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by Robert Goldsborough


IN 1871, GRAND SOVEREIGN MASTER ALBERT PIKE wrote Morals and Dogma, the book which has become the Masonic bible. Now, as then, Masonic lodges and chapters throughout the world abide by Pike's dictates. Pike decreed that only Masons of the highest degrees could be told the hidden meanings of Masonic symbols and goals thus deceiving lower initiates as to the real purpose of Masonry.


As part of their deception of the public, Masons claim their purpose is to do good works and make men better. They repeat the deceptive claim that Masonry is not a secret society but a society with secrets.


The symbolism of Freemasonry which Pike declared was to be revealed only to the highest level Masons was explained in 1959 by Rev. E. Cahill in Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement:


"Most of the Masonic symbolism, in its original and proper meaning, refers primarily to the Solar and Phallic worship. . .This fact is testified to by the great authorities of Anglo-American Freemasonry — Pike, Mackey, Thomas Webb Smith, William Preston, Hutcheson, etc. Jean B. Marie Ragon, the 'Sacred author" adds his testimony to that of the Anglo-American writers. Ragon expressly says that the Masonic god is the God of the Pyramids, thus identifying the Masonic cult with the religion of the ancient Egyptians....


"According to the vast majority of the great Masonic authors, the Masonic secret cult is derived from the ancient 'mysteries' of India, Egypt Persia, Greece. . .These mysteries are nothing more or less than those obscene and indescribable forms of worship, in which the generative process of nature, symbolized by the human organs of reproduction were the object of licentious homage. . .this worship is the real pivot of the Masonic religion, and the centre of Masonic ritual and symbolism. . .the Masonic deity, called the Great Architect,. . .is closely connected with the most hideous and degraded of the pre-Christian cults, one of which is commonly believed to betray the direct and immediate influence of the Evil One."


Fr. Cahill explains that even the initiation rite of the 1st or apprentice degree of the Blue Lodge dramatically displays the birth of Masonry's pagan anti-Christian Nature God, for it denies the existence of a personal, supernatural God, and ". . .signifies that God is a bisexual being, a hermaphrodite." (The Masonic symbols of the square and the compass represent the pagan deities of the female Isis and the male Osiris.)


Historian and researcher Paul Fisher unearthed a vivid description of the unbreakable bond amongst Masonic brothers in an 1861 (during the Civil War) letter from the Grand Lodge of York Masons in Pennsylvania to their brothers in Tennessee:
"Masonry is as old as government. It constitutes a government in itself. . . Masonry is a sovereignty and a law unto itself. . .it knows nothing but the principles and teachings of its faith...
"The proud position [of Masonry is to] stand aloof from the rise and fall of empires, the disturbance in States, the wars of contending nations. . .
The claims of a brother are not dissolved by war. . .and the tie once formed, is only sundered by death." (Behind the Lodge Door, Paul A. Fisher, 1988, Tan Publishers)
This insoluble bond of Masonic loyalty explains why, during the Civil War, Grand Master Albert Pike had promised to obtain weapons for a masonic military lodge, an action which caused him to be tried and found guilty of treason. Ironically, it was that same bond of loyalty which caused President Johnson (also a Mason) to pardon Pike for his treasonous activities.


That pardon became an important issue in Johnson's impeachment. General Gordon Granger was present at the White House meeting between Grand Master Pike and Fellow Mason Johnson, and his testimony before the Judiciary Committee states, "I gathered that he [Pike] was the superior of the President in Masonry. . .and that the President was his subordinate in Masonry."


The power of the Masonic bond was evidenced in the impeachment trial of President Clinton. In high school Clinton had been president of the Masonic youth group De Molay and in 1988 was inducted into the International De Molay Hall-of-Fame. Three Senators, all 33rd degree Masons, were instrumental in his acquittal: Majority Leader Trent Lott limited the time and the number of witnesses available to the House prosecutors; Republican Arlen Specter led the 10 Republican Senators who voted to acquit; Democrat Robert C. Byrd, although publicly acknowledging Clinton's guilt, actually voted for acquittal, and set the example for all other Democrats.


The secret oaths and insoluble bonds of Freemasonry bring them ever closer to their ultimate goals the destruction of Christianity and the establishment of a pagan New World Order.

(Emphasis has been added)



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