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Stephen Ames

The Saga of Stephen Ames Jr.

Court Seizes Children for reading them the Constitution and Bible : Says Parents were reading "Dangerous things to them"

--By Fax to American's Bulletin

In the court of common pleas in the County of Northumberland, Pennsylvania, two children were taken from their parents because the parents passed out what was termed anti-government booklets and the Constitution.

Leslie Brydon, an attorney for the government, stated in court that the parents believed the Constitution was still relevant, and that the parents read the Bible to the children, and that those kinds of things are a danger to the children. Richard Medellin and his attorney, Hershul Lock, entered petitions against the parents, stating that the parents were mentally ill, and read the Bible without having religious training.

The children were taken from the parents without notification and the parents were not summoned to the custody proceedings. The custody proceedings for the little girl were filed at 12:40 p.m., and the order was signed at 1:58 p.m. It is unknown when the proceedings in which the little boy was taken took place. That is because it's being kept secret, and the only documentation available is a Court Order.

Judge Ranck was involved in the taking. When asked "How do you take children away from parents without the parents being notified?" , he responded, "You'll have to ask attorney Jeffrey Mensch." Attorney Mensch stated that bogus charges were made up , due to the mother not listening, and that it is just standard procedure to make up these charges.

The court transcripts have judge Ranck stating that he was reversing his previous Order. But, he did not say that in court, nor did he reverse his Order. It was just a lie, so that judge Ranck could cover himself.

The parents, Stephen Ames and Dawn Stoll, filed a Civil Rights action in federal court against numerous state employees and attorneys, but federal judge James F. McClure wrote in his memorandum that political and religious taking of children are within the authority of the state and it's personnel, and dismissed the case.

Stephen Ames also showed documents to Tom Bowmen, who is an aid of Sen. Arlen Spector. Tom Bowmen responded by saying to Stephen Ames, "What the money powers want, the money powers get, and they don't want people reading the Bible or the Constitution. And if you or your wife try to get custody of your children, or even visit them, you will spend the rest of your life in jail."

Children and Youth Services have taken steps to make sure that the parents are not allowed to visit their children.

The parents were in hiding, due to threats made to them by Tom Bowmen, aid to Senator Arlen Spector! The statements made above, that were made by judge Ranck and attorney Jeffery Mensch were recorded on audio tape!

Note : This incident took place Jan. 5th and 6th of 1995. This is the first time the parents were able to release the information! As a result of this incident, not only has a family been destroyed, but the parents were made homeless. At that time, the mother was 8 months pregnant and the only place they could find to sleep was by a creek! Friends now have taken the parents in, but they are in need of financial donations.

They are making available a copy of the transcript, a cassette tape, affidavits and court orders to anyone who would like a set, to help spread the word and show how far "socialism" has spread in this country.

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