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by Jan Lamprecht

While researching my book, Hollow Planets (, I did a lot of thinking about the possibility that advanced civilisations might actually be in or near the Earth. And the book's main thesis was that huge cavities may well exist inside planets and I touched on the possibility that these cavities were inhabited. My conclusion was that there was considerable reason to suppose that not only did such huge cavities exist but there was considerable evidence for the existence of small nuclear stars inside planets which perhaps produce heat, and also generate the mysterious magnetic fields which so many planets have and which baffle scientists.

There were thoughts I had however, which at the time I held back on, and I did not push them hard enough because I was not sure if I should entertain such ideas. For example, I toyed with the possibility that two US Navy nuclear submarines, Scorpion and Thresher, might not have gone missing (with all hands on board) exactly as was told to us. There had been rumours that suggested that these submarines may have tried to enter the realm of the Inner Earth when, perhaps, the inhabitants, not taking a liking to the presence of nuclear attack submarines, disposed of them. It was a thought. Like I say, I'd heard rumours of it, but I never could prove it. I looked at the official websites, and I left it at that.

But there was one line of thinking that I did mention a long time back, and which I wrote about (on Interne), but then I kept it out of Hollow Planets. However, now I feel it is time to resurect it, because I think I've spotted something which nobody has mentioned so far. It has happened SO CAREFULLY, and SO QUIETLY, that NOBODY HAS NOTICED IT. So I want to mention it to YOU, and you have a good think about this... because it may be true.

Last year during my 2nd interview on Jeff Rense's SIGHTINGS radio show, I mentioned to him that I had done enough Arctic R&D which showed that the Beaufort Sea region (very roughly - more north actually) is where a Polar Hole existed. I cited evidence from Peary, Dr Cook, MacMillan and others. Lt Cmdr Green (USN), who had done some very serious R&D on this matter had written about a strange island in Popular Science and other magazines. Then, suddenly, Green joined Naval intelligence in 1926/7 and he never wrote about these things again. Had Green discovered something important? Had he been intiated into the "classified community?" Those writings of Green in Popular Science ended up in the Disney movie "Island at the Top of the World" (1975 - which was nominated for an academy award). He had written about the existence of an unknown island in the Arctic populated by the Lost Vikings from Greenland. My own R&D led me to suggest that this island lies on the edge of or inside the curvature of a Polar Hole....

You laugh? Consider that HAARP, which is all about bouncing radio-waves around the Earth's curvature lies in northern Alaska, not far from the Polar Hole. Is the secret mission of HAARP (under the guise of others things) to actually map or monitor the traffic of Alien vehicles going into and out of a Polar Hole? I mentioned that on Jeff Rense's show.

Some months after the show an amazing thing happened - slowly and quietly - Canada and other countries suddenly opened up a great deal of the Arctic to commercial air travel. A subtle move to "prove" that they had nothing to hide? Do you think this was just an accident?

Wake up friend! Let me tell you a little something. In 1926 Cmdr Byrd flew from Spitsbergen to the North Pole and back for the first time in a normal aircraft. Less well-known is that the USAF also engaged in EXTENSIVE FLIGHTS - done by Byrd, under the command of MacMillan, near Ellesmere Island in those years. These flights proved that normal aircraft could travel with ease under the most difficult conditions. It was the consensus back then - late 1920's - that Arctic air travel was commercially viable. Air travel across the Arctic cuts a great many miles off of a journey from Alaska to Europe. A journey from Asia to Europe is cut almost in half simply by flying over the Arctic. Back in the 1930's the Russians were flying all over the Arctic. They were flying DIRECTLY from Russia to all manner of places in the USA - from the East to West coasts. Then, one day, in 1937, a Russian aircraft disappeared... They heard it radio that it was in trouble, and it was going to try to land on the ice. And then it disappeared, never to be seen. Guess where that plane was? That plane disappeared on the Alaskan side of the North Pole - right near where my Polar Hole/Island is..... Despite the greatest search for wreckage ever - we are told (officially) that nothing was ever found. It remains one of the greatest mysteries of the Arctic. I say those Russians either crashed into the mountains of that mysterious island or they flew into the Polar hole where perhaps they died...

