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 War on Terrorism or Oil War? See the Map of the Pipeline!



Bridas wooing Taliban for $4.5bn Pak gas pipeline

Unocol, Islamabad, June 1,1997

Even as the Talibans are still fighting to establish complete control over Afghanistan, three multinationals, including two American, are trying to woo the Islamic militia for its support to the proposed multi-billion dollar oil and gas pipelines to be laid through the country.

Bridas and Unocal still fighting over Turkmenistan-Pakistan pipeline

Nov. 5, 1997 Hearings are still going on in a lawsuit of Argentine oil and gas firm Bridas S.A.. against Unocal Corp.

The chief of Bridas' Afghan operations, meanwhile, said earlier this week that his company was close to signing a pipeline agreement with the Taliban, the Islamic movement that controls large parts of Afghan territory, including virtually all the proposed pipeline route. He said Bridas would start construction as soon as the deal is signed.

Uh Oh...But wait a minute our "oil boys" pulled a fast one on Bridas

Texas court dismisses lawsuit against Unocal;
judge says no cause of action by Bridas

Sugar Land, Texas, Oct. 5, 1998 - Unocal Corporation today said that the Texas District Court in Fort Bend County has granted the company's request for summary judgement and dismissed the lawsuit filed by Bridas Corporation.

"We are pleased that the court has granted our request," said Roger C. Beach, Unocal chairman and chief executive officer. "From the outset, we have maintained that we did not interfere with Bridas' business and it was inappropriate for them to sue Unocal in the United States concerning business activities in Turkmenistan and Afghanistan."

Judge Brady Elliott in his decision issued Oct. 2 said that any dispute between Unocal and Bridas was governed by the laws of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan rather than Texas law.

In February 1996, Bridas filed a petition against Unocal and others alleging that the defendants interfered with Bridas' rights under agreements with the government of Turkmenistan to develop the Yashlar field and to transport natural gas from that field to Pakistan.

"We have always maintained that this case was totally without merit," Beach said. "Unocal operates around the world under a set of values that recognize the political, economic and cultural rights of our host countries, while maintaining the honesty and integrity necessary for successful global relationships." (What! I remember Sept. 11, 2001)

Unocal is one of the world's largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, with major resource development, power plant and pipeline projects in Asia, the U.S. Gulf of Mexico region and Latin America.

(Well hell, I'm impressed!)

Unocal Statement: Company not supporting Taliban in any way

El Segundo, Calif., Sept. 14, 2001 -- Unocal Corporation is not supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan in any way whatsoever. Nor do we have any project or involvement in Afghanistan.

Beginning in late 1997, Unocal was a member of a multinational consortium that was evaluating construction of a Central Asia Gas (CentGas) pipeline between Turkmenistan and Pakistan. Part of this pipeline would have crossed western Afghanistan. However, Unocal suspended its participation in the CentGas consortium in August 1998 and formally withdrew from that consortium in December 1998. Our company has had no further role in developing or funding that project or any other project that might involve the Taliban. The pipeline was never constructed.

During this time, Afghanistan was in the midst of a civil war. We met with many factions, including the Taliban, to educate them about the benefits such a pipeline could bring to this desperately poor and war-torn country, as well as to the Central Asian region. At no time did we make any deal with the Taliban, and, in fact, consistently emphasized that the project could not and would not proceed until there was an internationally recognized government in place in Afghanistan that fairly represented all its people. Our hope was that the project could help bring peace, stability and economic development to the Afghans, as well as develop important energy resources for the region.

Unocal suspended participation in the pipeline consortium in August 1998 (see statement). Unocal officially withdrew from the consortium (in accordance with the consortium contracts) in December 1998 (see news release). After several incorrect reports appeared, including one published in Pakistan in February 1999, Unocal reconfirmed its position regarding this matter in another statement dated February 1999 (see news release).

News Release: El Segundo, Calif., Aug. 21, 1998

Unocal will only participate in construction of the proposed Central Asia Gas Pipeline when and if Afghanistan achieves the peace and stability necessary to obtain financing from international lending agencies for this project and an established government is recognized by the United Nations and the United States. For this reason, we strongly support the United Nations conflict resolution process underway in this and other regions.

So how long have they been planning this "War on Terrorism"?

Well with that said now we can see why we needed so desperately to get the Taliban out of control and our guy in control: see Profile of Hamid Karzai (weren't we pissed off because women were wearing Burkas?)

Hamid Karzai, who is as comfortable discussing sitting on a carpet as in a Washington or London "salon", has a profound knowledge of the western world. After Kabul and India, where he has studied law, he completed his learnings in the USA, where he acted, for a while, as a consultant for the American oil company Unocal, at the time it was considering building a pipeline in Afghanistan.

But our "oil boys" were negotiating this way way back with the Taliban in 1997 Sugerland Texas to be exact. Texas is where the Bush Crime Family reign isn't it?

Central Asia Pipeline Projects
Six international companies and the government of Turkmenistan formed Central Asia Gas Pipeline, Ltd., in October 1997. Unocal's interest is 54.11 percent. The group is developing a project to link Turkmenistan's abundant proven natural gas reserves with markets in Pakistan and India. This was a significant step forward, although major obstacles remain - key among them being current instability in Afghanistan, through which a major portion of the gas pipeline would run. Unocal is also involved in a parallel proposal to build an oil pipeline to transport Central Asian oil resources to an export terminal on the Arabian Sea.

But wait a minute we have breaking news: IT IS about the women of the veil....

Since the pipeline project was first proposed in 1995, there have been a number of complex issues that Unocal has taken very seriously. Unocal recognized the legitimate concerns regarding the treatment of women in Afghanistan. hummmmmmm Consistent with our core values and business principles, Unocal provided humanitarian support and skills training to Afghanistan through CARE and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Neither program was designed to provide pipeline construction skills training.(Yeah Right) These programs met or exceeded UN guidelines for doing fieldwork in Afghanistan. They included basic job skills training and education for both men and women, and elementary education for boys and girls. Unocal also supported earthquake relief efforts through the Red Cross and the United Nations.

OK so it all this about 9/11......Burkas.......or OIL, You be the judge.

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