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  If you haven't heard the latest about the 666 system, let me touch a bit upon it now in order to satisfy you that the time is at hand. I got hold of a cassette tape in May, 1995, upon which the speaker was a Christian engineer. Along with some scientists, he had been involved extensively in the creation of a high-tech microchip so minute that it could pass through a hypodermic needle. The chip was being developed for transplantation into the skin of animals, but has an ultimate application in the skin of humans. The main problem, he said, was in supplying it with electrical power because of the difficulty of including a battery in an item so small. After much research and experimentation, a team discovered how the microchip could be powered without a battery, by using the electricity formed as a bi-product of a process called temperature exchange, so long as the chip was placed in a medium that continually lost and/or drew sufficient heat. The production of an electric current through temperature exchange is nothing novel; the Russians applied the process in World War II to run radios by heating the ends of a metal wire with a basic flame. What was novel about the ultra-modern achievement, and very relevant to our discussion, was that the medium which was the focus of the experiments, the skin, produced its own electrical current which could be applied successfully to the microchip.

According to this Christian engineer, the investigators he worked with sought for the best temperature-exchange location on the body, and they found that the two most efficient places were on the forehead and on the back of the hand! Need I say more? (For anyone new to this topic, these are the very two places on the body which the Bible says the mark of the beast will be applied.) The reason that the forehead and the back of the hand are the best choices is obvious. These locations are thin-skinned, permitting the blood vessels to come nearest to the outer atmosphere, where heat from the blood is lost most efficiently. Furthermore, they are two places where clothing does not usually interfere with heat transfer out of the body.

So you see, not only is the ability to install commercial numbers in our hands and foreheads current technology, but the desire to do just that has been the scheme of our superiors for some time now. Why else have they extended themselves seeking a way to power microchips in human skin if the purpose is not to implant them in it some day soon? That these sorts of chips are already implanted in animals is already common knowledge. And while stores are already using a purchasing system which engages electronic deduction, we should accept the fact that we are now at the dark threshold of the anti-Christ's skincode system. Although the electronic transfer of money is currently based on numbers in plastic cards, you can see that the next logical step is to place the numbers in hands, or, if some have no hands, on their foreheads.

It is a well-known fact that the wiring systems which connect the computers of all large corporations to the banks are already in place. Any small business can connect immediately by purchasing the proper, inexpensive computer hardware. There is no other major step needed in the hardware department to incorporate the skincode system. Consider what Ralph Nader, a man who attempted to be President not long ago, said:

"Is there a number or mark planned for the hand or forehead in a new cashless society? Yes, and I have seen the machines that are now ready to put it into operation.”

The next big step will be in the marketing department. That will be initiated by the anti-Christ kingdom through the political drive of the False Prophet.


Eventually, a certain man will arise, whose arrogance and deceitfulness will be great, and through a set of circumstances driven by God, he will achieve great power. He will not appear initially in the US, or Canada, or anywhere in the western world. His military forces will first prosper in the Middle East, and from there he will attack and desecrate Israel (abomination of desolation). Though on his own he will be a rather small power ("little horn"), the False Prophet will make him great in the eyes of the West so that the entire globe accepts him as somebody significant. It is the False Prophet that sets up and promotes the "666" system, in the anti-Christ's name; it is the False Prophet that does great signs in the sky to promote the image or status of the anti-Christ for the sake of promoting the skincode; and it is the False Prophet that causes all peoples to highly fear ("worship") him for the same purpose. Without the False Prophet's political strings, the skin-based system of doing business would not be uniquely associated with this blasphemous, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, boor of a man the Bible calls "the beast," who, if left to himself, would never find such fame among the world's people.

At the time that the anti-Christ is thus raised to prominence in the world, most of the western peoples will absorb the False Prophet's message in the way they fall prey to most fervent advertising, even as we are now falling prey to the smart cards through cleverly-designed ads, and the lesser nations will likely follow along without a peep. Through the False Prophet's appeals, while he speaks deceptively "as a dragon" (Rev. 13: 11), the people will tolerate the anti-Christ and accept the skincode in his acclaim. For this very reason alone, regardless of how many advantages the system might have in eradicating crime and time (not to mention bank employees), we who want to be eternally associated with Jesus are warned not to partake of that skin-based system.