What I wish to demonstrate to you, the Reader, is this - that Arctic exploration started out relatively INNOCENTLY, and private people were involved, and then things happened. Initially even the military people were working towards making Arctic flight commercially viable. It HAS BEEN COMMERCIALLY VIABLE SINCE THE 1930'S TO FLY ACROSS THE ARCTIC. Yet, QUIETLY, WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING, it slowly disappeared from the map. The money that could be saved by scheduling most flights across the Arctic is ENORMOUS. Admiral Byrd and others wrote extensively about this in the 1920's and 1930's. Then, QUIETLY, the idea was dropped... Even now, the entire Arctic is not as open as you may think. I've been talking to pilots about exactly where they are flying and what they've seen. I know someone who flies across the Arctic and when he was due to fly over that exact area of interest his flight was diverted and given another route because all of a sudden "the satellite was unavailable". Ok, let's leave it at that... Personally, I wouldn't be satisfied until I got a chance to fly where I wanted to. If I had the money I'd go there tomorrow. I did discover that all flights from the Canadian mainland across the Arctic sea have to be authorised beforehand.

There's a moral and a pattern to the above story. We start off with Arctic exploration and then some nice discovery (ease of Arctic air travel and its commercial benefits), but we also see hints of something uncomfortable (the discovery of the strange island by Peary, MacMillan, Dr Cook and Green) and then slowly the veil of military secrecy covers the whole thing. Slowly, the commercial viability of Arctic air travel is forgotten. Quietly these ideas slip out of people's heads. I have heard before, a long time back, that there are more UFOs seen in Canada, per capita, than anywhere else in the world. Also, what of the discovery by Dr Louis A. Frank of the University of Iowa that strange "watery comets" strike the Earth's atmosphere in HUGE NUMBERS DAILY - ONLY IN THE ARCTIC! Is Dr Frank observing Alien Spacecraft without knowing about it? Dr Frank asked the US Navy to conduct some tests. The US Navy came back and said the results were negative. Later Dr Frank discovered that the US Navy had (deliberately?) calibrated their instruments wrongly so as to disprove what he was saying.... See! And what of HAARP? All the fuss about HAARP, and yet HAARP is the perfect thing for looking IN TO A POLAR HOLE....

The US Military may be far cleverer than any of you would give them credit for. They may know a lot more than we think.

There is another idea I researched quite a bit while writing Hollow Planets. I began suspecting that the US Air Force had actually engaged in SPACE TRAVEL, but that was not advertising it at all. It was TOP SECRET. I held back from writing about it in my book, and yet now I am starting to think it is really time to talk about this.

A former work-colleague of mine joined National Intelligence here in South Africa some years ago. He was naiive enough to tell me that he'd discovered something about UFOs there. Now, years later, I believe he got his BUTT KICKED - SOLIDLY - for letting out a secret. UFO's are not supposed to be real. He told me that he'd had contact with US intelligence and that the USA was OBSESSED with remaining the most technologically advanced nation on Earth and that the US Military, more so than anyone else, was OBSESSED with Alien Technology and were doing everything they could to lay their hands on it.

Now I want to ask you folks to take a look at NASA. NASA went to the Moon, and as many of you know, even on the "benign" moon trips there were a lot of code-words used and other frequencies which they could switch to if need be, etc, etc. Note too that all the astronauts on those missions were USAF Officers - who would be bound by oaths of secrecy. Much has been written about the possibility that US astronauts were tailed by Alien spacecraft and may even have seen them on the moon.. If there were indeed SOME LEAKS (which were true) from the Apollo series, then what would the US Govt do if it wanted to keep things secret? Perhaps, over time, they might decide that too many uncomfortable things were being discovered by NASA to keep a proper lid on it. So what if the manned exploration of space has been shifted to the USAF without this being told to the public? Security would be greater and if people were killed you would know nothing about it.

Consider for example Venus. Venus is a pretty boring world on the face of it. Yet, rumours have abounded that there is life there - human life. Is it possible? Well, my studies in Hollow Planets showed that the entire meteorology of Venus and all its mysteries are best explained if you consider that it is hollow, and has huge Polar Holes along with an Inner Sun which causes a rise and fall in the planet's outer atmosphere. Scientists once discovered that Venus's atmosphere - across its entire body - rises and falls by 1 Km. Venus "breathes". Its entire meteorology is explained by the "breathing" action of a Hollow World.

Consider further that between the Russians and the Americans more satellites have gone to Venus than to anywhere else in the solar system. Why the obsession with Venus? Or were they seriously trying to determine whether in fact Venus was the home of an advanced civilisation?

More recently we've had an obsession with Mars. But one satellite on top of another has "malfunctioned" or "disappeared" at the last moment. That made a lot of people suspicious. I agree. How do you know that this was not stage-managed and the satellite was switched over to Military control from thence onwards?

