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Jewish Masonic Lodge Awards Billy Graham



In their own words "B'nai B'rith, the only Jewish organization with a full-time presence at the United Nations, is the world's oldest and largest Jewish organization with members in 56 countries."

B'nai B'rith is an anti-christian jewish masonic lodge. They have a high rank in the Illuminati structure and they operate under several fronts. Not all the work they do is bad. They hunt nazis and usually fight again racism but being a form of Freemasonry, it operates as a secret society within a secret society, a circle within a circle etc, so that only the elite of this organization knows the real agenda and the normal jewish person working for them is doing the best they can. I will present as much documentation later on in this article to show the Masonic structure within this group, but first I will mention their link to Billy Graham.

According to the official Billy Graham Evangelistic Assocaiation webpage Billy Graham recieved the
"The Torch of Liberty Plaque by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, 1969"
Remembering that the main definition of Masonry as being 'Freemasonry is a peculiar system of Morality, veiled in Allegory, and illustrated by Symbols' , we will examine the occult significance of the term 'Torch of Liberty' and it's possible meaning to the 'enlightened' of the Illuminati.

Research taken from the book called "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated" states the following about the torch symbol:

Many of the gods and godesses of mythology carried torches. Some of these are: Hecata (the "Queen of the Witches"), Comus, Eros, Hymenaeus (or Hymen), Apollo, Ilithyia, Eos (or Aurora), Iakchaos & Phosphorus (who is also called Lucifer)

Listen to what occultist Edouard Schure says about Lucifer and his flaming torch:
"Lucifer, having regained his star and his diadem, will assemble his legions for new works of creation. Attracted by his flaming torch, celestial spirits will descend...and he will send these messengers from unknown spheres to earth. Then the torch of Lucifer will signal 'From Heaven to Earth!'- and the...Christ will answer 'From Earth to Heaven!"

Hardcore Luciferian, 33rd Degree Freemason, Core Illuminati figure Manly Palmer Hall states that "the torches represent the Occult arts and sciences, the doctrines and dogmas by the light of which Truth is made visible."

A book publisher that prints Masonic and Eastern Star books is called The Torch Press.

Ok so now we have examined the torch element of Graham's award but where does the liberty part fit in?
When the phrase 'Torch of Liberty' is mentioned it will usually bring people to think about the Statue of Liberty in whose hand is held a torch. This vile Illuminati structure was created by the Freemasons and is a New Age symbol of Lucifer's New World Order. According to Texe Marrs, "Towering above the shimmering but polluted waters, she holds in her outreached arm a torch of fire and light. A gift of the Masonic Order, the modern inheritors of the Illuminati heritage, the Statue of Liberty was sculptured by Frederic Bartholdi, a member of the Masonic Lodge of Alsace-Lorraine in Paris, France. The statue is significant to the secret societies plotting the New World Order."


With losing most if not all the data from 5 or 6 hard drives, I lost some really good evidence that B'nai B'rith is really a branch of Freemasonry. Luckily I had printed these documents out, it is now just a matter of finding them. The good news is that after doing a search on the Internet for more evidence I discovered a page that not only links B'nai B'rith to the highest degrees of Freemasonry, but the page also mentions Billy Graham! It is a biography of Rabbi Robert I. Kahn. Below are some extracts from this page.

Rabbi Kahn has preached and lectured all over the United States, in person and over radio and television. In a national "Back to God" telecast, he shared the camera with Billy Graham.

In his community, Rabbi Kahn has served on the boards of several social agencies such as Red Cross, Boy scouts, Travellers Aid, Mental Health, Muscular Dystrophy, Houston Metropolitan Ministries, United Fund, etc. He is a member of B'nai B'rith, of which he is a Past President, the Masons, Scottish Rite, Shrine. He was President of the Houston Rotary Club in 1967-1968, the largest Rotary Club in the world, and was District Governor for 1978-1979. He has been grand Chaplain of the grand Lodge of Texas and is now Chaplain of the Arabia Shrine Temple of Houston.

He has been honored by the Boy Scouts of America with the Silver Beaver and Ner Tamid Awards; by the Freedoms Foundation with a George Washington Medal; by the French Government for service to veterans; by the Masonic Order with the 33rd degree, by the ZOA District with the Robert I. Kahn Lodge; by the State of Israel with the Prime Minister's Medal for Israel Bonds. A forest has been planted in his honor in Israel.

