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Jesus and the Antichrist

    A. The Antichrist is first alluded to as Satan’s “seed” in Genesis 3:15.
       1. He will be cast into the lake of fire—Revelation 20:10.
    B. The Antichrist will be a man empowered by Satan.
       1.There is a “spirit of antichrist.”
       2.There are many types of antichrist.
       3.The Antichrist is the beast, the man of sin, and the son of perdition
         —I John 4:3; Revelation 13:1-10.
    C.The Antichrist will be revealed after the overcoming Church is raptured
       —II Thessalonians 2:3,4,7,8.
       1.God’s people are the salt of the earth which prevents the decomposition
          of the carcass (Satan’s evil imitation of the Body of Christ)
          —Matthew 24:28.
    D.After the Rapture, the Antichrist will quickly become a powerful world
       1.The Antichrist will affect the whole world to some degree, but he will not
          rule every country nor control every commercial market.
       2.His power will be focused around the Mediterranean Sea.

    Following is a partial transcript of Marilyn’s
    dramatized “interview” with an actor portraying the Antichrist.
    Q.   Who are you, really?
    A.   Every spirit that does not acknowledge that Jesus
came in the flesh is not of God. I’m not of
God. That is what is meant by Antichrist—I John 4:3.
    Q.   Where will you come from?
    A.   The two witnesses say the beast will come from
the bottomless pit. I am the
beast—Revelation 11:7.
    Q.   Who gives you your power and authority as the
    A.   My father is Satan. Through his power people are
going to say, “Who can stand against the
beast? How great is the beast!”—Revelation 13:4.
    Q.   When will you appear?
    A.   If you look around, my secret power is already at
work in the world. As a matter of fact, this
current power is only temporary until the
restrainer of the Church is off the scene.
The Church is the salt of the earth, but it
is poison to me because the Church holds me back
—II Thessalonians 2:7.
    Q.   You are going to be evidenced in great power. Who
is going to help you and stand up with
you when the church is gone?
    A.   In Daniel, there is a dreadful and powerful beast
with iron teeth and claws of bronze; a beast
that will trample upon anything that’s left.
It will be a beast like no other that has
preceded it. It will have ten horns
(or ten countries) that will be my confederacy.
I am the small horn rising out of the
ten, and I will uproot three of those
countries. These ten countries will share
their royal authority with me.
Their sole purpose is to confer their
power and authority on me—Daniel 7:7,8;
Revelation 17:12,13.
    Q.   You don’t conquer the whole world, do you?
    A.   Let’s not forget, I’m exceedingly strong with the
power to devour.
    Q.   If we were to watch today to see where the
Antichrist will come from, where would we
    A.   Examine the old Roman Empire. Out of the four
prominent countries there shall be a
small horn that will rise up and show tremendous
strength to the south and to the east and to
the fairest of all lands (Israel)
—Daniel 7:8; 8:8,9
    Q.   I notice you have your head covered and you have
on a dark hat. All I can really see are
your eyes and your hands. According to the Bible,
you’ve got a wound in your head.
How did you get it?
    A.   You understand that I will be able to perform
signs and wonders, great
         miracles. These will be used to deceive the
inhabitants of the earth and they will adore
me so much. They will create an image in my honor. You see,
the wound is merely a counterfeit, something
to take away from this death and resurrection
of your Christ
—Daniel 8:24; 11:37-39; Matthew 24:24;
II Thessalonians 2:9; Revelation 13:2.
    Q.   Who is the false prophet that’s going to help you?
    A.   He too will be a beast that will come forth from
the mouth of the earth with great power
—Revelation 13:11-16.

    A. The Antichrist will have great ability to make
       1.He will conquer three nations (Turkey, Egypt,
Israel) which will frighten seven other
nations into peacefully joining his new empire
         —Daniel 7:24; 8:9; Revelation 17:12,13,17.
    B. After he builds his empire, armies, and
reputation, the Antichrist will focus his
attention on Israel.
       1.He will offer his help to make peace with
Israel’s surrounding nations.
       2.Israel will eagerly enter a seven-year covenant
with the Antichrist
          —Daniel 9:26,27; 11:22.
       3.The Antichrist will help the Jews rebuild the
    C. The Antichrist will there declare himself to be
       1. He will set an idol of himself in the Temple
—II Thessalonians 2:9.