There is a trend which no one really has mentioned. Have you noticed how NASA has been DOWNSIZED - ostensibly because of "Govt money problems". I read the other day that NASA's budget is now a mere $13 billion per annum. Apparently its budget is so small that it can barely MAINTAIN all the facilities it has. I remember reading that putting man on the Moon cost the USA $25 billion alone. Consider that the USA, at this time in its history, is exploding financially and monetarily like never before. Its GDP being measured in trillions of dollars. For a country like this, $13 billion is barely a drop in the ocean. If Apollo cost $25 billion, more than 30 years ago, then what, in real terms does that mean by today's standards? Allowing for inflation, etc, it must mean that NASA is a FRACTION of the size it was 30 years ago. Not so? Considering all of NASA's successes isn't that STRANGE?

A few years back I saw an interesting program about Mars. One nuclear scientist said that nuclear rocket engines could EASILY power manned space-craft to Mars and elsewhere at ENORMOUS SPEEDS. He said that with today's technology it was FAR EASIER to go to Mars now, than it was to go to the Moon 30 years ago. Going to Mars now - a manned mission - is almost a ho-hum exercise compared to what President Kennedy expected of the Apollo missions.

Shortly after Apollo it was said that the US would be back, building bases on the Moon in the next 10-20 years. People were talking of mining precious metals on the moon and bringing it back. Space was for everyone. The commercialisation of space was expected shortly. But look at how that idea has quietly disappeared. Why?

Look at the AMAZING discoveries by NASA's satellites on Jupiter and across the solar system, and yet, NASA hobbles along on a budget where it can hardly do anything. Why? Is it that NASA is kept alive as a TOKEN GESTURE that civilian space exploration is alive? I think so. Consider that NASA's job now has become one of merely sending a few (malfunctioning) CHEAP satellites across the solar system.

So if NASA is not exploring space what then?

A while back in an issue of Popular Science I was reading about Lockheed and how they were tendering for a newer and much cheaper space shuttle. It was a pilotless space-shuttle which could go up in a single stage and then land. Lockheed's famous Skunkworks are the guys who developed the SR-71 Blackbird, the U-2 spyplane, F17 Stealth Fighter and many other amazing planes which were decades ahead of their time. The Skunkworks are involved in many hot (and Top Secret) military projects. One of their testing grounds is of course the infamous Area 51. Skunkworks are the guys who are working on the new (and incredibly fast) hydrogen-pulse engines which leave the dough-nuts-on-a-rope trail in the sky.

One question folks should be asking themselves is this: If the USAF, with the Skunkworks, have new technology aircraft which can move at such amazing speeds then does it not follow that these planes could easily be turned into single-stage SPACE PLANES? Or perhaps we are already observing space planes flying over the USA - taking off from remote locations and actually flying into space and back again.

When Popular Science mentioned that Lockheed had won the contract for the new sleeker, faster, high-tech, pilotless Space Shuttle, one aeronautical engineer commented that this must be based on TOP SECRET technology which had been thoroughly TESTED. He pointed out that NASA is actually VERY CONSERVATIVE in its use of technology. It only uses very reliable and tested components. It only uses rocket motors these days which have been in operation for a minimum of 8 years. He estimated that the technology in the new space shuttle could only be acceptable to NASA if there was evidence that it had been used successfully elsewhere. He suggested that Lockheed Skunkworks MUST HAVE DEVELOPED AND FLOWN A USAF SPACEPLANE.

Just a few weeks ago, in England, a laptop disappeared and later reappeared. There was a whole hue-and-cry about how secrets were disappearing off of laptops. But what caught my eye about this particular laptop was that it contained the plans for a joint US-British warplane which was said to be so advanced that it ALONE, could win wars. Further details of this plane were not given.

My Intelligence agent friend had told me years ago that the real hot-button in airforces around the world were extremely advanced pilotless planes, some of which could drop nuclear bombs and perform all manner of sophisticated missions. People are constantly seeing strange triangular "UFO's" which no doubt are mostly these secret planes in action. Even the Russians have pilotless planes. Everyone has them, and of course no doubt they also incorporate Stealth technology.

My Intelligence agent friend told me that the US Navy often comes to South African waters and then sets off for the cold Antarctic seas. Far out to sea the US Navy then tests various secret aircraft, etc.

How do we know whether the US Navy/Airforce don't already have a Top Secret means of launching SPACE ROCKETS of their own without us knowing about them? How do we know whether NASA's scientists are really the FIRST to get to various outer planets, etc? Think about it.

