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Hegelian Principle
(or the path to dialectical materialism)







Planned Change

Create conflict

Create opposition to conflict; eg, fear, panic, hysteria.

Offer the solution to the problem created by step one.  Change, which would have been impossible without the proper conditioning (steps one and two), is achieved.

Consensus, Conflict Resolution, Higher Order Thinking Skills, Delphi Technique

Enumerate the topic, issue, problem within established guidelines.  (frame the debate)

Dialogue, with everyone in the circle voicing their feelings and opinions within established guidelines and relative to the enumerated topic, issue, problem.

Synthesize divergent views into one point of view representing the collective view of the group.  Emphasize ownership.  All must abide and support the collective view.  (A soviet)

Whole child theory

Cognitive what the child knows, knowledge

Affective what the child feels, believes.

Psychomotor how the child will act/behave, what the child can do.

Outcome-based education, Mastery Learning

Identify wanted attitudes, values, beliefs.

Create conflict between what the child knows and what the child believes (cognitive dissonance)

Change existing belief system, effecting wanted behavior.


Lynn M Stuter; 1996
With appreciation to Dean Gotcher

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