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Re: About Pam's Report
Thu Feb 21 16:59:07 2002

My gut feeling is that this is NOT happening. While it would
make sense that certain Intel types would be rounded up and
gotten rid of, I don't buy that it is happening (at least right
now.) First of all, most veterans of the Intel services that
are patriot types are pretty bright. Those that are not patriot
types being less bright of course. If they made it far enough,
they usually have the means to protect themselves either through
the court system or by self defense measures (i.e. bullet in the
head of the intruder sort of thing.) You are not going to round
up hundreds and certainly not thousands of patriot types without
some confrontation that escapes into the general knowledge
of the community.

The feds cant even muster 200 FBI agents to track down Eric Rudolph
let alone round up hundreds of their own (brightest elements) for
execution. I dont put a lot of trust in the Feds even to perform
roundups very well.

They might have gotten away with it with the
jews in Europe, but they had less access to information then
and were more gullible. We are far more paranoid about what the
government has to say to get us in a cattle car, and patriot government
workers even more so. Like I said, lets get to the facts with names,
photos and the like. I dont care what Pravada has to say about
martial law and yes we are in martial law, but Pravada is mere
propaganda and martial law has not yet produced mass executions
that is claimed by Pam unless we have some more to go off of.

Such talk certainly concerns me and
I could probablly put together a capable investigative recon
detachment but as of yet, I have nothing but heresay to go off of.

South East Regional Militia

>From: xxxx
>Subject: About Pam's Report
>Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 18:05:28 EST
>Hi Randy, below is my question to Pam and her response.
>I don't trust our news media and I certainly don't trust the Russian
>news media either.
>In a message dated 2/17/02 4:20:54 PM Central Standard Time, >writes:
><< Hi Pam, thank you very much for the e mail. Who do you suppose the
>arrested people are? I really can't imagine people in the militia/patriot
>movement being arrested without anyone reporting about the individuals. Do
>you think they may be Muslims or could someone be giving Al disinformation?

>In a message dated 2/18/02 9:42:26 AM Central Standard Time,
> writes:
><< Mike, you have to broaden your perspective as to the kind of people the
>government considers threats in this hour. Larry Lawson just had a guy Don
>his radio broadcast, who admitted that lots of the people they are quietly
>arresting, holding incommunicado and taking out in these boxcars are those
>who pose security risks to the government at this time (CIA, FBI, etc.),
>because they know too much about what is coming down and about prior black
>ops participation. It's the old "use and toss" mentality. Don confirmed
>on a Patriot broadcast, that this is the type being taken now in boxcars
>gassing facilities in Va, for example (older intel community they are
>using and now tossing.) Also, remember: under martial law, felons will be
>executed. The vast Russian newspaper PRAVDA has already publicly declared
>online that America has declared martial law. We are not being told by our
>government and news the truth about what is really going on in many areas.
>Perhaps they are also testing "the killing system" with felons who, they
>reason, "are going to be terminated anyhow" just to perfect their
>and to further train their personnel who will handle it on a major scale
>under martial law. Watch carefully as things unfold...
> God bless, Pam
> >>
>Original Message:
>Subj: URGENT! White Prisoner Boxcars, Prisoners Spotted By Pilot Flying
>Over Closed Military Base
>Date: 2/17/02 3:07:45 PM Central Standard Time
>Breaking news-02/16/2002 Distribute this information!!!
>By Pam Schuffert
>I have just finished a briefing by Al Cuppett, famed Pentagon lecturer on
>MARTIAL LAW. He shared with me some urgent information today. The most
>alarming piece of information came from his friend, a source in Texas whose
>"hot info" contact is a commercial commuter plane pilot.
>Not only did I talk to Al Cuppett regarding this, but I also spoke to Al's
>info source directly in Texas, who confirmed what Al had told me and gave
>the following information:
>His friend flies commercial commuter plane routes over Arizona. His routes
>included flying over a closed, restricted access military base in Arizona.
>Normally, the pilot admitted, there were ordinary railroad boxcars outside
>the fenced military facility on railroad tracks.
>But the pilot did a double-take recently when he flew his route over this
>Intrigued, he circled around and flew lower for a closer look.
>And again, he saw the WHITE PRISONER BOXCARS, with rows of PRISONERS
>to enter these boxcars inside this closed, restricted military base.
>We do NOT know yet WHO these prisoners may be. There is speculation that
>could be those referred to by former CIA insider/whistleblower AL MARTIN
>( in his article, "CITIZEN, CAN I SEE YOUR ID" in which
>he refers to the numerous Americans ordered to be arrested since "9/11" and
>being held incommunicado by Sheriffs nationwide. It is suspected that many
>are people who simply "knew too much" (including FBI, CIA, etc.,) who all
>pertinent "inside information" regarding "9/11" or of the coming MARTIAL
>People with such inside info are considered security risks when such
>operations finally come down, and are often quietly terminated by the
>government to eliminate that risk.
>This source in Texas admitted that one such person was not only quietly
>arrested and terminated, but his family removed as well and his home
>bulldozed to the ground to eliminate any trace of that person and his
>As if they had NEVER existed...
>* * * * * * * * * *
>This same source in Texas revealed that in another closed, restricted
>military base, multinational forces were practicing for URBAN WARFARE of a
>CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL WARFARE nature. He noted that the predominant
>nationalities were RUSSIAN AND GERMAN with relatively few American soldiers
>training in this operation. He actually took Al Cuppett there covertly to
>view this facility first-hand.
>(It is a known fact that the US military and UN/NATO occupying forces under
>martial law will resort to chemical/biological warfare tactics in order to
>both neutralize US Patriot opposition and spare as much loss of their
>UN/NATO/PfP forces as possible in the coming anticipated confrontations.)
>One military source, under conditions of anonymity, consented to be
>interviewed on a Patriot radio broadcast. He was asked,
>"What are the chances that the US military will actually deploy
>chemical/biological warfare agents against the American people under
>His reply: "Well, it will make it that much easier for our 'mop-up'
>operations afterwards..." In other words, YES...simply as a matter of
>convenience for the military! This also helps to explain the reports I have
>received from across the nation of large stockpiles of HUMAN BODY BAGS
>the nation. They are evidently in stockpiled anticipation of large numbers
>dead bodies to follow in the onslaught during MARTIAL LAW.
>He noted that the Russians, Germans and Americans were training in the
>tactics of both blanketing a major area (or even an entire city) with
>chemical warfare agents, as well as how to take out one building of
>opposition forces at a time. A special chemical warfare unit would be
>at the ground floor, which would quickly disperse the deadly chemical
>agent into the air of the building, rapidly neutralizing all opposition as
>the building filled with deadly fumes.
>What made the use of this closed base quite unique, he remarked to me, was
>that at the end of this chem-bio exercise, the military used a special
>technique called "no residual life" in which every attempt is made to give
>the appearance that the base has not been in use at all recently.
>clean building walls and windows were sprayed with artificial mold and
>to make it appear that this closed facility had never been used. Even the
>grass was groomed to make it appear as if no soldiers' feet had been
>trampling it down during the recent weeks of this exercise. Concrete was
>actually sprayed to make it look older, artificial rust sprayed on metal
>surfaces, etc.
>This observer noted that, when they finished this special operation and
>it would have been impossible for any outsider to ever guess by observation
>that ANY type of recent military maneuver had ever taken place in that
>military facility.
>* * * * * * * * * *
>We will further investigate this disturbing report of prisoners and white
>prisoner boxcars in Arizona and post all updates as we receive this
>-Pam Schuffert reporting from across America