    A. The Antichrist’s personality is fundamentally
opposed to Christ’s.
       1.The Antichrist will exalt himself.
       2.He will say great things, but he will not speak
the truth.
       3.He will be very experienced in commerce and
making money
         —Psalms 52:7.
    B. Jesus’ personality shows He is the very Son of
       1.Jesus humbled himself.
       2.Jesus spoke the truth (the sword) to cut people
free from their sins and let them know the
       3.Jesus became poor to make us rich.

    A. The Antichrist is Judas Iscariot reincarnated.
       1. Psalms 55 is a prophecy of both Judas’ betrayal
of Jesus and the Antichrist’s
betrayal of Israel.
    B. Judas was more than a man (Matthew 26:24); he was
the devil—John 6:70.
       1. Jesus did not call Judas a demon.
       2. The Greek word daimon denotes an evil spirit and
is the English word“demon.” Demons are
inferior pagan deities, spiritual agents that
cause worship and sacrifices to idols,
disseminate errors among men, and seduce                believers.
       3. The Greek word for “devil” is diabolos, which
means “accuser, a slanderer” and is
one of the names of Satan. There is one devil,
but there are many demons.
       4.The Bible contains no other passage where the
word “devil” is applied to anyone but
Satan himself. Judas, then, was the devil incarnate, just
as the Lord Jesus was God incarnate.
    C. In John 17:12 Jesus called Judas “the son of
       1.Paul clearly calls the Antichrist “the son of
perdition” in II Thessalonians 2:3.

    A. The Antichrist is called “Death and Hell”
—Revelation 6:8.
       1. Jesus is “the Resurrection and the Life”
—Isaiah 28:18.
       2. The Antichrist will come from hell.
    B. The Antichrist will be “superhuman,” a man with a
fallen and unclean spirit that has previously
been on earth—Matthew 12:43-45.
       1. The history of this unclean spirit is divided
into three stages: First, it dwelt on earth
as a man; second, it went out of a man and walked
through dry places, seeking rest and
finding none (this refers to his present dwelling
place, hell); and third, he will return to his
“house,”which is earth, and more specifically,
    C. In Revelation 11:7 the Antichrist is seen coming
out of the abyss, which is the abode of lost
spirits, the place of their incarceration
and torment—Luke 8:31; Revelation 20:1-3.
       1.The Antichrist is in the abyss because that is
where he was sent when he died as Judas
       2. Acts 1:25 says because of Judas’ transgression,
he fell from his ministry and apostleship
and went to his “own place.”
       3.“His own place” was the abyss.
    D. Revelation 17:8 tells us four things about the
       1.First, he was on the earth. At the time John
received his revelation, the beast was not
then on the earth but had formerly dwelled here.
       2.Second, he is not now on the earth.
       3.Third, he shall ascend out of the bottomless
pit, where he is now.
       4.Fourth he will go into perdition, which means he
will be cast alive into the lake of fire
which is the FINAL abode of the damned
         —Revelation 19:20; 20:10,15.
    E.Satan will be cast into the abyss at the end of
the Millennium.
       1.The Antichrist is already now in the abyss as
Judas Iscariot.

    A.Names are important because they have to do with a
person’s character; titles show us a
person’s relationship to us.
       1."Antichrist” signifies that he will oppose and
mimic Christ.
       2.The Antichrist is called the “man of sin” and
the “man of perdition.”
       3.Sin is his character; but perdition shows his
relationship to mankind as a destroyer,
murderer, and thief—II Thessalonians 2:3.
    B.Other names of the Antichrist
       1.The beast (the Greek word means “wild beast.”)
The Antichrist will be cruel and heartless,
unfit for sacrifice—Revelation 11:7.
       2. Bloody and deceitful man—Psalms 5:6
       3. Wicked one—Psalms 9:17
       4. Man of the earth—Psalms 10:18
       5. Mighty man—Psalms 52:1
       6. Adversary—Psalms 74:10; Amos 3:11
       7. Evil man—Psalms 140:1
       8. Crooked serpent—Job 26:13; Isaiah 27:1
       9. Spoiler—Isaiah 16:4
       10.Assyrian—Isaiah 10:5

