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An Israeli spy network was dismantled in the United States,5987,3222--265330-,00.html

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It is undoubtedly the largest business of Israeli espionage in the United States made public since 1986. In June 2001, a report/ratio of investigation details the activities of more than one hundred of Israeli agents, some being presented in the form of students in fine art, others being related to Israeli companies of high-tech. All were challenged by the authorities, were questioned and a dozen of them would be still imprisoned. One their missions would have been to track the Al-Qaida terrorists on the American territory, without informing the federal authorities of them. Elements of this investigation, taken again by American television Fox News, reinforce the thesis according to which Israel would not have transmitted to the United States all the elements in its possession on the preparations of the attacks of September 11.

A vast operative Israeli spy network on the American territory was dismantled, reveals in its last delivery the Letter of Intelligence Online, publication specialized in the questions of information.

It is the most spectacular business blaming the activity of Mossad (the Israeli external security) at the United States since the judgment at the prison at life of Jonathan Pollard, an employee of US Navy, in 1986, for espionage with the profit of Israel. Which was the real scale of this rseau ? The facts evoked by an American report/ratio of investigation do not indicate if it could reach information of first command, or if the authorities dismantled it in its initial phase.

According to the writer en chef of Online Intelligence, Guillaume Dasqui, this " vast network of intelligence agents Israeli was neutralized by the services of against-espionage of the department of justice " . The Americans " would have apprehended or expelled close to 120 ressortissants Israeli " .

M. Dasqui gives a report on a " review article of 61 pages " of juin 2001, given to the American ministry of justice by a " task force " made up of agents of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration, service of repression of the narcotics) and INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) " with which was associated the FBI [ federal font ] and the office of investigations of US Air Force " . Questioned by the World , Will Glaspy, of the Public department Affairs of the DEA, authenticated this report/ratio, whose DEA " holds a copy ".

It is not the first time that information relating to Israeli espionage appears in the United States since the Pollard business. In juin 1999, the Insight review had lengthily evoked a " secret " investigation of the division 5 of the FBI as for Israeli phone-tappings targeting the White House, the State Department and the national Council of security.

After the attacks of the 11 septembre, not very detailed information had evoked the arrest of an about sixty Israelis. Lastly, of the 11 au 14 dcembre 2001, the chain of Fox television diffused an investigation in four parts into Israeli espionage in the United States, in the emission " Carl Cameron Investigates ". The embassy from Israel in Washington immediately indicated that it did not contain " anything truth " . American Jewish organizations. Jinsa (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs), Aipac (America-Israel Political Committee Action) and others. denounced a " machination " . Fox withdrew from his Internet site, one day and half after his installation, all the hardware related to this investigation.

The World required of three resumptions with Fox News to provide him a cassette of the emission. It was never done. The 26 fvrier, Fox answered our correspondent in New York that the sending posed " a problem " , without other precision. The World however took note of the integral script of this investigation. Carl Cameron evokes " a vast secret held investigation there " relating to " 140 Israliens being made pass for students of the University of Jerusalem or Academy of the Art schools Betzalel [ which have ] unceasingly sought to come into contact with civils servant and, according to a document, targeted and penetrated of the military bases, dozen buildings of the DEA and FBI and others " .

Its investigation is focused on two aspects. Un : could the Israelis have a preliminary knowledge of the attacks of the 11 septembre and not have informed Amricains ? Its sources, explains Carl Cameron, him disent : " the principal question is ' how they could not savoir ? '. " With the screen, its writer as a head tells him alors : " Certain reports/ratios confirm that Mossad sent representatives to the United States to prevent them, before the 11 septembre, of the imminence of a major terrorist attack. That does not go in the direction of an absence of warning. " Response of Cameron : " the problem is not the absence of warning, but the absence of useful details " compared to those which American services suspect Israel of having held.

The second shutter of the investigation touches at Israeli companies providing administrations or American companies, which would conceal information. Are aimed at the manufacturer of Amdocs software, dimensioned in Wall Street, which lists, for the 25 premires companies of telephone to the United States, all the calls passed on, towards and starting from the American territory, as well as the companies Nice and Comverse Infosys, the latter providing of the data-processing programs to the American administrations authorized to proceed to listenings. Comverse is suspected of having introduced into its systems of the " catch gates " in order to " intercept, record and store " these listenings. This hardware would return the "ecoutor " itself " listened ".

Question with Cameron : " are there reasons to believe the Israeli government impliqu ? " Rponse : " Not, no, but a classified survey secret signal is carried out. " The emission had been shown beforehand to the highest persons in charge of the CIA, the FBI, the NSA (the agency of phone-tappings), of the DEA and the American ministry of justice, which had not emitted an objection with its diffusion.

