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Prisoner Boxcars Already Running 2-3 Weeks: 
Many Detainees Allegedly Terminated

Date: 2/9/02 6:56:28 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Northwds)
To: (RMN Daily E-Mail)

Pam Schuffert
apfn scoffer & censor alert
Fri Feb 8 19:13:09 2002

Source Reveals:"Prisoner Boxcars Already Running 2-3 Weeks: Many Detainees Allegedly Terminated"
Date: 2/7/02 1:07:25 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: MyTWaryor4JC
To: Albertoaic

I have just received a disturbing phone call from a good friend and info source who must remain anonymous until further confirmation can be obtained.
This source revealed that evidence had been received that prisoner boxcars have already been running now for 2-3 weeks, in select areas and that many of the non-alien detainees that had been arrested and held imcommunicado in the wake of "9/11" were among the executed victims.
Such silent runs of prisoner boxcars were apparently taking place in Virginia, and the victims were expiring in these "boxcars with shackles" at termination facilities in that state. The source revealed that this operation is designed to occur in secret with total news media blackout, to conceal what is really occurring with these detainees from the unsuspecting American people.

Such a disturbing report confirms exactly what Pentagon/martial law expert AL CUPPETT warned would happen immediately prior to and into coming MARTIAL LAW. FEMA's infamous RED and BLUE list contains the name of over 6 million fellow Americans marked for priority arrest under martial law...and that is only the beginning of the massive arrests to follow.

He revealed that such people on this list would include high level intelligence community officers who simply knew too much about what is coming down, or had participated in various black ops of the past, and would prove a security risk under soon-coming martial law. Hence they must be rounded up and terminated. The same applies to government and military people as well of this nature.

Al Martin, former CIA and now whistleblower, ( noted with alarm that Sheriffs were admitting to him that alot of these alleged "foreign detainees" being picked up in the wake of "9/11" and being held incommunicado and then shuffled off into the night WERE NOT ALIENS AT ALL but AMERICANS! And that these Sheriffs were uncomfortable with their role of holding these Americans in such a manner that violated their rights to call a lawyer, make phone calls to their families, etc.

In one interview, Al Cuppett revealed plainly that the American government would betray many of their own under martial law, and many faithful servants of the US government would inevitably find their own names "on the list" for priority arrest and termination under martial law.

Al Cuppett received word after one lecture from a FBI officer who had managed to obtain a portion of FEMA's BLUE list, and discovered with horror that not only was HIS name on the list, but the name of a fellow FBI officer as well!
The sense of utter betrayal filled this FBI officer as he relayed this to Al.

Such clandestine operations would also explain the reports I have received nationwide of an unexplained increase of railroad train activity. And WHY a photographer of trains was recently arrested as he photographed them along a railroad track. He was charged with "terrorist activities!" Of course, if the government is running prisoner boxcars operations already, they would certainly not want inquisitive photographers capturing such activity, would they???

Virginia would be the ideal location for preliminary, trial boxcar/shackle runs of such Federal government prisoners to occur. Many of the Federal government's major operating headquarters for agencies such as the FBI, CIA, etc., are all located in or near this area. Thousands of Federal government employees and intelligence community officers in fact live in Northern Virginia and in this region. And as such, many would be picked up and detained in this area as well. And of course, many of your major bases of operation under martial law/contingency government are also in Virginia (Mount Weather, etc.)

I personally lived in Northern Virginia for over thirty years. Many of our neighbors were intelligence community officers, high level military brass, and high level government employees. It is not surprising that such a report would name this region as the location where such operations are now allegedly taking place.

I will make every effort to obtain follow-up information regarding this disturbing, yet wholly plausible, report.

-Pam Schuffert reporting from across America