyn, New York, USA. (heart attack). Actor
1948 Cissy van Marxfield, [Setske Beek-de Han], writer, dies
1948 Mary Nolan Hollywood, California, USA. Actress
1949 Edward R. Stettinius Jr. Greenwhich, Connecticut, USA. U.S. secretary of state (1944-45). & Actor
1950 Jozef C Bittremieux, Flemish theology, dies at 72
1952 Frank Heath (Frank Southwell Heath) Los Angeles, California, USA. Second Unit Director or Assistant Director of various films.
1952 Guy Beach Los Angeles County, California, USA. Actor
1955 Julia Hoyt (I) New York, New York, USA. Actress
1957 Lea Conti Buenos Aires, Argentina. Actress
1958 Tom Pittman (I) Benedict Canyon, California, USA. (road accident) Actor
1958 Polly Emery London, England, UK. Actress
1960 H L Davis, US writer (Honey in the Horn, Pulitzer prize), dies at 64
1961 Marcel Vertčs Costume designer for films.
1964 Theodore C Freeman, astronaut, dies at 34 in a T-38 jet air crash
1965 Rita Johnson Hollywood, California, USA. b. 13 August 1913, (brain hemorrhage) Actress
1967 Jan Mens, writer (God alone d'eere), dies
1968 Giulio Del Torre Torre del Lago Puccini, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. Actor
1968 Grant Woods Actor
1969 David Aylott (I) London, England, UK. Film Director 
1969 David Aylott (II) England, UK. b. 1885. Film Make-up
1969 Tony Pastor (I) Old Lyme, Connecticut, USA. Actor, Singer and Saxophonist. Father of Tony Pastor Jr. also an actor.
1969 Lola Membrives Buenos Aires, Argentina. Actress
1969 Hal Scott (II) Actor
1970 P l Szabo, Hungarians farmer/writer (Isten Malmai), dies
1970 Ann Lancaster London, England, UK. Actress
1971 Olga Preobrazhenskaya Film Director
1972 Johnny Long Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA. Bandleader and Actor
1972 Marcia Healy ( Marcia Elizabeth Nash) Marcia Healy was the sister of comic actor Ted Healy. Actress.
1974 Mikheil Chiaureli (I) (Mikhail Edisherovich Chiaureli) Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR. Actor and film director.
1974 Maxwell Reed England, UK. Actor
1974 Chubby Johnson (Charles Randolph Johnson) b. 13 August 1903. 1+9+03=13. Actor.
1975 Helen Howard (II) (Helen Schonberger) West Los Angeles, California, USA. (cancer) Actress
1976 Linda Watkins Los Angeles, California, USA. Actress.
1976 Ramón Armengod Chilpancingo, Mexico. Actor
1977 Joan Tetzel (Joan Margaret Tetzel) Sussex, England, UK. (cancer) Actress
1978 Durward Graybill Los Angeles, California, USA. Film photographer.
1979 Edvin Adolphson Swedish Actor
1980 Jan Werich Prague, Czechoslovakia. [now Czech Republic] Actor
1982 Dick Merrill (Henry Tindall Merrill) Actor
1983 George Halas Chicago, Illinois, USA. NFL coach (Chicago Bears) Actor Pro Football (1934) (uncredited) .... Himself
1984 Eduardo De Filippo Rome, Italy. Actor
1984 Leonardo Cortese Rome, Italy. Writer, Director and Actor
1984 Denise Vernac Paris, France. Actress
1985 Poul Reichhardt (Poul David Reichhardt) Denmark. Father to Danish actors Reichardt, Peter, Caroline Reichhardt and Frederikke Reichhardt. Director and Actor.
1986 Marcella Martin Actress
1986 Robert S Mulliken, US physicist (Nobel 1966), dies at 90
1988 Naaman Brown Los Angeles County, California, USA. Actor
1988 Marc Cramer (I) Los Angeles, California, USA. Actor
1988 Don Plumley b. 2/11/1934. 2+11=13. Actor.
1988 Ken Niles Actor
1989 Liam Redmond Dublin, Ireland. Writer and Actor
1989 Georgi Partsalev Sofia, Bulgaria. One of his films. 13ta godenitsa na printsa (1986) .... Tzar of Kalenbi. Actor
1989 Brendan Smith (II) Dublin, Ireland. Film Producer.
1989 Jean Miller (I) Trenton, Michigan, USA. (homicide). Actress
1990 Roger Price (III) Actor
1990 Hugh McPhillips (I) (injuries suffered in an automobile accident) Actor
1990 Roger Price (I) Los Angeles, California, USA. Actor
1990 Graig Russel, Canadian travel expert/transvestite.
1991 Bert Bertram (Arthur Bertram) Hampton Bays, New York, USA. (cancer) Actor
1991 Joseph Papp (Joseph Papirofsky) New York, New York, USA. Film Producer
1991 Johan Schmitz, actor (Gysbregt van Aemstel/Soldat van Orange, dies
1992 Ramchandra Thakur Bombay, Maharashtra, India. Director
1993 Alvin Hammer New York, New York, USA. Actor
1993 Ken Letner Actor
1993 Gilman Rankin Orange County, California, USA. Actor
1994 Ron Walters (I) Hollywood, California, USA. (AIDS) Makeup Artist
1994 Jole Silvani (Niobe Quaiatti) Actress
1995 Leo J. McMahon b. 11/11/1913. North Hollywood, California, USA. Actor
1996 Arthur Peterson Pasadena, California, USA. (Alzheimer's Disease) Actor
1996 Marcel Carné Clamart, France. Director
1997 Tadeusz Janczar (Tadeusz Musial) Actor
1997 Zorz Skrigin (Georgije Skrigin) Director
1997 Don Messick, voice of Cartoon Scooby Doo.
1998 Topi Reinikka Actor
1999 Bob McCarthy b. 1933. New York, New York. D. Northridge, California, USA. (respiratory failure) Film special effects. 
1999 Charles Dant Hawaii, USA. Film misc. crew, and composer
1999 Martin Hellberg (Martin Heinrich) Film Director
1999 David Schickele (II) San Francisco, California, USA. (cancer) Film writer, directorand editor.
2000 Ring Lardner Jr. (Ringgold Wilmer Lardner Jr.) Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. (cancer) Writer and Actor. 

I'm sure you can see that most if not all of these names listed had something to do with Hollywood.

I realize that the famous or semi-famous would be newspaper worthy to mention. I also realize that some of these names mention deaths to be related to aids, cancer, automobile accidents, etc. However being on your death-bed puts you in the hospital or under someone else's care for a short while. Easy enough for someone to replace needed medicine with something deadly.

Most of these names died in Los Angeles county California. One or two every year on Halloween. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that something sinister is happening in Hollywood. Fame and fortune really does have its price. 

Who will be the next candidates for this year?

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