From the sounds of things this guy must be either a key Illuminati figure or a totally deluded individual. It mentions that he was a former president of B'nai B'rith as well as a 33rd Degree Freemason, Shriner and Masonic Grand Chaplain. The other groups that he was involved in being the Boy Scouts, Red Cross and Rotary were ALL founded by Freemasons. Link this to the fact that he shared the spotlight with Illuminati 33rd Degree Freemason Billy Graham and you have a page that to the unknowledgeable seems fine but really nearly all references point back to the Cult of Freemasonry.

Time to see what the reference Masonic book called '10,000 Famous Freemason' says about B'nai B'rith

Frank Goldman , President of B'nai B'rith, 1947-53 and honorary president since that date. b. Dec. 4, 1890 in Lowell, Mass. Graduate of Boston U. summa cum laude in 1910 and admitted to Mass. bar in 1912, practicing in Lowell. A member of B'nai B'rith since 1920, he served as president of the Lowell lodge, district president, national vice president, 1941-47. He has been editor of The National Jewish Monthly since 1947. Active in civic and Jewish charity organizations. Mason and 32 degree AASR (NJ).

Here we now have two high ranking Freemason who were also presidents of B'nai B'rith and there will still be a lot more to come when I find my original documents and new information from the Internet and contacts.


I previously mentioned that B'nai B'rith is anti-christian. Time to document this fact.
B'nai B'rith, wishing to keep the Jewish people away from the gospel of Jesus Christ, has fought against the Southern Baptist Convention (which is ironically controlled by the Freemasons as well!) to stop them from witnessing to Jews. When I state that the Southern Baptists are controlled by Freemasonry it does not mean that all members are evil. It is the opposite, and the same goes for Freemasonry in general. The Elite of these cults are the true evil. Read below the article taken from B'nai's webpages that attack Baptists who want to reach out to jews.




Washington, D.C. (June 14, 1996) -- B'nai B'rith is shocked that the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a resolution advocating an active program of converting Jews to Christianity, and have hired a missionary to lead and direct such conversion efforts.

"A program of conversion is demeaning to our religion and to our co-religionists -- including those who out of their own free will and conviction, have converted to Judaism," wrote Tommy P. Baer, international president of B'nai B'rith in a letter sent today to Morris Chapman, president of the Southern Baptist Convention. The text of the letter follows:

Dear Mr. Chapman:

B'nai B'rith was shocked to hear that the Southern Baptist Convention, holding its annual meeting in New Orleans earlier this week, adopted a resolution advocating an active program of converting Jews to Christianity, and that the Southern Baptist's Home Mission Board has in fact appointed a missionary to lead and direct such conversion efforts.

We believe this is a thoroughly retrograde step in relations between Southern Baptists and Jews in the United States.

In recent years, other Christian denominations, such as the Presbyterian Church, the United Methodist Church, and the Roman Catholic Church -- have emphasized the importance of dialogue with American Jews while refraining from all conversion efforts. Their policy demonstrates a basic and long-overdue respect for Judaism as a sister religion that continues to have transcending relevance and the capacity to provide spiritual sustenance and meaning to the lives of millions of people around the world.

New Testament doctrine itself is clear that G-d's covenant with the Jews did not end with the Christian era, and continues in perpetuity.

A program of conversion is demeaning to our religion and to our co-religionists -- including those who out of their own free will and conviction -- have converted to Judaism.

The decisions of the Southern Baptist Convention are certain to introduce new tensions in the interactions between Jews and all Christians in this country, and to once again sow the seeds of distrust.

Pluralism is a basic tenet of our American way of life. It means respecting each other's traditions and religious paths.

We cannot believe that creating such tensions between Jews and Christians can possibly advance humankind toward the ultimate Messianic Age that both Christians and Jews look forward to with hope and faith.

We urge the Southern Baptists to reconsider these steps.

So conversion is demeaning is it? Why did you antichrist guys award Billy Graham who very, very ironically is a Southern Baptist himself! According to his offical biography "1939: Ordained to the ministry by a church in the Southern Baptist Convention" What warped logic: Let's award the biggest 'christian' evangelist in the world who is a Southern Baptist and later on let's blast the Baptists for trying to win lost Jewish people. Well maybe it is not so warped logic afterall, when you have read the following article below by Fritz Springmeier:-

The actual heritage and name of Billy Graham: There is a connection between Marxism and a group of Satanists called Frankists. One of the strongest satanic cults to take control over the Jewish population was called Sabbatianism. Jakob Frank assumed the role of leader of this group, and afterward this brand of satanism was called Frankism. (Freudís
sexually-obsessed theories came from Frankism.) Frank taught his followers to convert to another religion and hide behind that religion to practice their satanism. (One of several book on the subject of Frankism is The Contemporary Faces of Satan by Ratibor-Ray M. Jurjevich.) Billy Grahamís family when they originally came over to this nation were of the Frank
family which is related to Jakob Frank. After coming over to this nation, they changed their name to Graham which is a Scottish name. Two groups of people who are over represented in the power structure over the last 200 years are Scots and cabalistic satanic "jews." Obviously, not all Scotsmen nor jews are involved in the NWO.

