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The Masonic Order
Satan's little helpers?

A little background

Masons claim  there is an ancient connection way back to Adam and Eve. They claim that the fig leaves were symbolic to the aprons that are worn in their initiation ceremonies. Also they claim that freemasons built Solomon's Temple and the tower of Babel.

Also Known as "The Order of  Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons,  Symbolic Craft,  Craft Masonry"

The True Origin

The lodge is traced back to London, England in 1717. It is believed that James Anderson set up the constitution.

In 1717, Anderson along with George Payne and Theopholips Desaguliers, came together to form the first Grand Lodge. It is said that the lodge was birthed in a Tavern!  Good place to start a Godly organization isn't it?

The lodge comes to America!

The first official lodge was St. John's,  Boston Mass. July 30, 1733. The first American born lodge was founded in Savannah, Georgia in 1734. During the 1800's, several thousand lodges sprang up all over the country. It pulled political strings back then just as it does today.

Many famous people were and are masons, including 15 Presidents and 19 vice-presidents. There are hundreds of masons in high government positions today!!

In the 1800's, a man named William Morgan opposed the masons and started passing out anti-mason tracts, telling about the secrets and rituals.  He disappeared in 1826 and was never heard from again. Hummmm!

Categories and Levels

The Blue Lodge

All masons must undergo an initation to enter the Blue lodge. The Blue lodge has three degrees:

Entered Apprentice --- Fellow Craft --- Master Mason

To achieve each of these levels, one must go through rituals and swear an oath.  One such oath is as follows:

"I promise and swear, that I will not write, print, stamp, stain, hew, cut, carve, indent, paint, or engrave any secrets on anything movable or immovable.. binding myself under no less penalty then to have my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by the roots, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea at low water mark.. where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty four hours; so help me God, and keep me steadfast in the due performance of the same"

Now the word is, they have toned the oath down a bit, but they are still told never to tell of the goings on and never tell any secret. Once this is done the mason receives his degree as Master Mason and has his ring and other trinkets to be identified by other masons. From here a mason may choose to go on further in one of two branches. The York Rite or The Scottish Rite.

The York Rite

Also called the American Rite, this is the most popular one to follow. The York is perhaps the oldest form of the craft. There are ten degrees in in York Rite.
It is split into three categories:

The Royal Arch Chapter, The Council of Royal and Select Masters and The Commandery of Knights Templar.

These ten include the three from the Blue Lodge and the others are as follows:

Mark Master(4th)                     Past Master(5th)               Most Excellent Master(6th)

Royal Arch Master(7th)                 Royal Master(8th)           Select Master(9th)

Super Excellent Master(10th)

Select Master has three degrees which one can enter:

Order of the Red Cross                                Order of the Knights of Malta

Order of the Knights Templar.  Knights Templar is the highest in the York Rite.

As in the Blue lodge, one must swear an oath of secrecy and obedience. Notice how each one of these titles uses "Master", the tile that is given to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Members of the Craft are nothing more the glory hunters wanting to puff up their Pride!  This was and is one of satan's flaws and as we continue, you will see the comparison. No one but God may be worshiped.

The Scottish Rite

It is also known as Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

There are four different lodges or chapters

The lodge of Perfection         The Grand Council of the prince of Jerusalem

The Grand Chapter of Rose- Croix   The Grand Consistories of Divine Princes

Here are Two titles that go with the above. They puff up one's ego.

Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret     Grand Elect Perfect and Sublime Mason

There are twenty-nine additional degrees in this branch. I will not list them at this time. However, the highest is the 33rd. It is called Knight Commander.

Other Orders

Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.    Also Known as the Shriners.  This is the most well known branch.  The  Shriners operate three children's hospitals in Boston, Galveston and Cincinnati.

The Order of the Eastern Star.  This is for women who are related to a Mason in some way. There are five degrees  Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha and Electa

Daughters of the Eastern Star.  Set up for Girls age 14-20 who have a father as a mason and a mother as an eastern star.

The Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem.  This is part of the eastern star and the officer is called,  the Supreme Worthy High Priestess.

The Order of DeMolay.   This one takes they name of Jacques DeMolay, 14th century leader of the Nights Templar.  Members are male 14-20.

The International Order of Job's Daughters.

The International Order of Rainbow for Girls.

The Order of Amaranth

Lesser Orders

Daughters of Mokanna           Daughters of the Nile      Knights of the Red Cross

Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America                National Sojourners

Social Order of the Beauceant of the World            Order of the Builder

Tall Cedars of Lebanon of the USA       True Kindred     Odd Fellows

Masonic Fraternities

Acacia    The Square and Compass    Sigma Mu Sigma

Order of the Golden Key   Tau Kappa Epsilon

Prince Hall Freemasonry  was born as a result of Black Masons who were barred from the white lodges.

No one but Jesus is worthy to be called Master!!  Masons are instructed to lie for a fellow brother in a court case. If the case is murder, it is left up to the individual to decide how to act.  Is this Godly?  Many police officers, judges, mayors, lawyers etc. are involved. How can some one who claims to be a Christian turn a head while corruption is all around them? I will tell you how, they are not Christians, they are of Satan!!

I may at a later date put several pages of information up, but for the time being, check the links to get more in-depth info of the satanic connection. If you are a Christian, I mean a true believer, and you are involved in Freemasonry, you had better get out now and renounce all the oaths you have taken.