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The above image is a Timeline graph as suggested from the Pyramid found on the Great Seal of the United States of America. The Seal pyramid is constructed with 13 rows of stone representing the 13 eras of 13 years. Between the pyramid and the 'All Seeing Eye' capstone is a space. Altogether it is indicated that there will be 18 eras of 13 years ending in the year 2010. From 1776 to 2010 is 234 years (=9). 'E Pluribus Unum' means 'From many, One'.  The United States has always been one nation comprised of many cultures and nationalities. Thus, 'One', combined with the 234 years reign,  is read --1:234 (1234) which is also a number which many see often. One nation for 234 years seems to be the suggestion in the timeline.

The ending date of 2010 is significant when you consider that some ancient civilizations have predicted the year 2011-12 as the End of Times, including the Mayans.  My own Stargate 11:11, conceived from dreamvisions (1987-90) represents the last 20 years of this Timeline and begins in the year 1990 and ends in 2010.  By all calculations and research it does appear that some large event will take place immediately after 2010. 11:11 is a sign of change or transcendence. 2011 may be written as 2/11, meaning Two 'Elevens', which again represents a doorway between two states of being or existence's. 11:11 is sometimes revered as the sign of Chaos because in Change there is Chaos until a new order or pattern begins to emerge and solidify. This suggests that the year 2010 is the last and final year of a grand era or cycle. 2011 is a year of Chaos and reorganization. 2012 would be a completion of this event and 2013 would be the first year of the Fifth World or New, Golden Aquarius Age, at which time a New Phoenix will be born. If there is to be a 'One World Order' or planetary order, this seems the most likely time for it to occur. (The Eagle in the Great Seal represents the Phoenix which is often associated with Aquarius. The mergence into the Aquarius Age at the end of the US timeline seems to be the suggestion).

The Pyramid is the strongest, most time-enduring design ever conceived and is the model for building anything wanton of 'everlasting', from structures to businesses to life. It begins with a solid four-corner foundation laid out in equal lengths and is built upwards from there; each new layer slightly indented so as to keep the structure together through it's own weight. It will endure earthquakes and erosion of the ages, nearly everything and anything man or God can throw it's way. But the Pyramid, while being a time-enduring model, does not build upwards forever. The very design which gives it it's strength is also the design which limits it's ability to rise upwards ever more. At a very predictable place and time the pyramid will come to a single point where all four corners meet as One, in Oneness. This is essentially the essence and secret of the pyramid, which is suggested in the very meaning of 'From Many, One'.

But this does not apply only to the structure of the United States. Rather it applies to all things everywhere. Also found on the Great Seal is 'NOVUS ORDO SECLURUM', which means 'New Order of the Ages, or more loosely translated, New World Order. In very real terms the United States of America has been the model and influence of creating this very New World Order we have been living in for many years. It's influence is spreading outward ,also, much to the dismay, albeit  frustration, of other nations. Yet all that we have today is but only a foundation in itself of something which will be built on a worldwide level. The United States has been the model for Freedom and democracy which has helped the Free World both have and keep these privileges and has championed the rights of other nations and peoples to live the same. Thus, the very symbol of the pyramid suggests that all nations from the four corners of the earth will become a One Nation on planet earth at some point, likely following the year 2010.

Although the pyramid by design ends at one point in it's linear construction, the structure (the model) itself endures forever---a symbol of strength and equality and endurance from which all is built, which all is built upon.  Thus, the point of a pyramid can be seen as the end of a cycle, and not the end of existence. This one cycle WILL end. But cycles are eternal also. And so, the pyramid does not end in idea, it Transcends, like the Phoenix, re-birthing itself. The United States of America will not end, rather this present cycle will end, it will be built upon, and like the Phoenix it will be re-born on a new day sometime after 2010. When it does it will not be simply the United States, but rather, a form of United Nations of Earth, based on the model. (That's not just an American bias!).

 The founding fathers of the United States were, for the most part, members of the Masonic Order (Masons), who understood the basic laws of physics of all things. They knew (or rather must have known) the secret knowledge contained within the Pyramid which is basically, 'How to build Something that will Last Forever'.
They knew too, that linear time was also designed on this model and thus could calculate when certain times would begin or end in the linear construction and evolution of the United States. For like any pyramid, it has one starting point and one predictable ending point based on that starting point. Thus, it was then possible for these men of knowledge to envision the future. Further, having a knowledge and understanding of cycles and resonance's of moments in time, it could be calculated with some accuracy which years would be likely for certain events to occur during the building of the structure.

All mysticism is simply science which is not yet understood or not commonly known but to a select few. The Masons have guarded their knowledge for ages upon ages, but while they do not necessarily keep this knowledge from the rest of the world, most do not have an interest to know such things and of those who do, many have difficulty grasping it completely. The sacred knowledge can't be learned in a few years of college. It must be learned through living example over many years. Jesus was an example of this. The missing 18 years from His life was spent in study by learning from Living Example the complex mathematics and models for the Universe, or God the All. He taught what he learned along the way, and when he had learned it all he returned to his home and people to teach them the wonders of Life and God and immortality. But.....well you know the story.  Many times we don't want the truth because it destabilizes our present, comfortable reality.

Eons can be divided into millennia's, which are divided into centuries, then into years, months, weeks, days, hours and seconds--and even into micro-seconds and beyond; theoretically into infinity, as is demonstrated with the Mandlebrot Set Model. Time and events, like everything else, can be predicted and charted. Each time and each event has it's own signature frequency or resonance, a 'fingerprint' of the moment. This too can be calculated and with this understanding Time Travel is possible. You can go forward or back (period in history), in or out (from eras or to seconds), or can slip sideways (into alternate timelines and realities).

The little red triangle in the TImeline Grid above is the entire history of the United States set within a particular moment in time, which is within yet a larger moment in time and which is still within a grand moment, or cycle in time. '11:11' would denote the moment of transcendence at the point of the triangle where it merges into the new cycle just beyond.

At this moment in history all cycles are converging at once. A very rare event. Zero Point will be in-between 2011 and 2012. The New Age will official begin in 2013.