The report submitted to the American ministry of the justice, to which the World had access, shows that many the " students in visual arts " suspected of illicit activity have a military past in the information or of the units of advanced technologies. Some entered and came out of the United States on several occasions, remaining each time for short periods. Several are related to the Israeli companies of high-tech Amdocs, Nice and Retalix. Challenged, a " coed " saw her guarantee of 10 000 dollars paid by an Israeli working at Amdocs. Questioned, two others recognize being employed by Retalix.

The World obtained the other information not contained in this report/ratio. Six of the intercepted " students " had a cellular telephone bought by an Israeli ex-vice-consul in the United States. Two others, to one moment not specified, would have arrived to Miami by direct flight of Hamburg to go to the residence of an agent FBI, to propose tables to him, to set out again with the airport for Chicago, to go to the residence of an agent of the ministry for justice then to take again the plane for Toronto  directly; the whole in one day.

More than a third of these " students ", who, according to the report/ratio, moved in at least 42 villes American, stated to reside in Florida. Five at least were intercepted to Hollywood, and two in Fort Lauderdale. Hollywood is a village of 25 000 habitants in the north of Miami, close to Strong Lauderdale. However, at least 10 des 9 terrorists of the 11 septembre was domiciled in Florida.

Four of the five members of the group having diverted flight N O  11 d' American Airlines  Mohammed Atta, Abdulaziz Al-Omari, Walid and Wal Al-Shehri . as well as one of the five terrorists of the flight United 175, Marwan Al-Shehhi, be domiciled all at various times with... Hollywood, in Florida. As for Ahmed Fayez, Ahmed and Hamza Al-Ghamdi and Mohand Al-Shehri, flight United 75, like Sad Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed Al-Haznawi and Ahmed Al-Nami, of the flight United 93 qui was crushed the 11 septembre in Pennsylvania, and Nawaq Al-Hamzi, of flight AA 77 (fallen on the Pentagon), they have all be one moment domiciled with Delray Beach, in the north of Strong Lauderdale.

This agreement can be, inter alia, at the origin of the American conviction according to which one of the missions of the Israeli " students " would have been to track the Al-Qaida terrorists on their territory, without informing the federal authorities of them.

Two enigmas remain. Why the Israeli network " plug did " in priority of the agents of the repression of the stupfiants ? A hypothse : the DEA is the principal American organization inquiring into the money bleaching. A network as Al-Qaida used of " dirty " dies, and Afghanistan of the talibans was the first exporter of opium with the m *** TRANSLATION ENDS HERE ***onde. Pourquoi cette tonnante "couverture", de faux tudiants d marcheurs pour de pi tres tableaux   ? Le r seau isra lien semblait d tenir des listes nominales. Ses membres savaient quel bureau ou quelle r sidence priv e se rendre. L ' objectif tait, semble-t-il, d ' entrer en contact, m me pour un court moment.

Selon un sp cialiste isra lien de l ' espionnage, "cette histoire est une farce ridicule, pas s rieuse" . Contact s, les services du premier ministre isra lien n ' avaient, lundi soir 4   mars, toujours pas r pondu nos questions. Le minist re am ricain de la justice nous a indiqu qu ' "une douzaine" de ces " tudiants" seraient toujours incarc r s, les autres auraient tous t rel ch s ou expuls s. Le FBI nous a indiqu qu ' il ne faisait "aucun commentaire ce stade" . La CIA, le FBI, la DEA, l ' INS, la NSA, le minist re de la justice et le Pentagone ont tous d sign un enqu teur sur ce dossier.

Sylvain Cypel

En 1986, l ' affaire Pollard


Jonathan Pollard a t condamn en   1986   la prison perp tuit pour espionnage en faveur d ' Isra l. Tous les gouvernements isra liens l ' ont, depuis, pr sent comme un "petit poisson" ayant agi par "amour d ' Isra l". Dans l ' hebdomadaire The New Yorker du 18   janvier 1999, Seymour Hersh, l ' vidence puissamment aliment par des sources de renseignement am ricaines, avait, l ' inverse, accr dit la version d ' un espion de haut vol. Pollard y tait accus d ' avoir fourni aux Isra liens, pour beaucoup d ' argent, le Rasin (pour Radio Signal Notations), manuel de base en dix volumes de la NSA, l ' agence am ricaine d ' coutes t l phoniques, ainsi que le Sigint (Signal Intelligence) fournissant les codes d ' acc s et de cryptage du Rasin.

En octobre   1998, lorsque le premier ministre isra lien Benyamin N tanyahou avait demand sa lib ration Bill Clinton, le directeur de la CIA et le chef d ' tat-major de la marine am ricaine avaient menac de d missionner sur-le-champ.