Whether or not the tiny microchip described here will ever be part of the skincode, or whether it will be powered by electricity in the skin, we can not say with full certainty. But one thing which is known to us concerns the apparent bent of the modern banks to use the right hand or forehead, in direct opposition to the Bible, as the location on the body. According to a 1973 issue of Senior Scholastics, there had been plans (as long ago as that) amid the "financial circles" to implant a number in the skin using a quick and painless shot of invisible ultra-violet laser light. And, said the article, "people would receive a numbered tattoo in their wrist or forehead." While the tattooed number seems to have given way to the microchip system, the location of the right hand or forehead is still the location of choice, suggesting to me that Revelation 13 is somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy as the banks try to fulfill it deliberately. Why deliberately? Have you never heard of Masonry and the Illuminati (very wealthy Satanists) who are in control of this world's god (i.e. money)?

The skincode is almost upon us! We are hearing this from all angles and from many different writers, while the evidence of a 666 is on the product labels of most everything we now buy.

An interesting point that tends to support a microchip as the basis of the skincode system concerns a question posed to a physician by the Christian engineer who worked on its development:

"What if the concentration of lithium in the microchip breaks down, or what if there is a blow struck (microchip malfunction.)? The reply from the atheist doctor was: "it will cause a grievous sore."

Revelation 16:2 reads: “and there came a bad and evil sore on the men having the mark of the beast..." Notice that, while English versions may use "sores," the Greek text uses the singular, "sore." Being singular does suggest very much that it will occur in the location of the skin into which the microchip is applied.

Another interesting insight is that the Greek word for "mark" (charagma) in Revelation 13 means "etching" or "scratch," which comes from the Greek verb, "charax," meaning, "to sharpen to a point." Certainly, these terms do bring to mind the syringes now being used to implant chips in animals and prisoners. While syringes don't exactly make scrathes or etchings in the skin, they do pierce skin, and this is the idea behind "charagma." Of course, conventional tattoo's are applied by etching the skin. And marks made by ultra-violet laser would also be, though on a smaller scale, an etching of the skin.


According to the book of Revelation (13:17-18), the numbers 666 implanted into the skin will have the peculiarity of somehow reflecting the anti-Christ's name. This very numeric triplet is now being used in the Universal Product Code, or UPC (the black sets of bar lines on the labels of store merchandise everywhere), for purposes that the general public does not know. Indeed, the bars representing the three sixes are not openly revealed by the UPC, though all other bars are clearly identified with digits directly underneath them.

Of the total 30 lines, or bars, in the UPC, each digit is represented by two bars so that the totality of the bars represent 15 digits. 24 of 30 bars representing 12 of 15 digits are openly identified with common digits placed directly under them. But 6 bars representing 3 digits are not identified! Each of these 3 digits is a 6, and they are left concealed for a reason, since they represent a 666. Surely, the government officials in charge of the code's engineering must have known that we Christians oppose the inclusion of three sixes in a commercial system on very strong religious grounds. Christian writers have been warning about a modern 666 commercial system for decades, and yet, the triplet has been included in the UPC's structure regardless. Indeed, regardless of the disharmony that will in due course ensue because of our rejection of the system and refusal to cooperate with it, they are going ahead with it anyway. What's more, they wish to go further and actually use the triplet in a skincode! Are they laughing behind our backs? Do they think they are going to play a practical joke on us? What complete arrogance! We Christians are completely insignificant to these leaders. But the "joke" will be on them, and none of them will be laughing.

Since the Bible suggests that the anti-Christ's name will somehow assume 666, the wonder is that the triplet is already out on the Product Code before the anti-Christ has been revealed to the world. This is puzzling. Are we to believe the False Prophet has been involved in the UPC's creation already, and has he been working in the wings in league with the anti-Christ? I don't think so. Alternatively, we might say this is all a God-directed "coincidence." Perhaps. But I think it would be admissible to suggest that the people who are bringing us the high-tech commercial systems are Satanists hoping to bring about the Biblical 666 system as a joke on Christians, all the while assuming that the Biblical Revelation is untrue. To put it another way, God has created a self-fulfilling number just by making it known to his enemies.

The positive side is that the commercial engineers have not been successful in concealing the triplet from us. Indeed, it is quite fortunate that a 666 has been found in the Universal Product Code because it warns us of the nearness of the fully developed skincode system. I learned of this UPC triplet many years ago, but recently, I viewed a video tape (produced in 1994) on the subject that must surely be getting around to Christian circles far and wide. This tape informed me that over 95% of all products sold to us have the UPC with its 666 on their packaging? Take a look in your cupboards or pantry, and you will see it on just about every can and package. Take special notice of the code with 30 lines, the one with two thin lines on the left side, two thin lines on the right side, and the same two thin lines coming right down the middle. Each pair of thin lines represents a 6. If you want to prove this for yourself, find any digit, 6, on the right half of the code (not on the left half). Above that 6 there will be the same two thin lines. Any 6 on the left half of the code is not represented by these two thin lines, however, because the two halves of the UPC are furnished with bars from two distinct bar sets. The bars on one bar set are always used on one half, and the bars on the other bar set are always used on the other half. It is bar set used on the right half that uses two thins lines placed closely together to represent a digit, 6.