How do you know that the USAF doesn't take a good hard peek at the planets long before civilian scientists do? How do you know that the best scientists aren't already working for the military and are sworn to secrecy? If they do this, then they can see to it that NASA carefully AVOIDS showing the public embarrassing things. Let's say Mars has Polar Holes for example, hidden under a mist. How do you know that they don't go there and check these things out first and ensure that the NASA satellites are MYOPIC enough to see only what they need to see? Satellite pictures are all digital and are processed by computer programs. How do you know that the military doesn't control some of the programs and software that goes on board of NASA satellites to the planets?

Military technology is always the best. How do you know that they don't go to these planets first with high-tech satellites which can image a man standing on the ground and then they take a good peek all across Mars in high-res before letting NASA go there with a low-res image to wow (the dumb) public?

Its not all that difficult to do.

How do you know that NASA's current decrepit state hasn't been carefully STAGE-MANAGED so that NASA falls far behind the USAF and that the USAF are the only people who truly know what is going on in this solar system?

The Mass Media of course won't be let in on the real secret. But I have often wondered if there aren't Top Secret satellites floating around this solar system going to take a peek at Alien activity? Maybe the USAF has already discovered Alien bases, Polar Holes and perhaps already monitors the movement of Alien traffic from one planet to another without us knowing. When I was writing my book, as I was finishing it off, I started following the things Dr Louis A. Frank was coming across and I kept wondering to myself whether this particular scientist has already stumbled on Alien activity but being so obsessed with "natural" explanations for EVERYTHING, he (like other scientists), might be missing the true (and awesome) significance of what he'd stumbled upon.

Meanwhile, how do we know that the USAF doesn't send astronauts up in to space regularly? The US Military was experimenting with Killer satellites in the 1970's already. The next frontier for warfare is SPACE. The Russians have already revealed how they designed their space craft and space stations with rocket-pods, etc so that they could begin fighting a war in space. Space warfare (around the Earth) is already something that both Russia and the USA have been preparing for. The warfare consists of destroying each others satellites and space vehicles.

The technology, budget and scientists no doubt exist for the USAF to engage in its own SPACE RECCONAISANCE program as a normal part of military operations. If the USAF watches over Earthly powers then it follows quite simply that it must be at the forefront of watching Advanced Civilisations if they are on our doorstep (and very possibly inside the Earth too).

Astronomers may well suspect certain things but keep their mouths shut. Dr Tom Van Flandern told me that there was a "code" among professional astronomers that you do NOT question scientific theories in public. Some of them may know more than they're telling.

What I wanted to draw the Reader's attention to however, was that NASA has slowly been downsized, downscaled and its all but disappeared in the last 30 years in spite of its TREMENDOUS successes. I think that's because the funds for the REAL Exploration of space have been moved to the USAF. Consider that a single Stealth Bomber costs around $1 billion. They ordered about 20 of them. Thus, the cost of a couple of Stealth bombers alone exceeds NASA's budget. The USAF could be launching satellites from rockets or sending pilots into space without you or I knowing a thing about that.

At one time I went and did some poking around military newsgroups asking about the USAF's space capability. In one place the moderator kicked the question out because he said I was asking questions that were touching on classified issues. One man did once reply quietly. He told me he works for a company that installs emergency parachutes into USAF planes. He told me that they saw lots of pretty strange, classified things. He did not want to answer questions directly, but when I told him of my theory that the USAF was engaged in TOP SECRET exploration of space, he told me that from what he'd seen it was VERY EASILY POSSIBLE.

If you thought the Stealth fighter was WOW, wait until we learn one day about the really advanced planes that have been developed quietly in the past 20 years.

We may be hearing a lot about hydrogen-pulse engines, but do not discount the possibility of working nuclear engines existing. Nuclear engines have served US Navy submarines very well, and you have no idea what may already be out there. Nuclear technology has come a long way. A Russian Military Intelligence defector, Col. Lunev wrote in his book ("Through the Eyes of the Enemy") some years ago that the Russian military could produce miniature nuclear bombs the size of a suitcase. How do we know that nuclear engines haven't been down-scaled and down-sized so that they can be installed in space planes? One engineer I saw being interviewed said that nuclear engines were the next technology and that we knew enough to make these things work. He reckoned they were the secret to the MANNED exploration of the Solar System.

And if a USAF Officer were to DIE in space, or their space plane were to be lost - how would we know? How would the family know? Or what if aliens actually killed them? The USAF would simply say the pilots died on a "training flight" and that would be the end of it.

The more I view this scene, the more I think that there are BIG THINGS happening in the USAF but mum's the word.