Several other researchers independently discovered that Billy Grahamís heritage was the jewish Frank family.
However, Fritz was beginning to suspect that there must be some kind of jewish blood in Billy Grahamís heritage, because of the all the things he would stumble upon. For instance, the intimate connections Graham had with Jewish leaders and Jewish Christian ministries. And his assurances to them that they are Godís chosen people, a special group. Graham privately told
them, that because they are a special chosen group they donít need to come to Christ. (Fritz discovered all this by accident reading Jewish literature.) Further, the paper called "The C-9 Report For internal use only" states on page 11 that Billy Grahamís daughters have lived in Israel, and that Billy Grahamís son fought with the Israeli army in the Six-Day War.

In the Be Wise As Serpents book, chapter 2.1, "The Jewish author Gerald S. Strober in his book American Jews Community in Crisis, p. 110 states that after a resolution in Feb. 1973 at Pittsburgh by the NCC failed to declare
the NCC against converting the Jews, that Billy Graham announced the following day a statement that God had a special place for the Jews and rejected ,,coercive evangelistic efforts." Privately, Graham has assured Jewish leaders he is against converting the Jews to Christianity. Strober also informs his readers (p. 111) that many Christian organizations that are
""Jewish Missions"" take their marching orders from Billy Graham, This confirms numerous reports..." So Strober in effect is saying donít worry Graham is with us, and he controls most of the Christian organizations that are supposedly missions to evangelize us. Messianic Jewish groups are strongly pro-Billy Graham, Some of these groups have gained in size and then
strangely gone back into Judaism. That kind of thing has been happening here in Portland, not to mention other localities. Now it is clearer why Jews coming forward at Crusades have often been and are being referred by the Crusade people to Reformed Jewish synagogues. Reformed Judaism was created by the Freemasons and Illuminati Satanists. There has been a long range campaign to eliminate Bible-believing jews.

It is no coincidence that the Southern Baptists of which Billy Graham is a member, is controlled by the Freemasons. Brook Hays, Pres, of the So. Bapt. Convention was a high ranking Freemason as well as part of the CFR. None of the So. Bapt. Conventionís Presidents have opposed Freemasonry. Pres. Bill Clinton, a slave handler, is a member of the Emmanuel Baptist Church which is a Southern Baptist Church in Little Rock, Ark. The late Bill Moyers who promoted the Mystery Religions was a Southern Baptist. Moyers went to the SW Baptist Theological Seminary, the same school run by one of Billy Grahamís staff directors. John Buchanan is another Southern Baptist. John Buchanan went to a So. Bapt. Seminary, and then worked as a front man for People for the American Way started by Jewish Norman Lear, an anti-Christian. People might be shocked to learn of some of the New Age teachings and New Age teachers that have been allowed into the Southern Baptist churches. The Southern Baptist youth program is based on Masonic ideas and is very masonic in its ritual.

I have a bit more to add to this anti-jewishness of Billy Graham. I believe that Texe Marrs mentions that Billy has never nor will ever have a crusade in Israel. A lot more will be added to this page including photographic evidence that B'nai B'rith has awarded another Freemason, more proof that it is a branch of Freemasonry and that they adore the founder of the KKK.

 This page is NOT anti-semetic. To any jewish readers out there, I know that B'nai B'rith has helped your people out in many ways but this is not what I am discussing. Freemasonry gives millions and millions of dollars away every year to charities, hospitals and many needy organizations but this is only a front to conceal the true goals of this secret society. Many good masons who are unaware of their leaderships Luciferian plots continue to do good works in the name of Freemasonry which gives it a very respectable cover to operate under. This is the same technique utilized by B'nai B'rith which is a Jewish form of Freemasonry. I believe as well as many if not most jews that there is a major plan to exterminate all of their race and I have quite a bit of proof about this which mentions who will kill them and how many jews will die in the future. And believe me that I am on your side but not on the side of the minority Jewish Illuminati Elite who do not care about the common jewish person. Sure there is a great jewish element in the Illuminati but there is a very specific reason for this and people that say the jews are responsible for all the evil should remember that the Bible states that it will be only jews that will be sealed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in the tribulation period.