The 5-digit number on the left half represents the manufacturer of the product. All Coca-Cola products, for example, will have the same 5-digit number on the left half. The 5-digit number on the right half represents retail information (e.g.- price).

Along with the two 5-digit numbers, you will usually see two 1-digit numbers, one on each side of the UPC. Also on each side of the UPC, you will notice 4 longer lines. The two longer lines positioned 3rd and 4th from the extreme left represent the single-digit number shown some where to the very left of the UPC. Likewise, the 3rd and 4th longer lines in from the extreme right represent the single-digit number placed somewhere near the extreme right of the UPC.

The two longer bars on the very outer left side and the two longer bars on the very outer right side are, as I said, both 6s. The same two longer bars can always be found coming right down the center of the UPC, and supplies the third 6. Since these bars are not assigned digits under them like all the other bars, and also because they appear with every UPC, they appear to serve no other purpose but to act as boundary lines. However, the truth is, they provide a 666 on every UPC, regardless what the manufacturer number is or what digits the retail information may be represented by. This gives the triplet a more far-reaching purpose than to merely act as boundaries for scanner-related purposes. It acts as the forerunner to the 666 of the skincode. How the triplet might be used in the microchip must, at this time, be known only by those who are privy to the system. Someone in-the-know is bound to spill the beans before long, however, unless someone on our side makes the discovery first.

The Bible goes out of its way to make sure we understand that it is the receiving of the mark on the hand and forehead that is damning, and not the use of the UPC. It is when the False Prophet and the anti-Christ become involved with the economy and with the skincode that we should have nothing more to do with purchasing. The system becomes evil by association with anti-Christ.


Guelph, Ontario, has been chosen to be the location for the first community-based pilot project, in all of North America, for the cashless society card, also called the Smart Card. It began late in 1996 and has been, according to those who launched it, a complete success wherein over 93% of the city's merchants partook in it. There has only been one program like this one, in London, England, which I understand has served for the pilot for all of Europe, though there was a similar effort in Kingston, Ontario as well. Indeed, the US is well behind Europe and Canada in utilizing this technology, though, at present (June, 1997), there are pilots in San Francisco and Jacksonville, Florida. The one in Florida involves AT&T, while the one in San Francisco involved 700 employees of Wells Fargo Bank. Clinton is pushing legislation for smart cards right now so that this sentence may be old news by the time you read it. The people who are marketing the cards tell us there will be 3.5 BILLION cards by 2,000, which, in my mind, amounts to a global cashless society within the first few years of the millennium; if you don't believe this estimate, see

The Smart Card is a replacement of the magnetic stripe cards, having a microchip instead wherein the Visa and other similar card numbers can be incorporated (no Smart Card, no Visa). While the virtues of the system are going to be stressed to the public, we must not lose sight of the fact that it is based on greed. The people who are bringing it to fruition are the world's banks in conjunction with Mastercard, people who already have an over-abundance of our money, but who see opportunity through this card to have more.

A person can run the card through the bank machine to load it with "cash," after which it is run through a store scanner to unload it. The microchip's built-in computer keeps track of how much is unloaded at every purchase point. When the amount of "money" runs low, the card can be reloaded at a bank machine. Some of the cards used in the pilots have a maximum capacity of $100, but that would change very quickly to much more. Look for these cards to replace cash and checks immediately!

The company which is in firm control of this technology is called Mondex, 51% of which is owned by Mastercard. There are at least 20 shareholders having a slice of the other 49%--all banks, except AT&T. Fully ten shareholders are banks in Australasia. You will hear of Mondex often in the future, as it is well on its way to being the leading provider globally of this monetary system. Consider statements like the following made in a Mondex press release, dated May 22, 1997:

With the addition of Bank of Montreal, Canada Trust, Le Mouvement des caisses Desjardins, National Bank of Canada, and TD Bank to Mondex Canada’s existing participants -- CIBC, Royal Bank, Credit Union Central of Canada and Hong Kong Bank of Canada -- Mondex would represent close to 90 per cent of the deposit-taking financial institutions market in Canada, at this time. In addition, Bell Canada is a marketing participant in the Mondex implementation in Guelph, Ontario.

