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You may want to print this out to read again later. If your new to this, it takes a few read throughs to grasp, or e-mail with your specific questions or concerns (don't worry, I've heard them all in the past ten years, so don't be afraid to ask).

For instance;
__ __ Here's what the Supreme Court said way back in 1906 when they were figuring out how to set this whole shell game up so it would be rejoinable to the constitution and other laws of our republic,

__ __ "An individual may be under no obligation to do a particular thing and his failure to act creates no liability, but ( and,oh, is that a big but) , if he voluntarily attempts to act and do the particular thing (i.e. sign "certain" forms in a "certain" way) , he comes under an implied obligation in respect to the manner in which he does it". S. ct. 186 , pg. 188

Clear as mud, right? (My law prof. always said that with a "certain" little grin on his face).

Actually, when you study it and think about it, it's one of the craftiest and most well constructed sneaky statements of all time! Especially in light of the Trillions of dollars it has helped fleece from the not so bright, and oh so trusting "Flock".

But you don't have to be "Flocked". Join the over 40 million brave and smart Americans who are not fooled by the illicit IRS. Don't be the last to find out. Besides, don't you think you could put your money to better use than they do? ...I thought so.

"There is no law making you liable to pay income tax"

^ ^ ^ That's a quote from Congressman John Ensign of Nevada answering a constituents question.

Well ( Jack Benny style,i.e. hand on cheek), if anyone would know, it would be him, he was on the House Ways and Means Committee. No kidding! That's the fact, Jack! Prove me wrong, I double dog dare you! I've been waiting for well over a decade (I'm still lookin' myself because some folks offer a big cash prize if you can find it!). No one can, because I right, correct, in accordance with the law, whatever you want to call it!

Facts are stubborn things, they can be hidden and misconstrued, but they never go away.

F A C T , the IRS has no right to hassle you for money, legally, morally or otherwise, period end of story. . . .

. . . . . Most of the "Good'ol'Boys" on the hill like John Ensign will admit it when backed into a corner, they know it will drift swiftly over the heads of most people, but they will quickly change the subject just to be sure. They have learned how to play the game well from their peers.

E X A M P L E ;

"Most people, at some time in their lives, will stumble across the truth, most, however, will simply pick themselves up, brush themselves off and go quickly about their way as if nothing at all had happened" - Sir Winston Churchill -

They're playin' a shell game (boy, do they love us at the fair). It's a trick and I can show you how the trick works in less time than you spent watching TV last night. Yes, you can learn to keep the IRS at bay and out of your life forever, for only twenty bucks, less than a tank of gas in L.A.,(geez, or anywhere these days) come on!

Get your Ruby slippers on! Join the club!

I feel justified in charging a token fee for my work. If I give it away for free I'm swamped with semi-interested witlings who don't respect or apply my discoveries. Besides, I'm no Rockefeller, just Joey B. Normal with a "Rainman" type idiot savant nack for the law. I found it was something I could grasp and explain to others in the classic "Einstein" manner ("if you can't explain it so an 8 year old can understand it, then you don't understand it"). Not to mention have fun with it in many other aspects of everyday life.
You'll be quite enviable because of your "special" knowledge.

  • Take advantage of over 3000 hours of legal research and over ten years of success.

    Send only $20 cash/check or money order (guess which I like best, especially the old ones that don't look like monopoly money, don't you?) to;

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    You'll thank me and I thank you and God Bless America, eh?

    P.S. If your afraid because you think my price is too low, I understand, because I do too, $20 is peanuts compared to the thousands and thousands of dollars that won't be stolen from you for the rest of your life! You can use my previous plan (please!), consider the twenty bucks a down payment, and later when your perfectly comfortable getting your entire check with no federal deductions and know the IRS or anybody else can possibly hurt you, send me one final payment equal to what just one weeks deduction/thefts used to be.

    I liked this plan, this was my "I trust you, you trust me plan" . I thought it was a good idea, but marketing "experts" advised otherwise.

    I personally think an "ex" is a has been & a "spurt" is a drip under pressure.

    Either way, please, at least e-mail me and tell me what you think.
    Knowing what I know about all this, I'm very curious about the impression I'm making.

    This page last modified July-4-2000 by yours truly, the A man!Merry Amerryca
    millenium birthday everybody!!


    P.p.s. By the way, you may be wondering why they won't be bothering you anymore after you use my system. Here's one of the reasons (since they lie & misconstrue the law everytime they have contacted you).

    "THE LAW"

    Title 18 section 1001

    "Whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States knowingly and willfully makes any false, fictitious or fraudulent statements or representations, or makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or entry, shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than 5 years or both.


    I found out the secret over ten years ago, haven't heard from them since!