    A.The names of the Antichrist show his role in the
world and the end times.
       1.King of Babylon—Isaiah 14:4,11-20
       2.Rod of God’s anger—Isaiah 10:5
       3.Profane and wicked prince of Israel
—Ezekiel 21:25
       4.King of princes—Hosea 8:10
       5.Merchant—Hosea 12:7
       6.Head of the Northern army—Joel 2:20
       7.Proud man—Habakkuk 2:5
       8.Idol shepherd—Zechariah 11:17

    A.The world will accept the Antichrist because he
will be a genius in seven areas.
       1.Seven is the number of completion: the
Antichrist will be completely evil.
    B.Intellectual genius—Ezekiel 28:3; Daniel 8:23
    C.Oratorical genius—Daniel 7:20
       1.Revelation 13:2 says the Antichrist will have a
mouth like a lion, which is considered the
“king” of the animals.
    D.Political genius—Daniel 11:21;
Revelation 13:1,2; 17:17
    E.Commercial genius—Psalms 52:7; Ezekiel 28:4,5;
Daniel 8:25; 11:38,43; Revelation 13:17
       1.The world is looking for someone to feed it
(currently 60 percent of the world’s
population goes to bed hungry).
       2.People are looking for an answer to the world’s
poor economy. The Antichrist will get
people jobs.
       3.His positive changes put him in control of most
of the world’s economy, so he makes people
wear his mark before they can buy or sell anything.
    F.Military genius—Isaiah 14:16,17; Daniel 8:24;
Revelation 6:2; 13:4
    G.Governmental genius
       1.He will weld together opposing forces and unite
conflicting countries.
       2.He will create an empire out of the former
Roman, Greek, Medo-Persian, and Babylonian
empires (which currently cover Europe,
the Middle East, northern Africa, and parts of
Asia and the former Soviet Union).
    H.Religious genius—II Thessalonians 2:4;
Revelation 13:3,14,15
       1.As the son of Satan he will have the same
command of the Scriptures and be able to
pervert them for his own gain, just as Satan
did with Jesus in the wilderness
(compare Psalms 91:11,12 with Matthew 4:6).

    A.Jesus’ names show His loving, warm, and caring
character; and His titles show His humility—
Philippians 2:8.
       1.The names of the Antichrist show his rotten
character; and his titles show how he
will try to exalt himself and have an overpowering,
manipulative relationship over mankind
—Daniel 11:36.
    B.Jesus is the Son of God—John 1:34.
       1.Antichrist is the son of perdition (perdition
means “destruction”)
         —II Thessalonians 2:3.
    C.Jesus is the seed of the woman—Genesis 3:15.
       1. Antichrist is the seed of the serpent
—Genesis 3:15.
    D.Jesus is the Lamb—Isaiah 53:7.
       1.Antichrist is the beast—Revelation 11:7.
    E.Jesus is the Holy One—Mark 1:24.
       1.Antichrist is the wicked one
—II Thessalonians 2:8.
    F.Jesus is the truth—John 14:6.
       1.Antichrist is the lie—John 8:44.
    G.Jesus is the Prince of Peace—Isaiah 9:6.
       1.Antichrist is the profane wicked prince
—Ezekiel 21:25.
    H.Jesus is the glorious branch—Isaiah 4:2.
       1.Antichrist is the abominable branch
—Isaiah 14:19.
    I.Jesus is the mighty angel—Revelation 10:1.
       1.Antichrist is the angel of the bottomless pit
—Revelation 9:11.
    J.Jesus is the Good Shepherd who leads His flocks
—John 10:3; 11; 14.
       1.Antichrist is the idol shepherd who neglects
his flock—Zechariah 11:17.
    K.Jesus came in God’s name—John 5:43.
       1.Antichrist will come in his own name—John 5: 43.
    L.Jesus cleansed the Temple—John 2:15.
       1.Antichrist will defile the Temple—Matthew 24:15.
    M.Jesus was slain for the people—John 11:51.
       1.Antichrist will slay the people—Isaiah 14:20.