With 90% of all banks participating without the bat of an eyelash in Canada, you know the banks of Europe and the United States will follow along just as strongly and, as concerns us Christians, just as quickly. They obviously have a financial incentive in participating with Mastercard! They are planning to gouge the people; so don't think they are going to be inclined to give us back all their savings in paperwork costs. Here are some bits and bites to chew over from the horse's (Mondex) own mouth:

Mondex is a payment smart card which brings together the advantages of paying by cash with the convenience of paying by card. The system is being introduced by major financial institutions in conjunction with retailers and telecommunications companies around the world. Mondex can be used in place of cash to make payments instantly and conveniently at participating merchants or by phone. In addition, Mondex is unique in that its technology platform allows for person-to-person transfer of electronic cash that is not reported to a central computer system.

Be shocked, Christian, for you can see that, after playing Mr. Nice Guys to get the cards established "around the world," the banks will force us to use them by not giving us a viable, traditional alternative. The bit about Mondex payments being made "instantly and conveniently" spells, NO PAPERWORK-MONEY SAVED, and the bite comes down when, after the cards are accepted, the mandatory skincode is enforced.

The fact that huge corporations want a cashless society makes it a sure bet that it will be established sooner rather than later. That over 93% of all the merchants in the first pilot city have accepted the use of this system speaks loudly about the speed with which it will be set up in all the world. It's now only a matter of selling the idea to the people, and with Christian churches helpless to do anything about it, and with God allowing it all to take place to fulfill prophecy, there's not going to be a major obstacle. Indeed, there are 10,000 card holders in Guelph right now where the population of the city is only 100,000. While that represents 10% of the population, it has got to be more like 30-40% of all families!

The vital question concerns whether or not the skincode will be set up already (by others) when the anti-Christ initially takes charge for 1,260 days. Will he merely need to slip in "overnight" and represent what Mondex establishes without giving us much opportunity to prepare provisions? That is the picture I am getting. It is very significant that Mondex is cutting the global path for the skincode so that False Prophet/Anti-Christ just needs to enter the scene at the appointed time to represent it. Consider the global (beastly) character of Mondex as revealed in the following quotes from its press release, keeping in mind that these people already know they will afterwards convert to a microchip in the skin:

Mondex Canada is part of Mondex International Limited, an independent global payments company owned by MasterCard International and 23 other major companies in North America, Europe, southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

[Michael Keegan CEO of Mondex International, said:] "Canada’s financial services industry has given Mondex a tremendous vote of confidence and ensured that it will be the first electronic cash scheme to gain wide acceptance across the country. This announcement is typical of Mondex’s rapid progress around the world and emphasis's the fact that we are now a global reality, with Mondex franchises sold in over 20 countries and new franchises to be announced in the coming months."

[Allan J. McGale, Vice President, Stored Value Cards, Royal Bank, said:] "Today’s announcement concerning Bank of Montreal, Canada Trust, Le Mouvement des caisses Desjardins, National Bank of Canada and TD Bank is a significant milestone for Mondex Canada as well as for our colleagues in other countries around the world. With representation by most of Canada’s leading financial institutions, and the participation in the Guelph launch of the country’s largest telecommunications company, we now have an even stronger foundation for establishing Mondex as the pre-eminent global electronic cash system."

While I can only make theories as to the relationship between Mondex and the False Prophet/Anti-Christ at this time, one thing is becoming more and more apparent. That is, according to a fellow post-tribber , Mondex has some Masonic stripes. He writes: "In the last two weeks Mondex commercials have been airing on Canadian television in promotion of it's MARC. The spots show the Mondex name and 3 ring Masonic logo." I don't think it is a coincidence that the company which manufactures the smart cards (Gemplus) for Mondex have decided to use the title, Multi-tech Automated Reader Card, so that it spells MARC. Rather, it suggests they are out to make the mark of the beast happen as a joke on us.

Mondex supposedly stands for "monetary dexterity." Now, while "dexterity" means "easy handling," the root of the word is "dexter," which means "right hand." Therefore, MONDEX could very well mean "money in the right hand." Of course, the "monde" in Mondex may also be significant in that it means "world." And, wouldn't you know it, you can get a "demon X" out of Mondex just by tagging the "de" to the front of "mon." And, wouldn't you know it some more, that "SET MARK" is the registered name of Mondex's new companion to the smart cards (to be used for internet purchases), where "Set" is the Egyptian version of Satan (or Satan's brother) , so that SET MARK could mean SATAN's MARK. You'll hear more about SET MARK soon, or go to the Mastercard site ( and read all about it (but don't expect them to come out and admit the Satanic/Masonic undertones inherent in their special titles).

You'll be hearing a lot more about Mondex USA from here on in, especially after the Y2K scare has passed, when the banks will feel relief enough to surge in carrying out their cashless-society plans.


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