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There is a tunnel under Giza. No one knows when it was constructed or how. An expedition was mounted as a result of data gathered back in the 1920's and 1930's about a secret chamber under the pyramid. They built equipment in later years and went in down into the pyramid and found this metal door 500 feet below the base of the pyramid. They found other doors. The doors used a sonic code. They found a room with over 30,000 recording disks and alien equipment. They made photos of the disks with IR film. The Egyptian government wouldn't allow them to take any out. The disks were deciphered. They described the rise and fall of civilizations in outer space going back more than 100,000 years. This group built this record room and then built the pyramid over it. There was no UFO, but a lot of equipment was stored on three levels. They photographed over 2,700 record disks. According to an Air Force contact, these disks are sitting in a safe at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico. They don't want the public to know this information.


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This picture is from the Inner Earth Hypothesis

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The Chamber



Capstone Ceremony



Ancient Aircraft?

Section from the temple at Abydios in Egypt


Childs Toy found in a Tomb




Pyramid Building Machines

Here is picture of the machines and their operation.  For a full examination of this subject Wyatt Archaeological Research offers a booklet entitled "How the Pyramids were built. "This "lift device" works. Not only that, but a host of evidence points to this very "device" being used by the ancient Egyptians. Pyramid Building Machines External Link

"The method employed was to build it in steps, or, as some call them, tiers or terraces. When the base was complete, the blocks for the first tier above it were lifted from ground level by contrivances made of short timbers; on this first tier there was another, which raised the blocks a stage higher, then yet another which raised them higher still. Each tier, or story, had its set of levers, or it made be that they used the same one, which, being easy to carry, they shifted up from stage to stage as soon as its load was dropped into place.... The finishing-off of the pyramid was begun at the top and continued downwards, ending with the lowest parts nearest the ground."

The "contrivance" used in the lifting of the enormous blocks of the pyramids is now understood. It has been thoroughly tested and examined by engineers who agree that such a "lift-device" is capable of lifting stones in excess of 100,000 pounds, when constructed in large enough dimensions. How The Pyramids Were Built External Link



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