Welcome To Hard Truth/Wake Up America


If you are happy in your life and content with what you have been taught 
and you feel that you have a grasp of what's going on in the world, then leave now. 

What is it they say? "For ignorance is truly bliss". Wrong!!  It's dangerous.

Some of the material you are about to read could change every aspect of your belief system to the core.

Whenever possible both sides of a story will be present.

The purpose of this site is to report alternative news not reported by the mainstream media
 or that which has been kept hidden by the power elites of Secret Societies for centuries.

This is Not a hate site. 

This is Not a political site. 

This site is Not about bashing America. 

It will however,  bash those who would seek to destroy America and its Constitution. 

Some of the material you may consider to be paranoia run amok. 

Most of the theories on this site I believe to be plausible scenario's.



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