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Oklahoma goes biometric on licenses

Hi there from Oklahoma City:

I heard an obscure KOCO-TV5 news story on Saturday AM 3/2/2002 about a bill in the Oklahoma State Legislature that would require that all persons applying for or renewing a Oklahoma driver's license to supply a computerized "inkless" fingerprint, and that the bill has passed the state senate and is to be voted upon by the house. The problem with this is beyond the obvious blatant invasion of privacy, it has no wording in the bill for protection of the information collected.

The senate version is SB982. The house version is HB2887.

The text of the bills can be found at this link:

The senate version of the bill is interesting in that it was revised from benign to totalitarian from it's original wording. For instance, lanugage such as:

"Nothing in this section shall be construed to compel any applicant to submit to fingerprinting."

was totally struck out of the bill.

The strikeouts of the engrossed version are at this link:

The current house version is available at this link:

Here is the text of the house version:


2nd Session of the 48th Legislature (2002)

HOUSE BILL HB2887 By: Ferguson


An Act relating to motor vehicles; requiring placement of fingerprint on driver license for certain purposes; and providing an effective date.

BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA: SECTION 1. NEW LAW A new section of law to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes as Section 6-110.3 of Title 47, unless there is created a duplication in numbering, reads as follows: The Department of Public Safety shall provide for computerized fingerprinting by means of an inkless fingerprint scanning device of every applicant for an original, renewal or replacement driver license to produce an image of a fingerprint to be placed on the driver license for the purpose of proof of identity and to ensure the security of the driver license issued to the applicant. The Commissioner of Public Safety shall promulgate rules as may be necessary to implement the provisions of this section. SECTION 2. This act shall become effective November 1, 2002.

48-2-7757 LAC 3/2/02

I don't know how many other people in Oklahoma know of this beyond those that caught the original news story, but it would be advantageous if word could be distributed about this. I ask that those in Oklahoma contact their state representative to vote "no" on this, so that scenes such as Alex Jones' encounter of his Texas state driver's license renewal will not become reality north of the Red River in Oklahoma.

Thanks, Mark