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The Order Of The Golden Dawn

(Illuminati Front Group)

The Golden Dawn, and its members included some of the most brilliant minds in the country. Arthur Machen was himself a member. The Golden Dawn, founded in 1887, was an offshoot of the English Rosicrucian Society created twenty years earlier by Robert Wentworth Little, and consisted largely of leading Freemasons. The latter society had about 144 members, including Bulwer Lytton, author of The Last Days of Pompeii. The Golden Dawn, with a smaller membership, was formed for the practice of ceremonial magic and the acquisition of initiatory knowledge and powers.

Dr. John Dee's system of Enochian Magick is among the most powerful in the Western tradition, and it has been enormously influential in the practices of the Order of the Golden Dawn. Its leaders were Woodman, Mathers and Wynn Westcott (the "occultist" mentioned by Toulet in his letter of 1900). It was in contact with similar German societies, some of whose members were later associated with Rudolf Steiner's famous anthroposophical movement and other influential sects during the pre-Nazi period. Later on it came under the leadership of Aleister Crowley, an altogether extraordinary man who was certainly one of the greatest exponents of the neo-paganism whose development in Germany we have noted.

S.L. Mathers, after the death of Woodman and the resignation of Westcott, was the Grand Master of the Golden Dawn, which he directed for some time from Paris, where he had just married Henri Bergson's daughter. Mather's was succeeded in his office by the celebrated poet W.B. Yeats, who was later to become a Nobel Prize-winner. Yeats took the name of "Frere Demon est Deus Inversus." He used to preside over the meetings dressed in a kilt, wearing a black mask and a golden dagger in his belt.

Arthur Machen took the name of "Filus Aquarti." The Golden Dawn had one woman member [no mention of Fraulien Sprengel...? -B:.B:.]: Florence Farr, Director of the Abbey Theatre and an intimate friend of Bernard Shaw. Other members included: Algernon Blackwood, Bram Stoker (the author of Dracula), Sax Rohmer, Peck, the Astronomer Royal of Scotland, the celebrated engineer Allan Bennett, and Sir Gerald Kelly, President of the Royal Academy.

It seems that on these exceptional people the Golden Dawn exercised a lasting influence, and they themselves admitted that their outlook on the world was changed, while the activities they indulged in never failed to prove both efficacious and uplifting. Golden Dawn - Ubermen von der Golden Dawn - Hitler \\  Secrets Of The Watchtower And Bible Tract Society