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Outnumbered, Out lied, and Out-propagandized


I have read your site for a year. I have laughed at some info. I have cried about others. I have filed most into the data base that I already have.

I have reached a conclusion: 

1. People don't care about freedom as long as the materialism is okay. 

2. 1984 occurred on time. 

3. Only the return of Jesus will stop where we are going. 

I wish there was another way, but we are outnumbered, outlied, and out-propagandized. This is what people want.......If people believe they live in a democracy then this is what they want and deserve.....They voted for it.

Perhaps it is time to realize that 144,000 people who would be true believers wouldn't be many when spread out over the planet. If you reread the story of the Army of Gideon and how the battle was fought perhaps it is time to remove our baskets and let the light shine.

When the American revolution occurred, those men knew they were out numbered, out-gunned, etc. But they stood up for truth and freedom. Win, lose it had to be done. I really wonder if there are enough lovers of truth and freedom who are willing to put their life on the line to defend the constitution and do what is necessary. The media has played this game and freedom lovers are cultists who are evil while policemen and firemen are hero's because they sacrifice themselves for the common good. There is always enough evidence generated by the government to prove it. 

I learned years ago peace is simple. To obtain peace you do nothing. Peace is cessation of againstness. They don't want peace or it would just happen. My plan is to allow them to have what they want. The only way to win is to not play.

Sorry for the rambling but I am surrounded by robots who think I am a terrorist who hates America. And they couldn't be more wrong. 

Thank you

God Bless America (until He returns)