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Satanic Hand Signals of the Convicted German "Vampires"
posted by Tamino on 23:30 1/2/2002

There are two very clear pictures of Manuela Ruda - one of the accused in the German Vampires trial - making Satanic hand signs at spectators in court.

Manuela Ruda beim Prozeßauftakt im Januar 2002 im Gerichtssaal,
Landgericht Bochum

Die sich zum Satanismus bekennende Manuela Ruda mit ihren Rechtsanwalt
Siegmund Benecke (l.) im Landgericht Bochum.



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Satanists blame Devil for 666 ritual killing

FROM ROGER BOYES IN BERLIN,,3-2002029094,00.html


DRESSED in black and shunning the sunlight, one of Germany’s most notorious Satanists told a murder trial yesterday that she had learnt to be a vampire in a Gothic club in North London.

“That was my apprenticeship,” Manuela Ruda, 23, said in the trial which has sent ripples of alarm through German families.

Frau Ruda and her husband, Daniel, are accused of the murder of a 33-year-old friend — his corpse was found in a coffin in her bedroom, his face slashed 66 times with a machete, and a pentagram, a geometric symbol used by Satanists, sliced into his stomach. A scalpel protruded from his chest. The cause of death was said to be hammer blows and stabbings.

The couple plead not guilty to murder and argue that they simply obeyed orders — the Devil’s. The defence team hopes that their evidence will result in a reduced sentence for diminished responsibility.

“If I kill a person with my car and half his bloody head is left on my bumpers, it is not the car that goes to jail,” Herr Ruda, 25, said. “It is the driver who is evil. I have nothing to repent because I did nothing.”

The trial in the industrial city of Bochum is exposing a strange subterranean world that seems to be drawing many German schoolchildren. Pupils have been throwing themselves off viaducts and bridges in ritual suicides and teachers are reporting frequent cases of Satanist graffiti on school walls.

According to the prosecution documents, the Rudas set off after the murder last July to Thuringia in eastern Germany, where a 15-year-old was murdered by three so-called Children of Satan after a black Mass. The point, apparently, was to kill themselves in a graveyard there.

Frau Ruda — who called herself Allegra after the daughter of the poet Byron — demanded that the courtroom windows be blacked out. “She cannot stand the light. She sleeps all day and comes out only at night,” her lawyer said. The judge dismissed the request, but allowed her to wear dark glasses for the duration of the trial, which is expected to be concluded next week.

Frau Ruda claims to be a vampire. After dropping out of grammar school she found a part-time job in a hotel in the Scottish Highlands.

No details were given in her evidence, but the prosecution documents record that when the hotel closed for the winter she went to live in a cave with a 62-year-old Scot called Tom.

He was tattooed from head to foot with leopards, but is not identified more closely in the indictment; nor is the exact location of the hotel. The relationship with the Scot helped to shape Frau Ruda’s taste for the bizarre.

She moved to London. Her new friends there from the Gothic scene introduced her to Satanic rituals. “I met ordinary people and I met vampires,” she said. “At night we visited cemeteries, ruins and woods and drank blood from voluntary donors.”

Frau Ruda had two teeth extracted in Germany and two animal fangs implanted.

The young woman — whose only other job appears to have been a short stint as a baker’s assistant — then embarked on a career as a vampire, sucking blood from friends and colleagues. The favour was reciprocated and her neck is now full of scars. “You just have to be sure not to hit the wrong vein,” she said.

The supposedly Satanic lifestyle is being pursued, according to police, by several thousand young Germans. Frau Ruda — who became known in the milieu for her posed photographs near open graves — took it to extremes. She slept in an open coffin decorated with an upside-down cross, blessed weapons for obscure rituals and studied books dedicated to “chaotic magic”.

The Rudas became a couple after Daniel, another school dropout, placed a lonely heart advertisement in the magazine Metal-Hammer. “Raven-black vampire seeks Princess of Darkness who hates everybody and everything,” the advertisement said.

Frau Ruda was enchanted. Together, they dug up graves — Frau Ruda insisted on being buried alive for a short time — and looked for a blood sacrifice to offer up to the Devil.

Herr Ruda, on the verge of being dismissed as a used car salesman, had a dream featuring the digits 666 — said to be the sign of the Devil. Following the instructions contained in the dream, they married on June 6 (6.6) 2001, then found a blood victim for the following month. The intention was then to kill themselves and go to Hell.

The victim, Frank Hackert, was invited to a party at Frau Ruda’s flat, a dark place filled with candles, skulls, handcuffs and pieces of stone ransacked from graveyards and former concentration camps.

The murder method appears to have been modelled on the album cover of a band called Cannibal Corpse. The album is called Hammer-Smashed Face and features a heavily mutilated face.

According to the prosecution, the victim was hit at least twice with a hammer before the stabbing began. The couple were caught on the run a few days later. Herr Ruda had just bought a chainsaw in a supermarket, apparently bent upon a massacre before committing suicide.

The trial continues.

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